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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

Alright, let me just say that I only intend to get better as time goes on. This time I will try to make it much longer than before.

april 11

Raw kicks off with pyro and JR and Jerry Lawler joins us live from Moline, IL for tonight edition of MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

JR:: Fans what a card we have for you tonight. The world heavyweight championship will be on the line as Shelton Benjamin faces Batista.

KING:: That's right, and with Mr. McMahon announcement from last week, there's no telling what is going to happen tonight.

*Chris Jericho is in the ring as we are getting ready to have an another edition of the highlight reel brought to us.

CJ: Welcome to Y2J's Highlight Reel!.
Well last week, I became the number one contender to Batista's World Heavyweight Title, and you know what, at Backlash, Y2J will become the new World Heavyweight Champion. But tonight as we all know, Benjamin and Batista will face off with one another for the title. So at Backlash, I might be facing either Benjamin or Batista. But as for the Highlight Reel, tonight guest, is a Hall of a Famer. He is one of the most craziest wrestler ever. His segments are downright hilliarous. He is the host of Piper's Pit. *huge pop from the crowd* He is Hot Rod, [SIZE=3]Rowdy Roddy Piper[/SIZE].

*Piper enters the ring to a huge ovation.* CJ: Welcome to the Highlight Reel. RRP: Thank You. And junior it feels good to be back in the WWE. But you know something, there's one thing that I wanted to do and yet have not been able to do it. Chris you know what that is. CJ: What is it? RRP: Well, junior it's to face you. CJ: Face Me? The Ayollota of Rock n Rolla. The first ever undisputed heavyweight champion. You wanna face me. Well, you know what you got yourself a ... *Eric Bischoff music plays as Eric comes out to the stage.* Mixed Reaction from the crowd* He says that that is all fine and good, but it won't happen here tonight. Instead it will happen next week, live on Raw from MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!. He also says by the top of the hour, he will be making an announcement regarding next week as well. Oh yeah, Chris tonight you will be facing both Christian and Edge in a 2 on 1 handicap match. RRP: One more thing, junior. Crack. *Piper knocks Jericho out with an illegal object and begins to pound on Jericho and Jericho is now bleeding as we go to commerical break.

JR: king, can you believe what we just seen here.
King: No, JR. It's a damn shame.
JR: I don't understand why, Piper would do that and Jericho has a handicap match later on. Dammit it's not right.
King:Calm down.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it's for the Tag Team Championships. Introducing first at a combined weight of 385 pounds, the world tag team champions william regal and tajri.

King: Just to let you know that Raw is being brought to you by Gatorade and Best Buy.

LG: Introducing second at a combined weight of 497 pounds Gene Snitsky and Tyson Tomko.

JR: The match starts with Snitsky and Regal. Bow and arrow tie-up. Snitsky powers regal into the corner and starts off with lefts and rights to the abdomen. Irish whip. No it's reserved. backbody drop from regal.

King: Snitsky and Tomoko are going to have to use their power, in order to stay on top, whereas Regal and tajiri will have to use their speed and quickness.

JR: Snitsky with a big slam. Covers 1-2 and no. Kickout by regal. Tomoko is now in as he now adminsters kicks to regal's leg. Vertical Slam, coming up, but no Regal reserves it, into a vertical slam of his own. Quick cover. 1-2 and snitsky is in to break it up.

K: the ref is going to have to get some kind of order, in order for this match to continue.

J: with the ref, back turned tomoko gets in a cheap shot after snitsky tags himself back into the match.

K: I have to admit this is great teamwork by these two.
J: Snitsky goes for a slam, but it's countered by regal, and NOW BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! REGAL NEEDS TO MAKE A TAG. Both men are now crawling, to make a tag to their partner, but snitsky gets up and slams regal again to the mat and then knocks off tajri and makes a tag to the tomoko. tomoko comes in, but regal this time hits a flying clothesline, and hits snitsky and snitsky falls to the floor. The southpaw Regal nails a DDT on tomoko.
K: Alright, Regal. Now JR, he has to make a tag.
J: Finally, regal makes a tag, and here comes the Japanese Buzzsaw . Tajiri is moving like lightning, with kicks both to Tomoko and Snitsky. Tajri with a irish whip, followed by a kick to the back, and you know what's coming.
K: Oh, man it's the tanratula. He has to break before the ref counts to five. J: He breaks at the count of four. Here comes Sntisky. Snitsky though is met with the power of the punch! Tomoko is wabbling, tajiri goes for the kick, but is countered. No wait, tajiri has the hucurrana locked in and the ref with the cover 1-2-3. Yes.

LG: The winners of the match and still Tag Team Champs, regal and tajiri.
JR: What a win, for those two. Let's send it backstage to Todd Grisham who is with Y2J.

TG: Chris how are you feeling. CJ: How am I feeling. I'm feeling angry, I'm feeling crazy. And monkey, let me tell you something. Next week at the Garden I will show no mercy to Piper. But as for tonight, E&C, I'm coming out ready to fight, not wrestle. Commerical Break

JR: Welcome back to Raw. Now let's give the fans, the Smackdown Rebound.

