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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Surprised to see this as the opening promo segment, but hey it was well booked and gives some spotlight on the feud. The eight man tag match at Mania is going to be huge.

The opening match was kind of average, but I understand that it was done to add hype between the two teams. As far as Edge goes, the segment was well written and very realistic. Looking forward to that huge main event match.

Austin's promo with Carlito was really great. I wish Carlito could have said more, but still the promo was good. Austin even added some comedy into the segment which was great and builds up the match between the two teams.

Man it looks like Ken Doane is getting quite a push in this thread, as he picks up another huge win here tonight in this tag match. The way he is being booked, I wouldn't be surprised if he is booked to win the Money in the Bank Match at Mania.

Promo of the Night! This segment had comedy, intensity, and credibility. JBL was perfect in character, and outside of myself, I have not seen an intense Angle promo written as good as this one was. This just builds the Austin/Angle match even more, and at this point it is looking like a classic match will be taking place at Mania! Orton's stable seems to be on their game here on Raw, as they are 3-0 here on this edition of Raw.

Despite losing the match via DQ, Angle keeps his heel heat on him by attacking Austin. Great booking. The Michaels/Edge promo was good, and I have a feeling that either Michaels or Edge is going to attack the other before Raw ends.

The way Mickie James has been built in this feud has been excellent and the heel Mickie James has always been a great character. I haven't seen a Women's Championship outside of my thread, be built up so big like this one has. Plus, it involves my two favorite divas, Mickie and Victoria. Their match at Mania, if given time should be great.

The RKO Army promo was great. It seems though that soon Ken will be leaving the group and go into singles' competition, from how he is booked, he is the best wrestler outside of Orton in the group.

Great Main Event! The match was well written in that it got the point across, which was Edge costing Orton the match, without costing him his title match at Mania. Michaels hitting the Sweet Chin Music on Edge was expected, as there was no way that Edge and Michaels would head into Mania as an alliance. So that had to be done to give the feud even more momentum.

Closing Comments: This thread is continuing to be at the top of BTB, and this show proves why. Mania is looking to be great, despite the fact that it won't be posted likely until December. Looking forward to Smackdown, and then the final Raw and Smackdown before Mania.
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