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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

SmackDown Review
Great promo to kick off SmackDown. This promo looked great to read, but I don’t really think Batista could cut a great promo due to his mic skills. Anyway, Batista was awesome here, and Kennedy was just fine. Ken needed some more arrogance and cockiness, and I was expecting that you’d mention Kennedy chewing his gum. Not a problem though and that’s only because I loved this promo. Length, flow, characterizations, the finish, and everything else looked good to me. Good brawl to end this promo too. Neat promo.

I was expecting the Hardys to win this match up since their opposition; Shelton and Helms don’t really have that much hype to get into the MITB Ladder Match at WM. I remember that Helms and Shelton were used last time at No Way Out. So yeah, good to see Hardys picking up the victory, and earning two spots in the MITB Ladder Match. The match itself was good also and the entire spots in this match were also fine. Good finish too.

The wordings used in this promo were just phenomenal. Every single word in this promo had great feel into it. Mark this; this is the first cruiserweight feud that has excited me the most! Just an awesome build up. The characterization and wordings in this promo were phenomenal, but I didn’t like how you just separate paragraphs at the end without adding the fans’ response. Just a minor thing that I didn’t like. Everything else was perfect though.

Good to see Mysterio ‘getting back his cruiserweight groove’ through beating Noble here. Expected that result, but a nice match up.

Ha-ha. Loved to see King Booker dropping his ‘King’ accent. Priceless. The promo however was just okay though, and the ending to it was decent enough to add more fuel to the build up of the upcoming US Championship Match for WM. I don’t really expect King Booker to win the Battle Royal tonight.

Great promo. Best promo of the night – so far, and I’m sure it’ll stay like this. Flow was excellent here, and The Rock and Triple H were absolutely perfect in characterization. Not a damn thing wrong there. However, when Triple H came out and ranted about The Rock, you must’ve mentioned about The Rock more. You just said the fans boo, cheer, and all like that, but mentioning The Rock every time Triple H finishes would’ve been good too. Good promo nonetheless that adds even more build up to this great feud.

Good to see you create an exciting promo by those guys, who aren’t even okay on the mic in the real life. Neat way to announce a match between Londrick and Shelton-Helms for next week though. Also, I just hope Shelton and Helms win that match up because they need to bounce back to get some momentum now.

Mark Henry and Kane as a tag team – intriguing. I don’t predict who would win at WM, and when time comes for predictions, I think that I’ll just be taking a guess there. Okayish match though that puts over Henry and Kane here. Pure dominance.

I don’t really think that Chavo would simply not back in this thread anymore. I expect the guy to come back down in the future. I guess that he’ll be back, but I don’t know when. Nice promo here by Chavo, which actually hypes up the Cruiserweight Match for WM even more. Great build up to that match, man.

Not fond of seeing three squash matches in one night (Well, the ‘concept’ of Mysterio vs. Noble was to make Mysterio credible so I take it as a squash match). However, we’re just two weeks before WM and don’t think its bad to make your wrestlers, who have a big match at WM, look strong. The promo before this squash match was good too, and the squash match itself was decent enough to hype up John Cena even more. Glad to see The Undertaker not present in this arena too; original.

Loved the short promo by Ric Flair before the main event. Not that much good to see all the cruiserweights getting out firstly. Just like King of Pain, I’d also like some big draw getting out early on. But anyway, the tension is really arising in the US Title Division. The way Lashley and Finlay got out makes me believe that we’ll now be seeing a Fatal Four Way for the US Championship at WM. Damn sure. Hope I’m not wrong there, lol. Good ending too, with Ric Flair surprisingly earning a spot in the MITB Ladder Match. I won’t be surprised to see Batista retain at WM, and Ric Flair then winning the MITB Ladder Match. Maybe a Ric vs. Batista feud later on for the title? Would be awesome. Anyway, it was a solid show, Mac.

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