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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

alright, i got to do something to get some more replies from y'all.

April 18th:

A video package is shown highlighting last week's RAW! *Opening video and pyro starts. Followed by a crowd shot*

JR:Welcome to the world's most famous arena. Welcome to Raw. We are live here tonight from Madison Square Garden. JR and Jerry the king Lawler come to you live and just less than two weeks from Backlash. And King tonight what a card we have for you guys in store.

King: That's right, JR we have 3 titles on the line here. Chris Jericho v. Rowdy Roddy Piper. We have so much to do in just so little bit of time.

Lilian Garica: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it's for the Intercontinental Championship. Introducing first weighing in at 245 pounds he is the intercontinental champion Shelton Benjamin. Introducing second weighing in at 310 pounds Kane!

JR: This match will be for the intercontinental championship. can shelton keep up on his winning ways or will we crown a new intercontinental champion.

*bell starts*

JR: collarbone tieup as we kick things off here from madison square garden. Shelton with an irish whip, kane misses and shelton with a hip toss. and another one. Kane comes back with a clothesline. first cover of the night. 1-2-and shelton kicks out.
K: jr. you got to realize kane has brue force behind him that will outdo shelton's quick speed and agliity. kane with a press slam.
J: sleeper applied *shelton starts to fade*. if shelton's hand go down three times, kane will be the new champ. that's one. that's two, that's thr... no shelton's up. shelton with a back body drop slam. shelton with the cover 1-2 and no. both men are up to their feet. kane just hit shelton with a hard german uppercut.
K: yeah, jr let's take a look at that again.
J: irish whip and a hard lariat by the big red machine. down goes benjamin. kane now going up top. kane oh my god! no, benjamin catches kane in midair and hits an incredible slam. 1-2- and Kane kicks out. what a move.
K: shelton now with the motenum sends kane into the ropes. oh no.
J: The Stinger Splash!. Benjamin hits the bulldog. And now the garden crowd is starting to get on their feet. Benjamin up on top. Kane look out!.
K: Dropick to Kane. 1-2 and Kane kicks out! Uh-oh.
J:King, Kane is up and he sets Benjamin up for the chokeslam. Wait a minute, shelton countered with an armbar rollup into a pin. Wait 1-2-3. Yes. match time: 13:26
LG: The winner of the match and still ic champ, shelton benjamin.
JR: shelton with another impressive victory.

Maria: Shawn Michaels, tonight you challenge Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. What are your thoughts as you look to capture your fifth heavyweight championship?
SM: well maria, the heart break kid is going to go out there and put on a show that you have never seen before. And when it's time HBK will tune up the band and connect sweet chin music and become the new champion.
*hassan and davari come and attack michaels as we go to commerical*

JR: And we're back here live on raw. coming up next is going to be Triple H vs. Chris Benoit.

Match starts:
Triple H and benoit exchange blows back and forth. h knocks down benoit with a clothesline. triple h now mounds benoit with a couple of punches. irish whip into the rope and now trips has the advantage. trips nails benoit with a hard spinebuster and then goes for the cover. 2 count. benoit gets up and start nailing h with hard knife edge chops. he then goes for three german suplexes. benoit hits the hat trick. goes for the cover, but trips hits a ddt.

h then delivers a boston crab. benoit gets to the rope. triple h goes for another attack but is hit with the crossface. h breaks out. but gets up to a belly-to-belly. benoit goes up top looking to nail the falling headbutt. h moves out the way. h then goes for the pedigree but it's blocked and h is back body dropped. benoit hits the sharpshooter buts h counters it by getting to the rope. benoit hits a big ddt and goes on top. flying headbutt. 1-2 and no. trips hits the pedigree. 1-2 and benoit kicks out.

h then goes on the outside and grabs the sledgehammer. he goes to hit benoit but benoit catches h with a shot to the stomach followed by the crossface. after 2 minutes triple h finally breaks it and catches benoit with a chopblock. pedigree to benoit 1-2-3. game wins. match time 14:55

after match, flair comes through the crowd ala last week, and busts trips wide open and hits him in the face with the sledgehammer as flair leaves a bloody triple h in the middle of the middle of the ring as we go to commerical.

K: Welcome back to raw and coming up next is the...
*Eric Bischoff music blares through the speakers* as Raw GM makes his way to the ring.

Eric talking:
good evening. anyway tonght here on raw we will have shawn michaels vs. batista for the heavyweight championship. and coming up next is chris jericho vs. batista. anyway i'm out here to announce some of the matches for our next pay-per-view BACKLASH! we all know the heavyweight championship and a steel cage match will be on the card but also now the intercontinental championship will be on the line as shelton benjamin will defend his title aganist the rabbid wovlerine chris benoit! also the tag team championships will be on the line in a fatal four way tag team elimination match which will feature tajiri/regal vs. la resistance v. sntisky/masters v. maven/dean. *Stone cold music hits and the crowd goes ballstic*

Austin talking:
you know something eric, there is one thing though that this crowd wants. and that's entertainment. now i wanna a salute. *crowd gives austin the one finger salute* austin goes back and forth until edge comes out. edge complains and complains and then catches a stunner. bischoff makes a match at backlash that will be austin v. edge. austin then stunners bischoff and drinks some beer as raw goes to a commerical break.

JR:We're back here live on raw!

LG: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall. introducing first weighing in at 235 pounds from New York City, Chris Jericho. And introducing second Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Piper and Jericho starts off with a bunch of chops and suplexes. Jericho goes for the lionsault. piper counters it. 2 count. jericho then goes for a fallaway slam into the mat. 2 count. piper hits a running ddt. piper and jericho suplex each other to the outside. jericho is then choked by the wires by piper. piper breaks the count up and comes back into the ring. piper then scratch the eyes and hit a drop on jericho. jericho then hits a running bulldog and then hits the lionsault. jericho and piper hit each other at the same time with a lariat and are both down as we go to commerical.

After commerical break, piper tries to set up jericho for his finisher but its blocked. ref bump then happens as jericho hits hebner. piper hits a low blow then a rollup as the ref gets back in as he counts 1-2-and no, jericho kicked out. hits the breakdown and the walls of jericho, with no where to go, piper finally taps and jericho wins as we go to commerical. match time: 21:15

After the commerical it's the women's championship and its trish v. victoria.
the match is rather short. after two blocked stratusfaction, trish finally hits it on the third one and with the help with molly holly, trish then wins with a three count. after a 2 on 1 assault on victoria, molly takes trish belt and hits trish over the head with the belt. as then lita comes out but is taken out also by molly as she makes her way to the back. match time 9:00 commerical break.

backlash rundown:
main event:
batista and shawn michaels wrestle for 21:15 with batista hitting the batista bomb after kicking out and blocking the superkick two times. then jericho comes out and jericho hits batista and then puts him in the walls of jericho as batista is a bloody mess as raw goes off but wait michaels scm jericho as raw goes off the air and a banner shows that next week we will be in england.

*originally kane and michaels were to fight in a street fight and the winner face batista next week in england. however kane was injured at a house show and those plans were nixed.*

that's all for raw. coming soon will be smackdown. come on y'all i need some replies. it seems like i'm virtually the only one replying. kid-o-mac, 1.
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