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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's Smackdown Review:

Triple H seemed to be forcing it at the end of the promo and it dragged on too long. McMahon was fine except for a few comments which hurt it but really, it was a run of the mill promo with an interim GM and main event announced.

Ugh, I can't stand current TNA wrestlers in WWE and I see you're doing the sportsmanship feud. Seen this before in TNA so hopefully something can be different here than what TNA did.

This interview reminded me somewhat of the Matt Hardy V1 Character he had back in 2002 and 2003 which had him work well as a heel. Mysterio attacks him, not a surprise as some buildup is needed.

Two cruiserweight matches back to back, rare to ever see that happen in WWE. Sabin gets a win but something tells me he's going to be the heel in the Daniels feud after his actions while watching Daniels's match.

Triple H kinda got thrown to the side there in that promo with the Rock. Triple H speaking more would of helped but his ending comment I guess was enough to make up for the lack of words.

Hmmm, Hardy cheats and wins. Kinda small but got confused whenever I read the winners, it said Hardy, London, and Kendrick. Anyways, just builds the feud further up with Hardy cheating there.

Ok, video package. Just a little hype for No Mercy, nothing major.

Ok, like Miz ever stood a chance! Squash match here once again and the confrontation really was the big part. Guessing No Holds Barred was needed as it wouldn't be a pretty match in the ring if Angle tried wrestling Batista in a singles contest.

Best promo of the show, hands down! Kennedy was in character, the taunting and mocking of Cena showed he won't back down. Cena looked a little weak not saying much but still, good promo.

Fun main event to end the night off with, the ending makes me think for sure we're in for a future feud possibly heading into 'Mania with Rock vs. HHH. If so, of course HHH will make the heel turn.

Overall, I think this was my first time reviewing. Good show, matches were fine. Promos were ok, somethings can be worked on but overall, you show that you can have what it takes in the future. Let's see what you can continue to bring to the table here.
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