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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Before I begin I would just like to remind everyone that this is the final Raw match before Backlash. Hopefully Backlash will be up by next Wedensday by the latest. Trust me, the pay-per-view will be much more layed out than the shows are now. Also as a side note, thanks to everyone for their feedback. Anyway let's get to Raw!

April 25:
A huge video from last year's England Raw is shown and then we cut to the opening video and pyro.

JR: The countdown to Backlash is just six days and with our final stop here in Manchester, England we welcome you to Monday Night Raw! Hello everyone I'm Jim Ross joined by always Jerry the king Lawler.

King: It feels great to be back here in England.
JR: That's right King and what a night we'll have for you tonight.

Eric Bischoff: Welcome everyone to England and Monday Night Raw. Being that Backlash is just six days away let's give the fans a preview of what will be in store for them. Shelton Benjamin who will be defending his intercontinental championship aganist Chris Benoit tonight will face Christian. Kane who wasn't here last week will do battle aganist Edge. The World Tag Team Championships will be on the line as Tajiri and William Regal faces simon dean and maven. Also Chris Jericho/Chris Benoit will face Batista and Shawn Michaels. So let's get raw under way.

Lilian Garica: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first from Toronto, Canada, Christian. And introducing second weighing in at 235 pounds he is the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

JR: Well ladies and gentlemen this match will start and we'll be right back after our first commerical break.

Commerical Break

JR: welcome back to raw ladies and gentlemen and during the break these two men have been going out at it back and forth in front of a sellout crowd here in the Manchester News Arena, here in England.
King: That's right, JR. These fans are going not.
JR: There's a dropkick from Benjamin. Quick cover, 1-2 and Christian kicks out. Christian now sent to the middle of the ring and is rolled up. 2 count. Christian with a thumb to the eye nails a russian leg sweep, into a boston crab. benjamin may have to give up if he can't get to a rope. benjamin tries to switch and reverse, and no christian somehow is still able to keep the submission locked.
King: Come on Christian.
JR: My gawd, Christian can once again become the intercontinental champion.
The crowd is now trying to get behind shelton. and finally, shelton is able to get to the ropes. and now, the ref adminsters the 5 count. christian breaks it at 4, and yet goes right to the back of the ic champ.
King: this is a good strategy. he's softening him up, JR.
JR: you're right. And christian with a vertical suplex. My god, he can have him right here, 1-2 and no shelton is just able to kick out. Irish whip to the ropes, shelton ducks and nails christian, with a powerslam out of nowhere. Shelton and this crowd have come alive here on Raw.
King: You can feel it, JR.
JR: Shelton now sends Christian across the ropes and yes, the Stinger Splash.
And now the bulldog. Shelton is now going up on top, but wait Christian goes up on top and oh no a superplex, but somehow Benjamin lands on top of Christian, while somehow reserving his weight on to Christian.
King: I don't believe what I just saw.
JR: Shelton with the cover. 1-2-3. Yes. Match Time 21:13
LG: The winner of the match and still Intercontinental Champion,Shelton Benjamin.
King: JR, I don't know he does it week in and week out.
JR: Wait a minute, it's Chris Benoit.
CB: Shelton, you may have defeat Christian, but this sunday, I will make you tap, and I will leave Manchester, NH as the new Intercontinental Champion

Commerical Break

JR: welcome back to Raw, and king there's a limo outside, it's the world heavyweight champion, Batista.
King: That's right and in just six days he will defend that belt aganist Y2J Chris Jericho.
JR: Well this past couple of days, King have been filled with adventure and excitement.
King: You're right.
JR: We would like to thank England and the fans for the love and support that you have given us.
*A video package is shown, highlighting what happened over the past few days.*

*Backstage in Eric Bischoff office, Eric and The Coach are having a discussion*

Coach: Boss, what's up, you ok.
Eric: Yeah, you know I'm good, but after what happened at Wrestle Mania and the Undertaker defeating Orton and Michaels barely beating Angle it's just making me think.
Coach: About what?
E: About how to beat Smackdown.
Coach: Well you got the Coach to help you out.
*Triple H walks in to the room*
HHH: Bischoff, where's Flair?
E: I haven't seen him.
H: Well let me tell you something, when you see him, let me know. Last week I was embarrassed by Flair in the Garden. If I see flair just one time he's mine. Bischoff, Sunday in that cage, Iím a beat Flair within an inch of his life. And later on tonight, I will show why I'm the Cerebral Assassin and why I'm that damn good!
E: Oh really? We'll see about that.

