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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Opening Match - This seemed like the best match you could have had to open up the show. I was intrigued when I read that Kendrick was looking disgusted at his partner. This was good booking and I like how you didn't have any attacks too soon as it would draw some attention away from Wrestlemania which i must say is looking soo good. And especially since I have seen it progressing i am really, really looking forward to it!

Hardy V Daniels - Again I like your matches, you seem to know who to put against each other and that I like. I was a little confused by the ending when you said he was distracted by Danger, is that some sort of superstar, I'm pretty sure it is if I can recall a previous show I read and reviewed. Anyway the match seemed good and I liked how you stated that their styles clashed a little, this added some brilliant realism to the match and the show overall.

Triple H interview - I could tell that Triple H seemed in character and I still seem to think that their will be some fisty-cuffs after this match between the pair. I certainly hope there will be anyway as that will add some drama to the match for Wrestlemania.

Booker and Sharmell - Having these two talk with the camera just picking them up was good before the promo and for some reason I am now really looking forward to this promo especially since it is in full.

Hardy V Mysterio - Again a good match. These two always put on great bouts and i could tell that you captured their chemistry really well. It was a nice addition to see Daniels appear and distract Mysterio. It all just seemed to fit and still stay realistic which was good. Again you showed off your booking skills here by not having Daniles run down and attack Mysterio which is something i would have done lol!

Booker Promo - Now this was some of youre best work if you don't mind me saying. I mean you captured King Booker perfectly and then when William Regal came out you captured him too. I liked how you didn't have everyone come down to talk but eventually to brawl. The two men was a good addition and I'm thinking that maybe one of them maybe Cor Von. Excuse me if I am wrong and he's already in your thread but I aint read for a while and have lost a tiny bit of track. Anyway I'm still excited now, and I'm thinking maybe they will play a part in the Wrestlemania match.

Backstage - Oh yeah, i was indeed right with Cor Von, i was also thinking Burke but was not sure. To be honest I don't think they suit with the whole King gimmick but maybe you will make it work because you are an exceptional booker. I'm still excited to see hoe this storyline unfolds.

First Main Event - Ohhh nice twist here with Triple H turning on The Rock tonight. Earlier when Hunter was interviewed I had an inkling that he had something up his sleeve. It was good to see this happen too as it added more fuel to the fire in this particular feud. Again some very good booking was showed here.

Mysterio - This was interesting. If I'm being honest I didn't really get this segment, sorry man!

Steph/HHH - This was a nice piece of booking, and I'm looking forward to see how Triple H gets himself out of this one. They seemed in character here and you knew what was going on which was great.

Cena - You have built him up to the such a great arse-hole that It's great to read! I still think Undertaker will show up but i guess i will have to wait and see. I really hope you keep things the way they are with Cena for a long time because for some reason it never gets old or stale!

Hardy's - Again i got a bit confused here but that's probablt just me being a 'dick'

Main Event - This was easily thr most exciting match of the night. I loved the fact that Kennedy and Batista didn't lay handsw on each other all march until the very end, this again was good booking and kept the hype going for Wrestlemania. The aftermath was extremely good and keeps me hooked for the final week before Wrestlemania. It was good that Batista and Flair got out of the way before Kennedy could 'whack' them,

Overall - Another good show DD Mac, and although it was a recap it still took me at least 45 minutes to review it. that just proves that it was well done. I liked most of your booking desicions tonight but a few i didn't get. Anyway i am now even more looking forward to the final week's shows and then of course Wrestlemania, keep up the amaxing work.

Oh and man this showes why you deserve to be top of the standings each month
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