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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Feedback:

Been a while since I've read your thread but I'm back and going to try and catch up. Good promo to kick the night off with and Batista was good for most of it but times it kinda showed through of how bad he really is on the mic. Kennedy did a good job thought to be honest. The brawl really did help the promo too. I also like the idea of the roles being reversed, seeing Kennedy as the face and Batista the heel.

No real surprise to see the Hardy's take the match as they are the bigger two of the names and I couldn't see them being left off of WrestleMania. Though this would have been a kick ass opener, that is for sure. The team of Benjamin/Helms is very creative on your part, as I personally like both of them. Side note, I know but still.

I've seen very little of Daniels as I don't watch TNA as much as I used to but from what I read in this, he did sound right. It's kinda reminding me of the Hardy/Mysterio WM 19 feud in a way. Daniels has been built well but I think his ultimate downfall is going to be at Mania.

Well about Rey, we get another good match again tonight. No surprise to see Rey win of course and the match got a decent amount of time. Not much more you can say about it really tbh.

WTF? Why did Regal attack Booker? Haha. Wait, I think you used to have the Court in here, if so that does make sense. I loved this promo despite it being short. It's like Booker's character before he left in which he'd play the king role and then suddenly switch to his former street persona. Great.

I liked the promo for the most part but one thing I wasn't really fond of was all the swearing. I know you moved Smackdown to another station but still, it was just a bit too much swearing for one promo. Other than that, I liked it. I really couldn't find anything else to point out to you that was wrong with it really.

Normally, I wouldn't like promos with all four of these men as they are generic as can be on the mic but this one was good. This feud certainly has been going on for a while as was mentioned in the promo and I was thinking an impending match for WM was going to happen but I think you might just keep the match card down at 10 for now, considering they have a match next week anywyas.

Quick little match to showcase the monster's. Nothing really much else can be said about it.

I liked Chavo's promo as it was just like any other sit down interview. Most of the sit down interviews are easy to write because they talk like they would in normal real life instead of most of the time in character. That's why Chavo's promo was so good because you could see that he was sad he had to retire but still, was rooting for Rey. At least, I could see it that way. My only complaint was the length as I felt a few more questions could have been thrown in, if only one.

Cena's promo was good too and I see you're having his rap gimmick in here too. A bunch of people used to use it and I'll use it every now and then but rare anybody still does that I see. I liked the idea of Cena's aftermatch tactics, trying his best to get inside the head of 'Taker. The gun idea was pretty creative too on your part.

Short promo once again. I've liked your promos for the show but they seem to be lacking length. Some like this one is understandable because it's just a backstage promo. But other than that really, everything else has been fine tonight promo wise and shows why you're considered a top promo writer.

Meh, I wasn't really that fond of just eliminating all the jobbers early on in the match such as the Cruiserweights etc. I think a big name should have been thrown out early because Finlay didn't find himself out till number 8. When I mean early, I mean around 4 or 5 or so. Just as a surprise. The ending to the match was a great and creative idea for a Battle Royal that I haven't seen done yet. KK coming down wasn't really much of a surprise, and I definently can see a tag match happening in the future with Sabin and KK vs. Flair and Batista.

Overall, saw some spelling errors, grammatical errors which everybody makes too, so no worry. Promos were great as normal, except for length on a few, certainly not the opening one and the Rock/HHH one as they were long enough of course. Other than that, the booking looks good too. I'll try and catch up and keep up with your thread for now on.
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