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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

I was slightly not very much entertained with the opening promo. Both men using slang isn't a good idea, because that is not a really what either man do. A rather quicker promo, and Stephanie is the new General Manager. It should of been made into a surprise, possibly had Vine make that match, and then have Stephanie come out at the end as the announcement. Scotty jobs to Daniels, and I like Hardy as a heel, but you need to think of some lines for him, a nickname and some stuff for him to do in promos. The aftermath of the promo was Hardy and Rey brawl a bit and we go now into commercial break.

We see Sabin beat Kash, and not much to say about that so I'll yawn lol, good match recap there bud. The Rock & HHH promo was decent, he had like two or just one catch phrase, not Rockyish. I see your slowly building tension between the two, with shots at each other, this may culminate into Survivor Series teams, or into WrestleMania. Looks good either way. Hardy wins it for his team with the tights, you probably should of held the two apart till No Mercy I think, alright heel ending. Nice little video for No Mercy, but saying the guys names are TNA'ish. Angle murders Miz, and then a huge brawl erupts between Batista and Angle, which leads Stephanie to make it No Holds Barred. Probably going to make it that much better.

Kennedy and Cena promo was alright, Kennedy seemed pretty good and Cena well was meh, wasn't portrayed great here it was alright I guess though. The Lashley & Kane buildup was shown, but neither were on the card. Now looking at this show 2 matchs of squash have been booked, and you missed the US Champion and others off the show/card. Main Event was alright, I usually don't say much about recapped matchs, but this was pretty decent. The Tag by The Game to take the pin from Rocky was alright, but now that I look at it your building tension between Rocky & The Game, but your not building Finlay vs. HHH or Booker vs. The Rock much anymore.

Decent show, many bad booking flaws such as Hardy pinning Mysterio, he could of easily pinned one of the others, or you could of had this turn into something else like a no contest. I don't think the 6 man tag should've been on the card, because you had them brawl just a second before, so that never happens and comes into a match. We had 2 squashs in the show which is never good, Lashley, Kane, Cena & Kennedy were all off the card. Sloppy booking part of the show, the show itself was ok, but it has its flows. I'll be checking out the next few shows, you said you weren't feelin this and I understand now.
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