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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

april 14

A video package is shown of last week's smackdown. with that done, the opening video is shown and opening pyro erupt in the building as Michael Cole and Tazz welcomes us to Smackdown from the site of WrestleMania 22, Chicago, Ill.

"You know it's the MacMillitant"... blares through the speakers as Theorode Long makes his way to the ring to address the Chicago crowd. Tonight here live in Chicago we will see Eddie Guerrero vs. The Underatker in the main event. The winner of this match will face John Cena next week for the WWE Championship from Madison Square Garden. Holla, Holla. But for tonight we also have a special guest in the bionic texas rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin. Also tonight we have JBL vs. Kurt Angle with the winner getting a WWE title shot in two weeks on Smackdown from England. So ladies and gentlemen, all aboard the Smackdown train, for Smackdown!

MC: You know that the next time that we will be on pay-per-view will be Sunday, May 15th from Minneaplios, MN.
Tazz: That's right Cole, but that's next month. Let's first deal with tonight, alright.
Tony Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first weighing in at 278 pounds Booker T. Introducing second weighing in at 500 pounds the Big Show.

MC: And there's the bell. Booker T with a few rights to the face of Big Show. Show catches Book with an irish whip and a clothesline.
Tazz: Cole, Booker T must be quick aganist this GIANT!
MC: Booker T is knocked down again. Big show now with a clubbing blow to the chest of the former 5-time WCW Champion. Booker T,now going across the ropes and is in the corner and here comes the big show.

Tazz: Yeah, Cole just look at the massive hands of Show. And ow, just feel the pain that Booker T is feeling after that massive hand went across the chest of the BookMan.
C: And Now Show with that 22 Triple E size boot in the throat of the champ. He's cutting the oxygen from Book. And now, here's a big slam from Show. Show covers him.
Tazz: 1,2, and no. Booker T kicks out. Booker T now with some chops of his own. The Harlem Kick.
Cole: Yes these two are really going at each other. I can't believe it. Booker now on the outside tries going for the clothesline but Show grabs him and ram him right into the ring post.
Tazz: Can u just imagine how bad that feels. Man I've been in the ring with Show, and let me tell u from experience that hurts and it hurts alot.

Cole: Wait a minute, though. Tazz look at the top of the stage. It's Carlito. And he has Booker's wife.
Tazz: Man Booker, is high-tailing it. And Carlito is leaving with Sharmell.
*Backstage, Carlito gets a chair and nails Booker in the back. He then throws Sharmell into him and spits apple into them both before knocking Booker T out with some brass knucks.

TC: The winner of this match, as a result of a countout, The Big Show.
MC: Well we got bigger things on the agenda. We need Emt's for Booker T. He's lying their motionless.
*EMT's come and load Booker T onto a strecther and into a van where they transfer him and his wife to a local facility.*
MC: We'll be right back.

Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown, and after watching that insane act from Carlito, what is going to happen next.

JBL is in theordoe long office and is asking what is going on about his title shot. Long says tonight you will face Kurt Angle. And the winner of that match will face the WWE Champion in two weeks when Smackdown comes from Manchester, England. JBL says cool, but what about show. Well show already wrestled. So JBL, holla, holla.

TC: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is a binkini contest. Introducing first Joy Giovanni. And introducing second Torrie Wilson. Now it's up to you the audience, to determine who is the winner. First up Torrie. Medium pop. Next Joy, you're up. Huge Pop. The winner is Joy. Torrie hugs but then starts to attack Joy. And here comes Dawn Marie who helps Torrie and now it's a 2 on 1 attack on Joy. But wait here comes Michelle McCool. Michelle evens the score and takes out both Torrie and Dawn.

Teddy comes out and says next week it will be Torrie and Dawn vs. Michelle and Joy. Commerical Break.

MC: Welcome back to Smackdown. Now let's take a look at this weeks Raw Rebound.

Tazz: well smackdown is being sponsored by sony's new psp.
TC: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is schedule for one fall. Introducing first from NYC, JBL. And introducing second from Pittsburgh, PA. Kurt Angle!
T: well cole, this is going to be a [SIZE=3]ROCKETBUSTER![/SIZE]. Well anyway let's get this thing going.

C: Angle starts the match off with a suplex and tries to lock in the anklelock. But to no avail.
T: Kurt looks sharp and quick. Here tonight.
C: kurt, a former 4 time world champ, now goes for a snapmare into a sleeper.
JBL reserves it and hit a flying lariat. Now JBL is now going with hard blows to the Olympic Champ. JBL with the first cover of the night, 1-2 and no. Jbl now sends kurt into the corner and kurt blocks it with a knife edge chop across the chest of the former WWE Champ.
T: Look at the intensity of Angle
C: Angle now with a belly-to-belly. And another and goes for a third but JBL blocks it and now comes off the rope with a chopblock. Jbl nows hits a modified crossbar on Angle. Will he tap.
T: No angle gets up and nails a backdrop on JBL. Kurt now is going on top. Kurt goig for a moonsault. But no one is home. JBL gets out the way and goes for a cover. 1-2 and no, angle kicks out. Jbl then goes for the suplex but is met by a ddt and now three german suplexes. off come the straps and kurt is ready for the ankle lock, but Jbl gets up and hits kurt with a hard clothesline.
C: Oh man, tazz, jbl is now on top but wait a minute. here comes angle. angle just nailed a belly to belly tope rope suplex. the crowd is going nuts. which of these two men will get a title shot next week. we'll be right back.

C: welcome back, during the break these two went at it some more. wait a minute kurt just nailed the angle slam. 1-2 and no.
t: cole, and wait a minute the ankle lock is locked in. jbl is going to tap. he's going to tap. and wait a minute jbl, makes it to the ropes.
C: and now Jbl goes up and nails a scoop slam on angle. 1-2 and no. kurt goes for the angle slam but this time it's blocked and wham the clothesline from HELL!. It's over 1-2-and no. JBL can't believe it.
T:neither can I. I don't believe this.
C: Oh man and Angle hits another angle slam but picks jbl and delivers a german suplex. cover 1-2-and no. Jbl is up, Angle goes for a fourth angle slam, but JBL nails the Clothesline from Hell again. 1-2-3. And in two weeks it will be JBL vs. the WWE Champ. We'll be right back.

C: welcome back to smackdown.
JBL: you see that Orlando, we're still the champs. And in two weeks I will get me the WWE Title back.

Main Event:
Eddie hits Taker with a frog splash at the 10 minute mark. But to no avail. Taker hits the tombstone on eddie three times and chokeslams him and gets the V.

Post Match: Taker and Cena brawl and the show ends with Taker putting Cena through the announce table with a chokeslam and lightning going off in the ring.

C: We'll see you next week from Madison Square Garden. Someone get some help for Cena. Is this a new sign of the new taker? Goodnight from Chicago!

I'll be back either tomorrow or monday for raw. peace
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