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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

IAmLegend's RAW Review.

Edge Promo: Surprising way to start the show! Edge was really in character here, and it was well written. I was extremely shocked by Edge's revelation and a little disappointed that he is being denied his WWE title rematch. I'm sure he wont be gone for long though.

Rated R Army Promo:I really like this stable, and especially the way they constantly bicker. Doane's line to Melina was a gem. 'The Phenomonal' one reference to AJ Styles?) is the best thing about this stable in my opinion, though Masters and Nitro are great entertainment too. I can see Carlito taking advantage of Doane and Nitro's squabbling to retain.

Umaga v Haas: Umaga is looking really dominant on Raw now, especially after destroying Foley and now Haas. So he is coming after the WWE Championship, which should prove interesting. HBK vs. 'Taker vs. Umaga would be a hell of a match.

JBL Promo: Well written, entertaining segment here, setting up a nice feud brewing between JBL and Austin.

Carlito vs. Doane vs. Nitro: Good match here but with a predictable outcome. It's a common problem with weekly shows that titles can very rarely change hands. Doane and Nitro costing each other the title was good; Carlito using the roll up to win was just like him.

Battle Royal for Tag Champs: This was a good match, but I really think it highlights the weakness of your tag team division. AMW are the only ones deserving of the tag titles, so I was pleased to see them win. Luckily, I think most WWE fans will know who they are by now. May their reign be long and prosperous!

Orton Promo: This was a good segment, with Orton coming across as his traditional arrogant self. I wonder what is next for the Legend Killer, now that his feud with Flair is seemingly over. Is he coming for the WWE Championship too?

HBK/'Taker/Vince: Very good section here. HBK opened it up nicely with his usual showboating, before the Phenom interrupts him ('Taker is always interrupting people nowadays) and challenges for the WWE title. Vince sets up a future encounter between the two nicely, which brings back great memories of their '97 rivalry.

RVD vs. Masters: MOTN so far I think. It was given a fairly hefty amount of time for a non-title match, but I think it was done to further a rivalry between RVD and the R-Rated Army. The R-Rated Army is self-imploding on us again here, which is fun to watch. It was also nice to see Masters go over on RVD with the Masterlock.

Big Show Segment: Well, Big Show seems pretty pissed off! With 'Taker moving into the WWE title picture, I expect Show to follow. He deserves to anyway.

Divas Match: Whoever you were quoting got it spot on: Diva matches are really only fillers, but this wasn't a bad attempt.

Bradshaw v Benoit: Great match to end with. Hard hitting, with neither man coming across as weak. JBL didn't even submit to the Crippler Crossface immediately, which was good for the 'Wrestling God'.

Aftermath: Stone Cold coming out was a little obvious but it was still fun. Benoit and Austin teaming up with a German and then a Stunner was a nice touch.

Overall:A very good show with good length, good grammar and good spelling. A nice way to follow Unforgiven.

8 1/2 out of 10 - Keep it up!
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