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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Backlash is here:

*Opening video is shown highlighting the main event for the WHC between Batista and Jericho followed by the Steel Cage Match between Triple H and Ric Flair. Video ends with the words "All things in the past are brought to the present and are revealed through BACKLASH!" We see a split between the two main matches.*

And now Raw and Tekken 5 presents WWE Backlash!

Opening pyro goes off and a full view of the arena is shown.

JR: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Backlash. A sellout crowd of 14,425 fans have jammed packed the Verizon Wireless Arena. Hello again, I'm Jim Ross joined by as always "The King", Jerry Lawler. And king what a card we have for you.

King: That's right JR. 7 Matches. 4 titles. A steel cage match. I guarantee tonight is going to be a crazy night to say the least.

JR: Right you are, well let's send it up to Howard Finkel for our first match.

Howard Finkel: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first weighing in at 250 pounds being accompanied to the ring by Davari, Muhammad Hussan.

JR: King, Muhammad Hassan has yet to lose in a one on one match-up at a pay-per-view.
K: Thanks alot, for reminding me that. I wish somebody would just break the jaw of him and that little idiot Davari.

The Fink: Introducing second weighing in at 225 pounds, from San Antonio, TX, Shawn Michaels!

JR: What an ovation for the four time World Champion and first ever Grand Slam Champion in the WWE.

*Both men stare at one another as the music fades and the match is now underway*

Match 1:
Shawn Michaels v. Muhammad Hassan

Match starts with Michaels nailing Hassan with a knockdown and laying rights and lefts into the face of Hassan. Michaels is all fired up. Michaels goes for some more payback as Hassan gets up, but Hassan rolls out of the ring. Wait a minute, Michaels goes over the top and nails a splash knocking down both Hassan and Davari. However Hassan somehows gets Michaels up and smashes him spine first into the ring post. Michaels is in pain as he falls to the floor. With the ref count now at 8, Hassan rolls into the ring and breaks up the count, only to come back out and restart it. 1st cover of the night, yet Hassan only gets a two count. Michaels comes off the ropes and walks right into the sleeper. Now Hassan who is in total control, has Michaels fading and fading quick. Mike Chioda drops Michaels hand twice but on the third attempt, Michaels somehow is able to break free. Irish whips Hassan to the rope, but Michaels is leveled with a clothesline by Hassan. And now Davari comes in to do more damage to HBK, while he's down. Now Hassan goes for another clothesline, but Michaels ducks this one and nails Hassan with a flying clothesline and now both men are down. Michaels now goes for the cover yet he only gets a two count. Davari pulls Michaels out of the ring. Michaels lays out Davari, but is almost nailed by Hassan as Michaels then counters Hassan move. Hassan is back on the floor, and Michaels delivers an elbow to the chest of Hassan on the outside. Hassan tastes some steel on the steps. Back inside now, Hassan signals for the end, but Michaels reserves a powerbomb into a neckbreaker. Michaels springs up and starts to tune up the band. Hassan catches Michaels and nails the Hassan Driver. 2 count. JR screams "I Don't Believe It!" Hassan nails the camel clutch and Michaels is almost out of it, but makes it to the ropes. Hassan breaks at 4. Michaels then is hit with a sidewalk slam. 2 count and Hassan is iritate. Michaels ducks the clothesline and nails Sweet Chin Music on Hassan! 1-2-3. Yes. The winner of the Match is Shawn Michaels! 14:35

*Replay of the finish is shown, and followed by Michaels posing and then leaving the ring*

*cuts to backstage as a limo is shown, and inside the limo is batista the world champ who is just now arriving to the arena for his match later on tonight aganist Y2J for the heavyweight title*

King: Well JR, Tekken 5 presents Backlash, here live tonight from the Verizon Wireless Arena here in Manchester, New Hampshire. Tekken 5 coming soon to the PS2 and X-Box Systems.

JR: Well fans coming up next is our first title match of the night as Trish Stratus defends her Women's Championship aganist Molly Holly and Victoria in a triple threat match.

K: Oh, a good ol' katfight.
JR: This all started the night after WrestleMania 21!
*video package is shown*

Fink: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is the Triple Threat Match for the Women's Championship. Introducing first weighing in at 129 pounds Molly Holly. Introducing second, weighing in at 135 pounds, Victoria. And introducing third from Toronto, Canada, she is the Women's Champion, Trish Stratus.

K: Let's get this match on.