LG: The following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 300 pounds Kane. Introducing second, from san antonio, tx. weighing in at 220 pounds Shawn Michaels.

JR: What a match we have for you fans. Just a reminder, that next week we are going to be coming from you, in what will be a supershow from Madison Square Garden.

King: That's right. Raw. Smackdown. 1 night.
JR: And there's the bell. Michaels with a punch to the face followed by a punch by Kane, to get this match going. Lefts and rights are exchanged until Kane lands a hard uppercut to Michaels sending HBK reeling. Kane now with some control lays in some thrusts to Michaels, as Michaels is in the corner. Kane uses an irish whip, followed by a hard clothesline to Michaels. 1-2 and Michaels kicks out. Kane off the ropes and hits a leg drop. Another cover 1-2-and Michaels kicks out. Kane now applies the sleeper on to Michaels, who is now winded. Michaels is fading quickly. The ref raises Michaels hand. It drops.

King: that's one. that's two, that's no, wait
J: michaels, is now trying to fight back, but kane hits him with a club to the neck. michaels is down once again. kane picks up and delivers a scoop slam. Kane then tries to go on top and michaels counters it with a drop toehold as kane lands and now michaels irish whips kane and hits a ddt. Now with both men down, Michaels bounces up.
K: That's vintage Michaels right here.

JR: Michaels now with a second wind, hits Kane with a facebuster. Michaels on top, and yes the flying elbow right into the heart of Kane. Michaels with a cover 1-2 and Kane kicks out. Michaels sends Kane to the outside and then hits a springboard onto Kane on the outside. What's going to happen, next. We'll be right back live from Moline.

Jr: We're back here from Raw, and during the commerical break, Michaels was busted wide open from a shot from kane after after michaels from the steel post.

King: shawn is losing too much blood here. this match may have to end.
JR: no wait, kane is setting Michaels up for a chokeslam, but it's blocked. Michaels go for Sweet Chin Music, but Kane ducks and Michaels hits the ref. The ref is down. Michaels then hits Sweet Chin Music on Kane, and tries to get the ref to come to. The ref is out. Michaels then hits Kane with another clothesline, but this time Michaels gets on the recieving end of a fireman slam. Then kane gets Michaels up, as Michaels tries to block it, but is hit with the chokeslam.
K: The ref is crawling to make the cover.
JR: 1-2-come on shawn, 3! kane gets the victory over a bloody and battered Shawn Michaels.

*Michaels is in the ring as Kane's pyro and music go off as we go to the back.*

Eric Bischoff: next week from the garden, shawn michaels and kane will fight each other in a NYC Street Fight and the winner will face the WHC two weeks from tonight when raw is in england! and it will be for the WHC! Commerical Break.

And we're back. Here comes the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

F: Last week on Raw, I was embrassed by the one person that I had the utmost respect for. That man name is Triple H. In over the 30 years that I have been in this business, I have never been more ashamed of someone. Man, Trips me and you were close. Together we formed Evolution. The greatest group of all time. Bigger than the four horsemen. But you know something, it wasn't until last week that I finally realized something that everyone been saying. And that is you care nothing about anyone except yourself. And when you think about, they're right. I stuck by you, through each and every single one of your opponents and this is how you thank me. Well let me tell you something, at Backlash in that steel cage, I will show No mercy. Cuz I'm the dirtiest player in the game. That limosine riding, jet flying, baby kissing, son of a gun. At backlash, it will be me and you in a 15 foot steel cage. But right now, I don't want to wait till Backlash. I want you NOW! *Trips Music Hit, But Trips Come through the crowd and sneaks up on Ric*
JR: Ric turn around
JR: Oh man, these two are going at it.
K: Security, get down here. These two are going to break each other apart. Oh man, Flair with a shot right across the eye of the game, and Triple H is now bleeding. Now Flair is going crazy.
JR: Man, what is going to happen next. Well, folks when we come back we have Chris Jericho vs. Edge and Christian.

LG: Introducing second, now residing in NYC, Chris Jericho.

After 10 minutes of back and forth action, Jericho locks in the walls of jericho on christian.

JR: Christian is about to tap. No, here comes Edge. Edge nails Chris Jericho with a spear and Christian and Edge do what they later would call the E&C affect. It's over. No. 1-2-3. And wait a minute here comes Piper. And now it's a 3 on 1. And the numbers game is to much for Jericho. Jericho is out again, and is bleeding more now. We need EMT's out here. Now! Well coming up next is the World Heavyweight Championship Match!

JR: It's time for the WHC! Benjamin and Batista locks up, with Batista hits him with a powerslam. Benjamin then gets up and hits with a dropkick. Batista and Benjamin then somehow hit each other finishers.

*After 12 minutes of fighting*, Benjamin hits Batista with a Fisherman Suplex, but Batista comes right up, and hits the Batista spinebuster. benjamin gets up and then tries to hit batista but batista power is too much and hits him with the batista powerbomb. Oh my god. Batista with the cover 1-2 and wait Benjamin won't kick out. He picks him up and hits Batista with a superkick. 1-2 and batista again hits the batista bomb and gets the 1-2-3 and we see you next week from the garden!
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