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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Raw Feedback

Sorry for the lateness, Mac

~ I have to say, this opening promo was a real, real treat. Imagine not opening your show with your major feuds like Orton/HBK/Edge, Austin/Angle or JBL/Carliti, and you still managed to make it damn exciting. Pat yourself on the back for this writing, Mac; it shows incredible skill. Coach and Stephanie's interaction to begin with was excellent, as you write both of them very well, and their competitive rivalry has given us a nice little mini feud. The little "That's Mister Coachman" line was pretty funny, showing Coach's [false] ego. It's good to see the announcement for the tag teams at Wrestlemania also. I have to say that, at first, I thought a simple eight man tag match sounded a little underwhelming, but I thought it continues the SmackDown vs. Raw theme, it places two rival teams as partners, and it has eight VERY good athletes involved. What's not to like? I'm can see now that whoever wins out of the Monster's Collide Match will lose later on in the tag team showcase. The ending was suitably high octane and made it a perfect ending to the segment. I love the way you describe Big Show, Umaga, Heyman and AAE coming down to the ring [this stable needs a name], especially Heyman. I couldn't believe that they would have actually assaulted Stephanie, so the run in from Kane and Henry was well timed. It seems very wierd referring to Henry as a face, but that's what he effectively is here. Once again, Mac, this was a fine way to start the show and give two of your lower profile matches some real hype. I'm actually quite psyched for Monster's Collide and Tag Team Showcase now, something I wasn't before

~ Good choice of an opening contest between Chris Harris and Joey Mercury. It really adds some tension heading into Wrestlemania between the two teams, and also works as a nice way to tie up both tag team divisions, since both Raw and SmackDown really only have two teams. Quite surprising to see Mercury pick up the win, mainly since members of the RKO Army have not been doing too well of late.

~ Very nice segment from Edge and Coachman next. Edge started off much better than he has been for the past few weeks, mainly because he was a little bit more cocky, as opposed to simply acting like a psychopath. That's probably why I really enjoy his backstage segments with HBK, but I'm not too keen on the ones he has had so far with Orton. I can actually see Orton losing tonight, mainly because Edge will screw him, and also because HBK will more than likely be eliminated first at Wrestlemania, and needs some momentum.

~ Great backstage segment from Austin and Carlito here. CCC didn't really have that much to say, but Stone Cold certainly took care of that. I loved the line about sipping coconuts too This is a great way to give Carlito the rub in this thread and possibly elevate him higher than the Intercontinental title in the future. I doubt either of these two will take the fall tonight though, as they suffered quite badly last week.

~ Another good match up for the evening, this time giving the MITB competitors a chance to sqaure off against one another [and Masters]. Once again, I was quite surprised to see Doane pin Sabu and get the win for the RKO Army, making it quite a good night for them so far. I certainly didn't miss the reference in the aftermath of the match to "a few cheers" for Doane. A face turn coming? I'm honestly not sure if it would work.

~ Well, you just went right ahead and topped the Carlito/Austin segment with this interview here. Maria's involvement was hilarious, it really was. It's always great in an Austin feud to have the heel going nuts over the "WHAT?" chants all the time. JBL's little speech was well managed, and it really alludes to what is making this feud between him and CCC pretty darn good, and that's the fact that Carly is a working class guy from the Caribbean, and it contrasts nicely with JBL. Angle was intense as ever [although I don't think JBL should have been 'nervous' of him] and gave a very impressive speech. Like I said previously, I can really see Angle making Austin tap out come Wrestlemania ... or maybe not ... since your name is DDMAC ...

~ Yeah, a James Storm/Johnny Nitro match would probably be a bit better than a Chris Harris/Joey Mercury one, though not by much. The RKO Army pick up their third straight win?! Wow, this is turning into one hell of an evening for them, but as for Nitro using the title belt to nail Storm, this probably won't bode to well for their team come Wrestlemania. I have a sneaking suspicion that all of this success for the RKO Army tonight is setting Orton up for a fall in the Main Event.

~ Great tag team contest between four great competitors of the business. No real surprise to see Carlito become the sacrificial lamb to the heels, but the ending became frantic as hell, with Carly missing a Plancha and JBL getting a Stunner, before Angle gets himself DQed. No real surprise to see a non-result tonight, since either man taking the pin fall at this point towards Wrestlemania would be damaging. I was loving the double bird to Austin too from Angle.

~ This is definately what I have been enjoying of late, this uneasy alliance between HBK and Edge. You write with Michaels very well, and Edge is so much better in this vain. The tension is VERY evideny when you crank it up like this. Judging from the comments here, I can most definately see one of these two men following through on their threats after the match tonight, with either a Spear to HBK, or some Sweet Chin Music to Edge.

~ So you're really giving this Women's Championship match some hype eh? It about time This has been one of the best Women's feuds I've read in BTB, so you can be proud of that. This was a good way to do it too, with a sit down interview from J.R. Victoria was good, although that ... uh ... what's her name? I kid, Mickie carried this promo excellently with her psychotic ways. Although it is all set for Victoria to end Mickie's reign in its year anniversary, I don't think you are EVER going to take the belt off James ... honestly

~ Very nice backstage segment from the RKO Army next, showing the growing relationship between Orton and Melina. As a valet for the Champ, I guess she could work quite well. Orton was very good here, as he hypes himself up, and promises to do it himself, even though he is obviously going down tonight. I'm not too sure what to make of the argument between Doane, Masters, Nitro and Mercury next. They seem to have been having them for months now, and all I can think is that when the split happens, it's going to be a wild one. Personally, I would quite like to see Masters stay as Orton's bodyguard, but I wouldn't mind the others going their seperate ways at all. Nice dig my Mercury to Doane as well at the end.

~ Damn, great Main Event that really played with my head. Orton actually had HBK beat until he started trying to get one over on Edge and went for a Spear. Edge quick counts Orton and gives Michaels a HUGE win. I predicted it Superb aftermath as well, with only Mercury and Masters trying to help their leader, but getting their asses whipped ... BUT EDGE GETS HIS HEAD KICKED OFF! YES! Finally it has happened. No more alliance between the two faces in this feud. I cannot wait for the next confrontation between HBK and Edge now.

Overall this was another excellent show, Mac, that hyped up Wrestlemania wonderfully. Despite all of the great action from the WWE title stars and Austin/Angle, I have to say that I was most impressed tonight by what you did for the Monster's Collide feud and the Tag Team Showcase. Great work
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