Match 2:
Trish v. Molly v. Victoria: Women's Championship

Match starts with Victoria and Molly teaming up and taking out Trish. Molly gets the 1st cover of the match, but only nails a two count. Victoria now with a bridge but she only gets a two count on Molly. Small package by Molly to Victoria, but she gets only a two count. Molly then nails a hard club to the back of the neck of Victoria. Clothesline to Victoria and she's now on the outside. Molly now goes to work on Trish. Molly nails a beautiful suplex yet only gets a two count. Molly with a kick to the chest of Trish nails a DDT, yet Trish kicks out again. Victoria back in now, goes for the Widow Peak on Trish, but is met with a chopblock courtesy of Molly. Trish falls on top of Victoria for the pin, but she only gets a two count. Molly now applies the STF to Victoria. Trish breaks it up. Victoria reserves an irish whip and nails the Widow's Peak on Molly. Trish breaks up the count. Molly now back up goes for the Molly-Go-Round on Victoria but misses. Victoria walks into the chick kick. Trish picks her up and nails a DDT. Cover. 1-2-3. Trish remains the Womens' Champion. Match Time:12:05

JR: Well folks coming up next is our second title match as William Regal and Tajiri defend their titles aganist La Resistance, Snitsky and Tomoko, and Simon Dean and Maven in a Four Corners Tag Team Elimination Match. This all started the night after Mania.
*video package is shown*

Fink: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is the Four Corners Tag Team Elimination Match for the World Tag Team Championships. The match when there is only one team remains. Any two people from a mix of 2 teams can be in the ring. They can tag an opposing team in or out the match. Introducing first weighing in at a combined weight of 468 pounds, La Resistance! Introducing second weighing in at a combined weight of 625 pounds, Gene Snitsky and Tyson Tomoko. Introducing third at a combined weight of 465 pounds Simon Dean and Maven!

Simon Dean: People, People, People. Manchester should be called Fatchester. It's unbelievable. Don't try it tubby. But wait there's hope. By using my patent Simon System. I guarantee you will lose weight by the day. *major heat*

F: Introducing forth the Tag Team Champions, William Regal and Tajiri.

Match 3: Tag Team Championships
William Regal/Tajiri v. Dean/Maven v. La Resistance v. Snitsky/Tomoko: Four Corners Tag Team Elimination Match

Match starts with Tajiri and Conway. Conway gets the early advantage, but Tajiri reserves and gets in kicks and some punches to the French sympathizer. First cover of the match and Conway kicks out at 2. Conway nails a fallaway slam. 2 count. Tag, in comes Snitsky and Snitsky attacks on Tajiri. Snistsky hits some shoulder thrusts on Tajiri and Tajiri is down. 1-2 and Japanesse Buzzsaw kicks out. Armbar takedown and another kick out. Snitsky kicks out of a hurrcuranna. Tajiri tags in Dean who goes for a cover but is met with a hard spinebuster. 2 count. Tomoko comes in and gets in some moves on Dean. Maven breaks up the pin and then out of nowhere Dean hits Tomoko with one of his products as the ref is distracted with Maven and scores the pin on Tomoko and gets the 1-2-3.


Grenier comes in for La Resistance and nails Dean. Dean nails a suplex and tags in Maven. Maven nails a moonsault off the top rope, but only gets a two count. Maven hits the STF. Conway breaks it up. Grenier tags in Regal and Regal cleans house. Maven accidently nails Dean with a dropkick and Dean is now back on the outside. The southpaw, Regal goes for the Power of the Punch, but Maven ducks and nails a flying bulldog. La Resistance comes in and nails the Tour of De Floor, yet Regal kicks out. Tajiri nails a moonsault on both Dean and Maven on the outside. The Tour De France is blocked by Maven who nails an inverted DDT on a now in Conway. 1-2-3 and now La Resistance is eliminated.


And we're down to two teams. Dean and Tajiri now both in the ring and Tajiri quickly gets the advantage. Both men now exchange some blows before a head scissors off the top is performed by Tajiri. Tag by both members and now Regal and Maven are in. Regal nails the power of the punch, but the count is broken up. All four are now in the ring, and all are throwing blows. Tajiri and Regal gain the advantage as Maven and Dean go on the outside to try and regroup. Tajiri goes for another moonsault, but this time lands on the security post and he's out the equation. After 5 minutes of more action Regal goes for the Punch again, yet hits Dean, but Maven is the legal man who lands a leaping jawbreaker on Regal on the knucks and scores the 1-2-3!


JR: Simon and Maven have cheated and have now become the new tag team champions.
K: It's only cheating if they got caught. And they didn't.
JR: Well we have new tag champs.

*cuts to the back where we see bischoff who tells everyone that tomorrow night on raw, from Providence, there will be a huge six man match, however he then sends coach to find flair, and get his thoughts on his match later on in the steel cage aganist Triple H.

