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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Review

Opening Promo - I think you're making Batista sound smarter than he is. Batista heel is better than Batista face though. The flow is okay with Batista right now. It's a little boring with him, which is typical I guess. Good stuff from Kennedy. I liked the speech being boring comment. It should be used more often in BTB tbh. I've only seen it a few times. Kennedy stirring things up nicely. Great comments from him. And Batista being the big idiot slowly starts to fall for it. Nice, it gets physical. Good way to start the show. Kennedy definitely helped the promo cause Batista wasn't that great to me. It seemed like a typical Smackdown promo too and I don't know if that's good. Flow was okay to me. Character was good. Batista was too smart at the beginning tbh. The diction used was nothing Batista would really say, based on what I've seen. Other than that, yeah, it was a great way to start off the show.

Hardyz vs. Helms/Benji - MITB qualifying? Teams? Cool concept, I guess. I've never really liked the concept of heels vs. heels. Cause in a match, one side would definitely be brought out as a face team. Nonetheless, it sounded like a very exciting match. Definitely a good match opener for a show. I would have liked either team to win it considering both teams are great for the MITB match so Hardyz winning is good. Good stuff here.

Daniels Promo - Nice blood on hands comment. I like that. Damn, I love this promo. Everything Daniels says has an "impact" to it to me, and it flows nicely. Despite being a short promo, this is one of the best promos I've read recently. From the Mysterio promo on SNME and this promo here, Daniels vs Mysterio looks amazing. Can't wait.

Mysterio vs. Noble - Good match. Shows that Mysterio can still hang with the cruiserweights. Definitely a great booking idea just to have this match.

Booker/Steph Promo - Booker's last part was great to me. Reminiscent to his Booker T days to me. Regal's attack leads me to believe a Booker vs. Regal match is coming up. 2nd time in the night you've used security/referees. Don't use them too often. Other than that, another good short segment.

The Rock/Triple H Promo - Nice placing of his signature sayings. Fits in nicely. Lol @ the random comment to Styles. Typical Rock. Nice way to recap why The Rock wants a piece of Trips. I don't recall that, so it's good for new readers and unaware readers. Trips is hurr. Loving what Triple H is saying. Makes for an entertaining promo and feud tbh. I'm surprised The Rock didn't interrupt at any point though. I think he would. Spoke too soon. Abrupt way to end the promo, but nonetheless, another stellar promo. All the minor things of this promo made it great from the little comments to the little mockings. I didn't really have a promo with this one. Entertainment was definitely up there. Great work.

Hooliganz/Helms & Benji Promo - Rather odd ending to the promo for me. I was a little confused. Great match for next week, that's for sure. I'm guessing none of these guys get into the MITB match. Meh. A tag feud between these two teams would be more entertaining. Another short promo with generic characters. Nothing more I can say really. The promo did get the point across, I guess.

Kane/Henry vs. ??? SQUASH? I think so. According to the WWE, squash matches = more ratingz. Have more plz. :P

Chavo Promo - I liked this segment. Talking to Chavo at home after he's forced to retire. Good booking here. There's nothing really in this promo that hasn't been said though.

Cena Promo + Match - Hah, the boss is here! Nice. I like that. “OH!” Lmao. Nice shot towards Taker. Good Cena promo. It dragged on towards the end. Cena basically squashes S2H and sends a message to Taker. Not bad.

Batista/Flair Promo - Short promo here. Flair winning the MITB qualifier? Seems really possible so far, as no one else has really stood out as a possible choice.

Main Event - Finlay, Lashley, Regal and Booker were all each other's throats and the majority of them got eliminated because of it. Booker got the best of it, I guess. Definitely looks like it's a Flair win here. Flair does win! The beatdown of Sabin and save from Kennedy was a nice touch to end the show. Good stuff.

Overall - Another stellar show. Promos were great throughout for the most part. Matches and booking were awesome. Some of your decisions, I wish I would have thought of. Even the little things. Like I said, a stellar show. Really shows why your on top of the Mega Standings. Keep it up Mac. I'll have a Raw review up ASAP.

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