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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

I've been reading yours but havent really gotten to a review yet so here's one

Jonathon Coachman promo: Coach seems in character. I like the idea of a SD vs. Raw WM match even if its Monsters cause I think that they can work well together imo. Even if they couldnt in WWE they can in your thread lol

Mercury/Harris: I liked the match as it draws something the WWE probably wouldnt do for WM. I like recaps if they're good and yours are good.

Edge/Coach promo: Edge seemed in character. It made me think that Edge would be helping out HBK in the match later which is exactly what happened, nice promo

Carlito/Steve:Liked the in character promo how Steve didnt really want Lito there he just wanted Kurt, very realistic, good promo

RVD/Sabu vs Masters/Doane: I too was wondering why not Dykstra and cant wait for his face turn and he leaves RKOs army and becomes a singles competitor, nice matchup.

Angle/Maria segment: This segment was HILARIOUS, the What and the go play in traffic, in character and funny, great interview

Nitro/Storm match: Good match, im hoping for the MNM AMW feud to continue through WM lol, maybe one team costing the other you never know

Austin/Carlito vs Angle/JBL: MOTN imo, I loved the entire match, favorite part of course was the ending, great match man.

Shawn/Edge promo:it was ok, I didnt really like this one as i didnt find it that necessary, but it was to hype up the WM ME which works so nice job

Mickie/Ross/Victoria promo: I think this is the only thread where there is an actual Diva feud lol, or at least a good one, i like this feud its interesting, good luck.

RKO army promo: I dont like how Melina is going with Orton to make them split RKOs Army up but then you stated the things about Orton taking Credit and stuff, good job.

Randy/Shawn w/Edge ref: I loved this match, if you didnt have the tag match this would be MOTN, liked seeing Edge help Michaels win and then them work together only to have HBK turn on Edge at the last moments of the show lol. Nice match!
Overall: A Great show, cant wait for WM. Overall a 9/10

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