K: Well coming up next is Stone Cold Steve Austin versus Edge. Let's show u how this match came about.
*Video package is shown*

*Match introduction is then done by The Fink*

Match 4:
Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Edge

Match starts off with Austin stomping into Edge. Edge now tries to get the advantage, but is continued to be beat like a government mule. Edge eventually gets some offense going as he is able to nail a falling russian sweep, and a deadly sleeper on the rattlesnake. Austin comes and nails a lou-thesu press on Edge and rights come to Edge face. Austin comes off the rope and nails a elbow in the heart of the Edge. Clothesline and both men are now on the outside. Austin nails a hard clothesline on Edge, Edge though gets up and nails an over the head suplex on Austin and Austin hits the steel steps. Austin now is busted open as Austin is now taken in the ring for the first cover of the match. Austin kicks out. Edge goes for the spear, but hits the post. Austin goes for the stunner, but Edge pushes him out the way, and Edge goes for the spear, Austin moves out the way, but hits the ref. Edge turns around and walks into the STUNNER! Edge goes for the cover, but no ref. Edge then tries to revive the ref, but Austin again goes for the attack. The ref now comes to, and Edge goes into the post and Edge is now busted open. Edge then somehow hits the spear. Austin kicks out. Suplex off the top rope, and Austin is in pain. 2 count. Austin kicks out. Edge nails the Edgecuator. 2 count. Edge goes for the spear again yet Austin nails the Stunner again. 1-2-and no, Edge kicks out. Austin doesn't believe it. Austin picks him up again, and tries to nail the stunner, Edge blocks it, and sends Austin to the ropes, and nails a mexican roll on Austin. Edge then nails the diving spear on Austin and then pins him. 1-2-3! Edge wins. Edge wins. Match Time: 22:15

JR: As much as I hate to say this, austin loses. And wait Edge, don't u think that's enough, and now to add measure, Edge nails another spear on the Rattlesnake. Damit, Edge. Enough is Enough.

King: Calm down, JR. Well coming up next is the Intercontinental Championship between Shelton Benjamin and Chris Benoit. Let's show you, how this match all started.
*video package of the match is shown*

Todd Grisham: Shelton Benjamin, in just a few moments you will be defending your Intercontinental Championship aganist Chris Benoit.
Benjamin: Yeah, todd. I am ready. People think that I've been just a joke. I've been champ for 8 months. Yet, people don't seem to care. It's time to show why there's no stoppin' me.

*Fink does the introductions*

Match 5: Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin v. Chris Benoit

Match starts with both men giving out technical moves to one another. Crowd cheers as they respect their moves. Benoit gets in some chops, but Benjamin reserves and nails some shots on Benoit. Benoit nails some suplexes but Benjamin hits a suplex on Benoit himself. Benjamin now sends Benoit on top and nails an running enzurgi on Benoit knocking him on the outside, and Benoit is now down. Benjamin comes onto the outside and him Benoit brawl again. Benoit nails a hard suplex on the outside and now Benoit sends Benjamin back into the ring and goes for the falling headbutt, but misses. Benjamin now goes for the cover 2 count. Benjamin goes for the now known "The Benjamin" but Benoit catches him and nails the Crossface. Benjamin is about to tap. He makes it to the ropes. Benoit gets him up and nails the hat trick on Benjamin. Flying headbutt connects. 1-2-and Benjamin kicks out. Benoit goes again for the crossface, but hits the ref. Wait a minute, through the crowd, this guy with a mask is in the ring, and nails a hard kick on Benoit. He then grabs the belt and hands it to the ref and Benjamin nails the T-Bone Suplex out of nowhere on a struggling Benoit. Somehow Benjamin nails a crazy monkey-wrench arial move on top, and scores the victory. The winner of the match and still Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin. After the match Benjamin and Benoit stare each other down, but the masked guy, beats up on Benoit again, as Benjamin leaves the ring. The masked guy is A.J. STYLES! Match Time: 23:41

JR: King, I don't believe it. Buh gawd. For the love of god, AJ Styles just took out Chris Benoit, and now him and Benjamin are leaving together. This was a damn setup. What has gotten into Benjamin?

