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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's SmackDown Feedback

~ I'm really, really, really so this review has taken so long, Mac. I've just had a busy last few days. Sorry again

~ I have really been into the last few weeks of promos between Kennedy and Flair, mainly because it's Kennedy and Flair who are delivering them, and they are beyond awesome, especially when you write with them. However, it was actually quite a welcome change to hear from Big Dave () tonight, especially after he beat up KK at SNME, and he has a lot to talk about. I find 'Tista's mic skills to be quite underrated really, as it's only his charisma that lets him down at times, which can be solved by simply making him appear angry and show intensity. You captured Dave's intensity quite well in this opening segment, and as a result I was very much enjoying his solo mic time, but, of course, it got even better when Kennedy got involved. Now it seems that this feud is really starting to heat up, really starting to get personal and violent; with Ken wanting a piece of Big Dave tonight, and accusing 'Tista of being afraid. That's personal, and it does go a long way to improving the intensity of this feud. I have to admit, I found it a little odd when Dave refused to fight Kennedy, as it seemed a little out of character for the monster heel that you have built him up to be in this thread. That quickly changed though, as Batista made it clear that he didn't want a match with KK, but he still wanted a fight; that;s more like the Big Dave you have been writing. The brawl at the end was hugely enjoyable, I have to say, as, other than the brief confrontation at SNME, this was the most physical contact they have had with one another, and it really lived up to the hype. Despite me being the Kennedy mark I am, it was fantastic the way Dave kept getting the better of KK in this fight, shoving him into the corner and even catching him in mid air. You have built 'Tista up BEAUTIFULLY as DOMINANCE personified, which is why it is going to be truly epic at Wrestlemania when Kennedy finally and hopefully slays the beast.

~ Hell of a match to kick the show off with. Four of the youngest, fastest and best workers in the WWE going at it for spots in the MITB match. I fully expected to see the Hardys qualify, as they are probably more over with the crowd, but I still hope to see Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms play some kind of role at Wrestlemania; they are too talented not to really. Also, I think I can see a possible face turn coming from the Hardys if they split (which they should) leading into their renewed singles pushes. I doubt that either of these two will win the MITB match, as I think the winner of the Battle Royale will do that, but I could be wrong, especially with Matt Hardy, who has a hell of a lot of unatpped potential.

~ You have probably turned your Cruiserweight Division into the most exciting one in BTB history thanks to Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, Chavo Guerrero, and now Rey Mysterio. I really salute you for that, Mac. This was another tremendous interview from Daniels, getting some more really personal comments in about Rey Rey and how it is his fault that Chavo is gone for good. I must say, the closing statements from Daniels about Rey being the most exciting of all time has me even more pumped for thius match up, as it seems that Daniels will be trying to outdo Mysterio a every turn. The feud is there. The background. The setting. The crowd. And the two guys who could pull it off. ***** classic?

~ Another great match for the evening, and I'm glad that you made the point that it was not a squash match, since Jamie Noble should not really be wasted in the Cruiserweight Divisin, and Daniels and Rey won't be able to carry it forever. Still, it was a great return match for Rey, and I loved the Tiger Bomb counter into a Hurricanrana and the 619. I could really see Rey getting the title at Wrestlemania, but then again, I could easily see Daniels winning in a 'passing of the torch' of sorts. I'm intrigued.

~ Oh man, I absolutely LOVE King Booker, and he was spot on here, especially when he went nuts and dropped his accent. It's a shame he isn't really involved in a more high profile feud, but I could very well see him winning the MITB match at Wrestlemania if he gets the spot tonight (I think it's between him and Sabin). I loved Regal's attack here, and I guess Booker is involved in quite a high profile feud after all, since the collapse of his Court has been given good air time. I had thought Booker was out of the U.S title feud, leaving it to Regal, Lashley and Finlay, but I guess after this he will be back in? Interesting. Sabin looks to be in the driving seat for the MITB qualifier later.

~ Ah ha, I think this is what everyone has been waiting for really, the first real confrontation between Rocky and Triple H since No Way Out (SNME was just a taster). Do you really need me to tell you that nailed the characters of Rock and Hunter? Do you? Well, in that case, you had them to a tee, man. It was a superb segment. Rock improves ten fold when he brings some anger and intensity into his promos, as it makes him something more than a simple comedy and catchphrase character. The two men contrast well with one another in terms of promos, due to the differences in their delivery; Rock is rapid fire, whilst Hunter is slow and methodiacl, and you captured that very nicely. I also really like how you bring up the LONG past and history between these two, as it really does give this feud that epic feel that it really does deserve. Strangely enough, with all of the hype for the other matches, THIS is still the one that feels like the poster boy for Wrestlemania 23, the ticket seller even, as it is going to be that huge. Like I said with Daniels/Rey earlier, we have the feud. The hisory. The background. The build up. The setting. The crowd. And the two stars capable and big enough to pull it off. Plus, Triple H in a gimmick match tends to result in greatness. Another ***** classic in the making I think

~ Hmmm, I was wondering when the tag team division would get a bit more build to it. The interview from Paul London and Brian Kendrick was not really anything special, and was a tad bland to begin with, but it was laced with that kind of old school face 'courage' that Bret Hart used so well in the 90s, so it made it passable. I don't know why you don't just let Gregory Helms do all of the talking for his team to be honest; he has charisma and mic skills in abundance, whereas Benjamin sadly does not. The tag team title match next week should be a treat, but I'm still very interested to see what kind of role, if any, these two teams will play at Wrestlemania.

