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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Solid promo to kick things off, nothing more or less. lol at Steph ignoring Coach's request to be called Coachman. Big man brawl to end the segment gives Kane & Henry much needed credibility. Also liking the Londrick/Shelton & Helms vs AMW/MNM match, heels and faces teaming together should be interesting with their brands pride at stake

Speaking of AMW & MNM, surprised to see Mercury get the win over Harris. Wouldn't of expected this after the announcement before

Edge almost loses his cool but is saved by Lita here, good promo from Edge if a little lacking but he really is hungry as can be to take it to Orton come WM. Coach is always gonna have 75% of the roster hating him though

Austin was truly well captured as always by you here. Carlito was pretty much just there to give Austin the cue to run his mouth and end the promo, but nontheless, this tag match should be a good one

Another victory as you pointed out for the RKO Army, and is Doane on the verge of flying solo? Cannot picture him as a face at all, so I hope you don't take that road with him. Poor RVD & Sabu having to job

LMFAO! Maria was fucking excellent. Truly hilarious segment, more of these plz. Angle & JBL then turned the promo into a very good serious one, both men getting some powerful words in and building their matches even further, and both were in character

O boy another win for RKO here and both AMW members job out. It's a resurgence for the RKO army after their recent poor form

Angle gets himself DQ'd intentionally here to keep everyone guessing and momentum even in the feud with SCSA. Good way to book the match as the winners would've instantly been thought of as favourites in this feud

Ugh that talentless waste of space is back . Never cared for womens matches and such in BTB but atleast you are giving a true build to this feud, much more than any other booker is atm. Mickie sounded great as a heel, don't care for Victoria though

Definately a split on the horizon here with Kenny the front runner to leave tbh, also wouldn't surprise me if MNM split too as Nitro seemed to side more with Kenny here

Nice way to cap off a quality show as Edge fast counts Orton lmao and then is levelled by HBK! Holy crap! Brawl ensuing before that seemed like HBK & Edge would buddy up, but HBK pulls the swerve and what a good way to keep the feud interesting heading into WM

8.5/10. Quality stuff Mac.


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