*Cuts to the back as Triple H is getting ready for his cage match which is up next. Video is shown for the upcoming cage match*

*Fink does the rules and introductions
for the match*

Match 6:
Steel Cage:
Triple H v. Ric Flair

Cage is lowered and Triple H nails Flair with a facebuster. Triple H now who is relentless goes on the attack on Flair. Quick cover. 2 count. Triple H now sends Flair into the steel cage and grinds his face into the cage, while yelling at Flair. Triple H now goes to work on the legs of the 16-time World Champion. And a hard crash on Flair leg as Flair yells in pain. 2 count for the Game. Flair comes back now, and nails a thumb to the eye and some knife edge chops. Trips fall to the ground. Trips now gets suplexed and now Flair has some control. Flair on top, and nails a crossbody on the game. Finally, flair nails something on the top rope! Flair now with a quick cover, can only get two as triple h kicks out. Triple H comes back with a vicious spinebuster, and Trips starts climbing. Flair catches him and brings him right back down to the mat. Flair now tries to nail the figure-four but the game pushes flair out the way. Trips hooks Flair up for the pedigree, but Flair back body drops him, and now Flair goes for the door. Somehow, Trips stops him before he is able to get outside the door. Hard slam onto the mat, and Trips goes up on top and tries to nail Flair, but Flair nails him with some chops, and goes for the pedigree, but trips nails a hard swinging neckbreaker. Trips now goes for the cover. 1-2 and Flair gets the arm up. Trips now sends Flair into the cage, and Flair is busted open. H is now climbing, and is almost on the other side, but somehow Flair slams Triple H off the top of the cage, and now both men are bleeding, and this match continues. Flair gets up, and nails the Figure-Four. Trips nearly pasts out, as Flair makes his way up the cage, but is losing energy climbing. Trips gets on the top rope, and nails an inverted backbreaker on Flair, as Flair falls head first onto the mat. The game sets up and nails Flair with the pedigree as Triple H's face is a bloody red. Cover, and somehow Flair kicks out. The Nature Boy is alive, as Flair attacks Triple H from all corners and even nails the pedigree on the game. My gawd. 1-2 and the game kicks out. Both men are a bloody mess. Now both men, are climbing up the cage. both men are on top, trying to knock each other down. triple h and flair now exchange blows with each other. now flair rams H's face into the cage, and Flair does the same to the game. Triple H and Flair, try to suplex each other but they both fall. Flair falls into the ring, and Triple H falls off the cage and on to the floor, and because of that Triple H wins the match! The winner of the match, Triple H. Match Time: 32:45

JR: What a match!
K: I'm stunned!

JR: Triple H has somehow pulled out a victory, yet Trips and Flair are a bloody mess. Both men are going to have be attended to by the EMT's.

*EMT's come and carry both men out in stretchers and are loaded into ambulances and taken to the local facilities*

King: JR, just look at the carnage! The pure carnage!

JR: Well folks, we thank you for inviting us into your homes for tonight. Well the next time that we will be on pay-per-view will be in the month of May, and that will be for Judgment Day. Judgment Day is a Smackdown Brand PPV, and will be live from Las Vegas, NV, from the Thomas and Mack Center and will be presented by Subway!

King: Well, JR, we have one more match left to go.
JR: That's right. The biggest of them all. The World Heavyweight Championship. Batista defends the title aganist Chris Jericho. Take a look!

*video is shown of the match buildup*

*The Fink does match introductions*

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship
Batista v. Chris Jericho

Match starts with Batista getting the upperhand on Jericho. Batista and Jericho then battle on the outside. Jericho sends Batista into the steel steps. Steps removed, and Jericho misses and tastes steel. Batista sends Jericho back into the ring and now Jericho is down. Batista goes for the spinebuster, but Jericho nails a breakdown. Jericho goes for the lionsault, but misses and Jericho is then clothesline and goes on the outside. Batista comes on the outside yet him and Jericho fight until Jericho gets Batista on the announce table, and nails a flying elbow through the announce table and both Jericho and Batista are a bloody mess. 10 count now starts. Jericho makes it in the ring at 9 and stops the count. Jericho now brings Batista in and nails him with the enzurgi. This time Jericho nails the lionsault. Somehow Jericho only gets a two count. Jericho sets up the Walls of Jericho, but Batista powers out. Batista then goes for the suplex, but Jericho nails the spinebuster on Batista and now Batista is down. Jericho now has the walls of Jericho on Batista. Batista is screaming in pain, as Jericho is bleeding from the mouth. Batista makes it to the ropes. And Jericho pulls Batista back into the middle of the ring. After a few more moments, Batista somehow breaks the walls. Jericho now walks into a clothesline, and Jericho goes up on top, and jumps but walks right into a spinebuster. Jericho now up, is set up for the Batista Bomb! Bang! 1-2-3! Batista wins.

Fink: The winner of the match and still World Heavyweight Champion, Batista! Match Time: 31:15.

JR: What a PPV!
King: That's right!

JR: We'll see you tommorow night for Raw, live from Providence, RI in the Providence Civic Center. Goodnight from Backlash and Manchester, NH.

*Batista raises the belt as he stands on the post, as closing pyros go off, and screen fades to black*

So, that's Backlash! Give me some feedback on my first pay-per-view! It took me nearly 4 hours and 8 pages (typed) to do it.
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