~ Blimey, it would certainly be quite amusing to see Kane and Mark Henry squashing jobbers. Good fun had by all. I'm not too hyped about the Monster's Collide match up yet, but with the possible inclusion of Mick Foley as the Guest Referee, it will really have my attention.

~ Short but very sweet interview from Chavo Guerrero. It was handled very realistically, and had a nice feel to it. Chavo is not the greatest talker in the world, but this did it's job of seeing him off and getting some more hype for the Cruiserweight title match at Wrestlemania. I think at this point I have to agree with Chavo, and we will have a new Cruiserweight champ come April 1st, mainly because Daniels has had the upperhand through all of this feud thus far.

~ Yay, it's time for some hype for my favourite feud in your thread currently. John Cena was the f'in MAN at SNME when he laid of Undertaker, so I was really looking forward to his inevitable promo. I like the new twist on "The Champ is here" with "The Boss is here". Bruce Springsteen is here? Joke This was an excellent promo, really highlighting the clash between Cena's youthful arrogance and Undertaker's veteran mind games; it is working kind of like a different version of their feud from '03 when Cena was a rapper and 'Taker was a biker. Also, I remembered when Cena pinned Undertaker; it was in the #1 Contender tournament after Wrestlemania, when the FBI beat 'Taker up and Cena pinned him. Anyway, back to this promo, it is a nice move to make that you are making it abundantly clear that this is not going to be the standard Undertaker Wrestlemania feud or match up. I have to think that, together with Cena's comments, and your contempt for 'Taker's streak (and 'Taker in general), we will see the Phenom lose at Wrestlemania. I wouldn't have minded really if Undertaker had been the dominant one in the feud, but the fact is, he was he one who was eliminated from the Royal Rumble, cost a WWE title shot, and laid out at SNME. It would be a VERY one sided feud if Cena beat himat 'Mania and took his streak as well. Still, a great promo, and another random squash for Scotty Too Hotty. Scotty is like Cena's own personal jobber at the moment I guess every show needs its match quota, but I'm not a fan of more than one suash per show.

~ Great to here from Naitch ahead of the MITB Battle Royale qualifier. He was very funny as usual, and got me thinking that he may in fact get the win here tonight, especially since I know how much you have been pulling for a 17th Ric Flair World title before he retires, or at least a World title feud. Could this be his way into that? Personally I think MITB should be used to put younger guys on the map, but that's just me.

~ I guess two squashes are kind of justified when you have a Main Event of this calibre on the cards. Obviously the jobbers all get thrown out quite early on, though I was quite surprised to see Finlay go out quite soon. Since beating Triple H at No Mercy, he hasn't really had much luck, going out first at No Way Out from his team, getting beaten up by Regal and Booker, and now getting thrown out by Lashley. I hope Finlay gets some momentum back again soon. This was a great program for the U.S title feud to really ecalate, with Regal eliminating Lashley by accident almost, and then Booker playing the great cowardly heel he is by throwing Regal out from behind. It was great to see King Booker and Flair working together in a kind of heel tandem to get rid of the Hooligans and going after Sabin. I lughed when they both gave each other the thumb to the eye (I wanted a Flair Flop though). Booker goes out next thanks to Sabin, so I guess the King will be going after the U.S come Wrestlemania then. Sabin had it won in the end, until Big Dave dumps him out. NAITCH IS IN MONEY IN THE BANK!!! I'm excited now, but I'm still not sure if Flair is going to win it or not. I don't know if you share my opinion that MITB is for youngsters or guys that have never had a title reign before. Flair as Mr. MITB would be quite funny though, as would a feud with Kennedy over the World Heavyweight Championship. The aftermath to the Battle Royale was good, with Kennedy saving Sabin from a Demon Bomb and virtually guaranteeing a tag team match between KK/Sabin and Batista/Flair next week.

Overall this was another excellent show, Mac. I'm sorry once again about the lateness of this review, but it was a quality show nonetheless. We have a fantastic Wrestlemania card now virtually complete, with a tasty looking MITB match now set, as well as some of the best hype thus far for KK/Big Dave. Cena/'Taker sill continues to steal the show each week though. I just read through your News and Notes too, about Vinnie Mac really pulling for Cena to go over Undertaker at Wrestlemania. If you've read my comments earlier, you'll know that I think that in order for that to work 'Taker would have had to have had more dominance in this feud, and he has had none, so I don't think it is a good idea.

It's about damn time () that CM Punk, Monty Brown, MVP, and Elijah Burke come to your thread, Mac. I've been wondering for ages when they would, and I'll be very excited to see how you decide to use them all. Also, I thought a tag team showcase would probably be a godd idea. MNM, AMW, Cade & Murdoch, Highlanders, Hooligans, Mexicools, and Benjmain & Helms would all be involved I guess. It would make a cool match for either the Wrestlemania PPV itself or the pre-show. I hope it makes it onto the main show myself. No real surprise to see Rock and Austin both leaving soon after Wrestlemania, especially with your influx of new talent on the way. A KK/Rocky program might be quite interesting though.

FINALLY the Fatal Four Way for thw U.S title is official and on the cards. I think I've been predicting it for a while now. With those four guys involved, it should be a tremendous match up, one that I can actually see Lashley winning I think, especially with hhim being the only REAL face involved. Good job
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