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Re: WWE 2005: The Aftermath of WrestleMania 21

alright, well first off thank you for the advice, and hopefully i will get better as time go on. lets get on to smackdown. but before i do so, i will do both raw and smackdown with the same rosters but soon with some trades and jumping ship. Note smackdown and raw are both 2 hours long.

april 7th.

Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to Smackdown as this is the fallout of Smackdown. We're here in san diego, ca in the sports arena and lets get rolling.

John Cena comes to the ring and cuts a promo, saying how he couldn't become the champion without the help of each and every member of THE CHAIN GANG. He basically almost cries and says thank you after cutting one of the best promos in a long time.

Backstage JBL is prepping Orlando Jones who later on will face Rey Mysterio for OJ's US Title.


Cole then sends it backstage as Big Show is being interviewed when all of a sudden, he notices JBL. He says how JBL reign as champ has finally come to an end. JBL then tries to attack Show, but show throws him into the wall and JBL is done for.

Crusierweight Championship:

Billy Kidman comes to the ring followed by Paul London.

Cole: Only place to see the crusierweights are here on Smackdown.
Tazz: That's right.

Note: As far as the announcing goes, hopefully I'll add more as time goes on.

After 10 minutes of excellent high flying moves, Paul London, out of nowhere nails a 450 on Kidman through the announce table, as the crowd goes nuts. Kidman who is now bleeding is lying there motionless, as london is out here to prove a point. He grabs Kidman, who throws something in london's eye, and DDT him right on his own belt. london remains there not moving, and emt's come out to assist him. cut to commerical break.

Raw recap is then shown, followed by the wrestlemania highlight video. the lights then go out as the undertaker makes his way to the ring. he says what he did to randy orton sunday is just a sample of things that are going to happen here. out comes eddie. eddie says that he feels that undertaker is trying to start something he can't finished. taker already in the devil's mood, tombstones eddie right there as the light goes out.

commerical break-
after break teddy long makes an announcement that next week it will be eddie vs. taker. JBL comes in and demands a rematch with Cena for the title. However, long says only if he can beat Booker T next week in a # 1 contender match. Carlito, then sees Booker's wife, and asks can she deliver a message to him. Tell him, That Carlito is Cool. Then he spits apple in HER FACE!

Commerical Break- Cole tells the fans that at the end of the month, Smackdown will be coming to you from England. But back to the action, Carlito vs. Booker. The match basically ends in a DQ, because Booker tries to choke out Carlito for spitting in his wife's face. So he returns the favor by spitting apple in his face, and nailing him with the Book End.

Commerical Break- Main Event: US CHAMPIONSHIP: Orlando Jordan vs. Rey Mysterio. Jordan acts like a punk, throughout the match and eventually is hit with the 619. However JBL, comes down and distracts the ref while OJ hits rey with his finisher (whatever that is). rey kicks out. he hits him with a hurcurrana. (don't mind the spelling). rey goes for the cover. 1-2-and no. OJ kicks out. OJ goes for the clothline but misses and rey trips him up for another 619. This time while the ref is down, JBL hits Rey and hits him with the clothsline from hell. OJ then powerbombs him right on the belt, and JBL gets the ref to come to, while OJ crawls over and covers Rey for a 1-2-and a 3. the whole cabinet comes out, as they begin to beat up some more on rey, and they stand there together as the show comes to a close, as cole is screaming damit and tazz is just sitting there stunned

well that's my first two shows. i'll be back later for next week's raw. keep the responses coming.
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