Commerical Break

JR: Welcome back to Raw, ladies and gentlemen. Right now, Todd Grisham is backstage with Edge. Todd, take it away.
TG: Thanks, JR. I'm here with Edge and Edge in just six days you will face Stone Cold Steve Austin. However tonight you will battle against Kane. What are your ...
*Edge grabs the mic from Todd*
*Edge in an crazy tone*
Edge: What are my thoughts. Todd, I am so close, and I mean so close to fulfilling my dream of being World Heavyweight Champion. And Austin wants to get into my business and wants to take me out, ok. But tonight with Kane and sunday with Austin, everyone will see my actions as an example of what will happen as I prepare for my title shot. Now are we done.
TG: JR, King, back to you guys.
King: Strong words from Edge. I still think he's a little bit off though.
LG: ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first from toronto, canada EDGE! And weighing in at 305 pounds KANE!
JR: This match has multiple implications. And there's the bell. Kane starts off with lefts and rights to the lower torso of Edge. Edge is sent to the ropes and is nailed with a sidewalk slam. Kane now goes for a leg drop and nails it right on Edge. 1-2 and Edge kicks out.
King: Edge must do something or this will be over rather quickly.
JR: Edge, now sends Kane to a short clothesline, and then to a sleeper. Hum, haven't seen this from Edge before. Edge looks more determined than ever. Edge now goes for a high kick but misses and Kane sends him over the ropes and to the floor. kane rolls out the ring, but Edge rams him and sends Kane into the ring post.
King: JR, did you hear that thud that Kane made as he hit that post. Let's get that replay. And, just listen to that sound.
JR: And now Edge, sends Kane into the steps, but Kane reserves and Edge goes crashing into the steps. Kane now has to roll in the ring to stop the count and he does. Kane now in control picks up Edge and rolls him into the ring. Now Kane goes for the cover 1-2 and Edge, kicks out. Kane looks like he's going on top. He is. Wait a minute, Edge catches him with a dropkick out of nowhere. What a counter by Edge. Cover on the mat, 1-2 and Kane kicks out.
King: Great move by Edge. Edge now sends Kane, to the top rope, and tries to superplex Kane, but can't. Kane sends Edge off the top rope. Kane now is FLYING! He nails Edge, 1-2 and no. Edge kicks out. Edge then is setup for the chokeslam, but out of nowhere blocks it. edge nails the spear. I don't believe it, he nailed the spear. 1-2 and no. Kane kicks out. Edge goes for a clothesline, but this time is met with a
JR: Chokeslam. My god, he hit the ref on the way down.
*Crowd yells 1-2-3-4-5* as the ref is down.
Kane goes for a second chokeslam, but Edge hits a low blow. Spear, Spear, Spear. Edge nails the spear. He grabs the ref. 1-2-3. Dammit.
LG: The winner of this match, Edge.
JR: Edge just cheated his way to victory.
*Glass Shatters and Stone Cold is on his way to the ring*
JR: King, it's Austin! Austin is here, The Rattlesnake.
Edge and Austin exchanges blows and Austin stomps into Edge, and then goes for the stunner, but Edge blocks it and hits him with the spear, and starts to attack him, and then yells you can't beat me. YOU CAN'T BEAT ME! Edge leaves to a crowd full of boos as we go to commerical. Match Time 19:21

Commerical Break

King: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw! Maria is standing backstage with Molly Holly, who this Sunday will face Victoria and Trish Stratus for the Women's Championship.
Maria: That's right.
Molly: Maria, I am a multiple time Women's Champion and this Sunday I am going to once again become that again when I beat that joke Victoria and that slut Trish.
Trish: Who are you calling a slut?
Molly: You.
Trish: You little bitch!
Trish and Molly fights and Victoria comes in and takes them both out with Trish's belt and says to Maria, this Sunday, I will become the new women's champion.

LG: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the World Tag Team Championships! Introducing first at a combined weight on 460 pounds Maven and Simon Dean! And introducing second the World Tag Team Champions, Tajiri and from Blackpool, England, William Regal!

