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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Review

Great way to open the show, with Hunter and Vince. Hunter was in character for the most part, seeming typically intense, but he did start to go on a bit as it went on, and it seemed to go off track a little, but oh well. I didnít like how Vince said that Finley was going to kick Hunterís teeth down is throat. Steph coming out was unexpected, and it seems weíve got a huge main event for the show. I liked how you pointed out the fact that Hunter still has heat with the Rock, nice touch.

Daniels goes over Scotty in the first match of the night, which is fair enough. The mention of Sabin at the end was a nice touch just to keep everyone remembering whatís going on between the two.

Decent Heel promo from Matt Hardy taking cheap shots at the fans to get him over more, which is fair enough. Nice to see some good intensity form Hardy as well, which builds his feud with Rey even more. The attack from Rey at the end was needed in my opinion, as it gives the feud more exposure which is definitely required.

Nice little match between Sabin and Kash. Good to see Sabin go over a credible opponent like Kash, to increase his own credibility as a champion. Still waiting for the impending total heel turn from Sabin, the only thing I didnít like about this was the positioning of this match on the card, you should have had another match or two in between the two cruiserweight matches, instead of having them after each other. Iím happy to see that you had to CW matches on the one show though.

Typically good Rock promo here, I liked the fact that you didnít have Hunter say much, and him having the final say was definitely a good thing. This seems to be a slow build to a feud between the two.

The 6 Man Tag was a fun match, Hardy picks up the win to gain the upper hand in his feud with Rey. I didnít like Hardyís quick recovery from the 619, this made his finisher look a touch weak in my opinion.

I gotta say, although itís short and simple, I really dig that Batista/Angle promo.

Angle squashes Miz showing his intensity, gotta love a good squash.

The after math was the big point though, No Holds Barred is great, makes it much more appealing. After this, the match should be just brutal, I liked that you didnít make Batista look like a coward.

Great promo with Kennedy and Cena. Kennedy was very much in character, with his cockiness clearly evident, as he knows that Cena will be booed in Green Bay. Cena was a little off, but some of his lines were just what youíd expect to come from him.

Only a video promo to hype Lashley/Kane during this show? Strange.

The Rock and Triple H go over in a fan friendly Main Event. Hunter steals the win off Rocky, as their respective feuds with the members of the court is furthered, but I definitely think that there is a feud brewing for Wrestlemania. I think at Survivor Series weíll see Hunter and Rock involved on the same team some how, probably taking on the Court and others, which seeís more angst between the two. Then more interaction between them at the Rumble, with one eliminating the other, with the eliminated one, coming back to throw out the other, then maybe have one involved in a title match or something at No Mercy, only for the other to cost him the match, which leads to the match at Mania. Anyway, Iím rambling, over all it wasnít that bad of a show at all, I think you were a bit harsh on yourself.
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