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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Great way to open the show with Batista and Kennedy. Batista actually was very good on the mic without Flair. Kennedy comes down and says what he has to say about Batista. I like how you have Kennedy with the attitude, of put up or shut up, as it works. The brawl was done great, as neither man looked weak in the brawl.

Good match to begin the show with as the Hardys are going to Mania. Though Helms now won't be at Mania, which is a bit of a shame, as I thought that this would be the time for Helms to have a huge match at Mania, to help him get into a higher feud on Smackdown.

Daniels' promo was on point and was well written. I like how the feud has gone so far with the two, and it looks like Daniels will be carrying the feud in terms of mic work.

Mysterio winning was expected, to keep the momentum going in his favor.

King Booker's segment was funny and well written. I wonder if King Booker is going to face Regal at Mania for the US Championship should he not win the battle royal.

Surprised to see The Rock's promo so early on the show, as I thought that would close the show. However I must say, unless another booker is able to write up a better promo than this, you got my vote for Promo Writer of the month. This promo felt realistic and it got the point across perfectly. The buildup for this match is simple, and I have a feeling that their match at Mania, will be nothing short of a classic.

Good promo from Londrick and Helms/Benjamin. A title match next week is great! I have a feeling that this is a feud that can be great if booked correctly, as this is a feud that is very original.

Kane and Henry winning the match was expected as it got over its point of showing the power of the team.

Short but simple Chavo promo, and it looks like that will be one of the final times that Chavo will be used in this thread, since he is now retired in this thread.

Great promo from Cena. It is great how Cena is being built in this feud against Taker. Cena beating Scotty in a squash match, is good, even though it is the second consecutive one of the show. Cena/Taker could be a showstealer match at Mania.

Flair wins the match! I hope King Booker still gets a match or some segment at Mania. Batista was great as a heel in this segment, and it looks like the Mania card is finally set, and it is a great card.

Overall Comments: Great show man, as so far Smackdown has been better than Raw in the quality heading into Mania. Looking forward to the final couple of Raw and Smackdown shows.

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