JR: What an ovation for the hometown kid, Regal. Regal has definitly has the home court advantage in this match. And the crowd is still fired up.
King: That's right, this match is for the titles, and there's the bell.
JR: maven and regal start things off. regal, the southpaw nails some lefts into the face of maven and sends him into the ropes and begin the 10 count punch.
King: and down goes maven.
JR: regal now sends maven into the ropes and clothesline him again. cover 1-2 and maven kicks out. tag into tajiri. tajiri with kicks all over the place, and maven dropkicks tajiri nearly out of the ring. And he makes the tag to Simon Dean, who drops some elbows on Tajiri. Irish whip into the rope and a powerslam by Dean. Dean now applies a standing armbar into a sitdown armbar in the middle of the ring. Tajiri now tries to get up, but Dean connects with a clubbing blow.
King: And now, the tag back to Maven. By making Tajiri isolated they have the advantage. Maven sends Tajiri for a high backdrop, but Tajiri lands on his feet. tajiri goes for a kick, but maven clotheslines him and nails a top-rope elbow. Tags in Dean. Dean goes for the cover. 1-2 and tajiri barely kicks out.
JR: Dean and Maven are working great as a team here tonight as, Dean again knocks down tajiri and then goes to hit william regal, and is then met with an unbelievable kick by Tajiri. Both men are now down and needs to make the tag. Tajiri makes the tag. So does Dean. Regal and Maven are in, and Regal is cleaning house. Regal is on fire. What will happen when we return? We'll be right back to find out.

Commerical Break

JR: Welcome back to RAW! What a match. Regal and Maven are going at each other. Wait a minute, the Power of the Punch. Out of nowhere, 1-2-3. Regal and Tajiri win.
LG: The winners of the match and still tag team champions, William Regal and Tajiri.


JR: Welcome back. Now it's time for the Smackdown Rebound.
Now, Backlash is this Sunday, and King it's shaping up to be an excellent card, Here's a look at it:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista (C) v. Chris Jericho

Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin (C) v. Chris Benoit

Tag Team Championships: Four Corners Elimination Rules
Regal/Tajiri (C) v. La Resistance v. Maven/Dean v. Snitsky/Tomoko

Women's Championship: Triple Threat Rules
Trish Stratus (C) v. Molly Holly v. Victoria

Steel Cage Match:
Triple H v. Ric Flair

Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Edge

Shawn Michaels v. Muhammad Hassan

JR: well i can't wait, wait a minute, let's go backstage. It's Triple H and Flair. They're fighting in the parking lot. Oh my god, Triple H just nailed Flair in the stomach with the sledgehammer. Triple H is now heading into a car, while Flair is bent over in pain. Oh my god, no. Triple H, don't do it. Stop it, H. Stop it. For the love of god. No, Flair get out the way, Flair move. My god, Triple H tried to run Flair over with that car, Flair just collapased. Oh my god, someone help Flair. Dammit Triple H, Damn you to hell. I don't believe it.
King: Calm down JR.
JR: Did you just see what just happened. Imagine what will happen when Flair and Triple H are locked inside of that steel cage this Sunday. Well coming up next Chris Jericho/Chris Benoit will face Batista and Shawn Michaels. We'll be right back.


[COLOR=Green]LG: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first weighing in at 232 pounds, Chris Benoit. Introducing second, his partner weighing in at 230 pounds, Chris Jericho. Introducing their opponents, first weighing in at 220 pounds, Shawn Michaels. And introducing his partner, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista.

JR: This match will happen, when we come back after we take our final commerical.

JR: Welcome back to Raw, and Benoit and Michaels are going at it. Here comes michaels and he's caught with a german. and another, and one more. A hat trick, and these fans are going wild.
King: Michaels hits the superkick, out of nowhere. Wait a minute.
JR: here comes muhammad and davari. A chair shot. *Bell rings*. But here comes benoit. And now jericho and batista are going at it. here comes benjamin. the crossface to benjamin. jericho has the walls locked into batista in the middle of the ring, and muhammad has just nailed the superkick on michaels. My god what is going to happen at Backlash, goodnight from england.

Okay, i should have smackdown up by saturday. Backlash will be up on wedensday or friday at the latest.
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