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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's SmackDown Feedback

Recaps make me sad, Mac

~ Are you kidding me?!! What a way to kick off the show with Hooligans and Shelton/Helms going at ot for 20 straight minutes in a time limit draw. It's fantastic to see that you are starting to build the tag division again, as it was looking a tad weak with the departure of The Hardys [even though that was the right move in my opinion]. It was nice to see that Benjamin actually had London beat until the time expired, which should add some real tension to the teaming they have at Wrestlemania. I'm not sure what to make of the Kendrick's look of "disgust" at his partner. Do you really have the strength in tag teams to break the Hooligans up? I don't think so, but it looks as though that might be what you are thinking, perhaps to bolster the Cruiserweight division. Also, I take my hat off to you, Mac, for showing your true skill as a booker by opening up the show with a daring move: a 20 minute match? That takes a lot of balls, as most of us [myself included] tend to opt for the much easier promo. Top notch, Mac

~ If Rock and Hunter get along smoothly, I'll be very surprised. Goddamn, what a win for Christopher Daniels!!! I know he has been booked as THE MAN of late, but beating a guy like Jeff Hardy [who is around Intercontinental title level] is still a major move in my opinion. This feud with Rey is epic.

~ I love the way Hunter has been hyping up his match with Rocky at Wrestlemania as a way to end Rock's career. MOTN plz? God knows with the amazing card you have.

~ Something going down with King Booker tonight? I hope so. The Book Man needs to get his momentum back in this thread.

~ You really did stack this week's card with some top notch matches didn't you, Mac? I mean now we get Hardy and Myserio going at it? What a treat! I suspected that Rey might lose this one, since Daniels won earlier, and the Hardys aren't jobbers. Matt gets some momentum fron this as well, which makes him my #2 pick for the MITB at Wrestlemania. Right now I think you are going to have Flair win it, but Hardy is the second choice I think. I think youngsters should get it anyway.

~ That was a glorious promo from King Booker. A great way to introduce new characters to this thread. You have the King's character nailed superbly well, and this was shown here. I love his line about "ROAGUE" Bobby Lashley, and his excuse about having asthma. Great stuff from Regal too, who is pure gold on the mic. Regal and Finlay as tweeners is an interesting choice, but I guess that Booker is such a great heel that anyone would get cheered against him. Nice aftermath with the brawl as well. Finlay takes a Scissors Kick, Regal gets the Elijah Express, and Lashley gets POOOOOUUUNNNCCCEEEDDD!!! Awesome! Monty and Burke are great additions to SmackDown and should make a fearsome tag team [I read your notes], although I wonder how they will work with the Royalty gimmick. The New King's Court is a good name though. Rif on the New Breed?

~ Sounded like a pretty good tag team match from Hunter/Rock and Kane/Henry, with the former obviously on top for the majority until Hunter PEDIGREES ROCK! Ha ha, I'd like to say I saw that coming a mile off, but I actually thought we might just get a heated stare down or something. Kane picks up the win ... in a way, but it's a win nonetheless. Rocky has to be going over at Wrestlemania at this rate, he's been on the back foot for this whole feud really.

~ Ooooh, I'm really digging the emotion that is going into the Cruiserweight title match, and Rey Mysterio is the absolute perfect guy to sell being down and out and miserable. This was a nice touch with him watching the footage of last week's interview with Chavo Guerrero, and it all seems to be leading to Rey going over at Wrestlemania, but I can see a 'passing of the torch' of sorts coming.

~ WTF! Stephanie puts Hunter in a Handicap match next week against Kane and Mark Henry? That's bizarre to say the least. I can't really see that match getting started at all; more than likely Umaga and Big Show are going to assault K&MH. We also need one final showdown between Rocky and Helmsley.

~ Well, here we get the weekly Cena promo as he continues to run down The Undertaker. I must admit, things have cooled down a little bit in my favourite Wrestlemania feud, as 'Taker hasn't appeared since Saturday Night's Main Event, and no matter how good Cena is on the mic [and he is DAMN good] it's hard to carry it all. Next week looks much more promising though, as with Cena calling out The Undertaker, we should be guaranteed one hell of a confrontation. I'm still torn on the Cena going over 'Taker at Wrestlemania idea, as it would be cool on one level, but like I said before, 'Taker's had his ass pretty much kicked in this feud so far.

~ Interesting backstage segment from the Hardys and Ric Flair. I doubt that Matt and Jeff will side with Naitch in the MITB match, as I think both Hardys are gradually turning face once again, where they belong. It's good to see you hyping the MITB a little bit, as it has seemingly been forgotten for a long time, and everything has just been set up for Flair to get a title shot. I hope I'm wrong.

~ Good Main Event between Flair/Batista and Sabin/Kennedy. Good choice keeping Big Dave and Double K apart for most of the contest, saving their major battle until Wrestlemania. I like Sabin's push in this thread, or at least I did until he jobbed rather easily to Naitch here. I guess it fits giving Flair momentum though, since he IS winning the MITB match and Sabin's not even on the card unfortunately. Nice aftermath with Kennedy making the save for Sabin and sending 'Tista running with a Steel Chair. Good god, I know neither man is great in the ring, but I can't wait for their match.

Overall this was a great recap, Mac, with one of the best opening to a shows anyone has written in a hell of a long time. 20 minutes of Hooligans and Benjamin/Helms is absolutely phenomenal. Great hype for Hunter/Rock too, as well as Daniels/Mysterio. Can't wait for the final two shows before Wrestlemania. Should be epic
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