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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

RAW Review
Nice promo to kick off this week’s RAW. Coachman looked solid here, and so did Stephanie. I admit that I was a bit surprised to see Steph here, but not that much. Length, and flow were also perfect. I’m actually getting excited about this feud – I never thought I’d be because of the competitors, but the GMs are making this feud gold. Good to see Steph having something up her sleeves, and SmackDown gaining an advantage over RAW this week. Good, and strong build up to the Monsters Collide Match, Mac. The announcement of the new match was good too.

I’m sure there’ll be some tension between AMW and MNM come WrestleMania after reading this match up’s conclusion. Mercury definitely gained some momentum, but Harris doesn’t look weak too. Good way to end this match up.

You’re now becoming a new promo god. Good promo again, Mac. Edge’s gimmick in this BTB is just awesome. I love the crazy Edge. He seemed right in character, and the concept of this promo was good too. I’ve said it already in the past few weeks, but let me tell you again that the RAW’s main event of WrestleMania has got a great build up so far.

Austin, as always, sounded right in character here. Carlito didn’t play a huge part, but he was good in his own way. Flow was once again spot on too. Nice job of hyping up this tag team match between JBL-Angle and Carlito-Austin.

Surprised to see the RKO Army (Ken & Masters) getting a win here. I guess you’re trying to make Ken look strong heading into the MITB Match. Good to see Ken pinning Sabu though. RVD > Sabu. Looked like a decent match up. Good work.

JBL was right in character, whilst Kurt Angle looked solid here. The part with Maria at the start was good too, as it made me laugh. Maria’s dumb. Lol. Perfect promo, man.

Wow. Even though Nitro cheated, I didn’t expect him to beat Storm here. So it was a great surprise. I thought that maybe Storm would win here because Harris was also beaten earlier. 3 wins for RKO Army is huge though, as they now get their momentum back. And even though AMW were beaten through cheap tactics two times; they need to bounce back now, probably next week.

Loved this semi-main event. It was just like a preview of what’s to come at WrestleMana. The match had lots of excitement, but the finish was awesome, with Austin going for the Stunner on JBL. The counters then between Austin and Angle were written brilliantly, as it created good suspense. Good to see Angle just low blowing Austin, and then leaving the ring, STILL keeping his credibility. Austin didn’t lose his credibility too. So that’s good. Expected that this match will end with a DQ finish in it.

The way you had Shawn Michaels and Edge staring each other, I think that someone surprisingly is going to happen tonight to end the show. Let’s see what it’s going to be because I can’t predict it. Neat promo that did its job to hype the main event.

Decent promo here. Mickie James - my Mickie James - was just awesome here. I’m glad that you have Victoria and Mickie a chance to speak because it was a good way to fresh the readers. I’m sure that they, including me, haven’t seen a women’s promo since ages in the BTB section. So that’s a good change. And surprisingly, the promo was good too. Did its job to hype the impending Women’s title match for WM.

Randy Orton was great in this promo, but when he left with Melina, the promo went downhill. The confrontation between the rest of the members of RKO Army was bland. One thing is sure though, that RKO Army is going to fall apart soon. Probably at WM. Right? I hope so. Okayish promo.

Loved how you showed Orton’s cockiness in this main event, but in the end, Edge costs Orton here. Perfect way to end the match up, but I don’t like how the WWE Champion got pinned here. I know Edge cost Orton the win here, but still. Perfect way to end this show too, with HBK and Edge cleaning house, and HBK then rocking Edge with a SCM!! Solid show, buddy.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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