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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

RAW Review.

Edge Promo
Great way to start the show! Edge coming out in his bitter mood is always a great way to kick off imo. What a great promo, Edge was totally in character and it flowed wonderfully following the events from Unforgiven. Edge walks out? Boo. That’s not cool, Vince needs to give him the title match None the less, great promo to start off!

Rated R Army Promo
I’m loving this stable, the unrest in the camp as well. Ken Doane’s character is definitely the best out of the lot, and I’m looking forward to him and Nitro getting into an all out feud soon enough. Another great promo.

Umaga v Haas
Umaga beats the crap out of Haas, furthering his dominance and crushing any credibility that Charlie Haas has. Umaga beats the hell out of him some more after the match, further show casing his ruthlessness.

Nice promo from JBL here, as it looks like a feud between Bradshaw and Austin may well be on the cards.

Carlito v Doane v Nitro
Nice match up here. You messed up when you said “quickly makes the cover, only picking up a three count before Nitro pulls him off!!” Nothing major here though, so no real problems. Very entertaining finish, with it seemingly coming down to Doane and Nitro, only for Carlito to spoil it for them. Okay, it seems the feud between Doane and Nitro is now really kicking off, good stuff.

Battle Royal for Tag Champs
AMW are here! I hope they win! Great match up here, really enjoyed the finish. I liked how you reiterated the rules of the match as well, that was a nice touch. AMW comes out as winners on debut, very, very cool. I just dunno about the big ovation they received upon their entry, as I’m not too sure how many WWE fans would know who AMW are.

Orton Promo
Nice promo here from Orton, very much in character and it’s good to see him showing respect to Flair, whilst still maintaining his cocky persona.

WOW. Awesome, I thought you’d done well keep your characters maintained until now, but this one is something else. The opening was brilliant, vintage HBK, then Taker comes out, making sure his Deadman gimmick stays intact with exactly what you’d expect from him. Typical Vince as well, I like it how you mentioned that HBK simply carried on after Vince and Taker left as though nothing had happened. Big match announced for Raw. I was expecting this one to take place at your next PPV

RVD v Masters
Decent time given for this one, which is great. RVD jobs to the Masterlock, well didn’t expect that at all. This one just seemed like another chance to further the unrest in the Rated R Army. Enjoyable match none the less. I was glad that you gave this match a decent amount of time, and didn’t job RVD out to the Masterlock in a few minutes.

Big Show shows his dominace, destroying Todd Grisham. I love the Big Show as the big tough angry heel, I hope to see him right up in the title scene.

Divas Match
Lol. I loved your note, other than that, I just don’t dig diva’s matches at all. As you said, this one was just there as purely a filler.

Bradshaw v BENOIT <3
I loved what JR said about Benoit before the match even started, so true! Great match, both Benoit and Bradshaw looked strong here, smart finish so no one suffered. Good to see Benoit have the crossface locked in for a good period of time before JBL hit the ropes. Give good rub to both men.

Wholy crap. What about the after math, all be it a little predictable, JR’s reaction was awesome, totally what you’d expect and it was great to see Benoit get in on the festivities with the German, followed up by the Stunner to end the show.

Over all, great show mate, awesome follow up to Unforgiven, very well done.
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