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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by DDMac

Good opening video, which was based around the theme of being unforgiven. Gave some nice hype to the main events as well, and started off the show in a way that hypes you for the rest of it

JBL vs. Benoit is a good opening match, and will start the show in style. Donít expect it to be too long, with the winner wrestling again, but hopefully it will be good enough. Benoit starts by getting the first move in, before there is a fightback by JBL, as he starts to dominate the middle of the match. Benoit fights back with the germans, but JBL counters the headbutt, and he goes back onto the attack. Nice little sequence here. Benoit though regains the momentum with the dropkick, but only gets a 2 with the headbutt. JBL goes for the CFH, but Benoit ducks but he cannot get the crossface in first time, but second time he does, and he gets the win in what was a good opening match to the show. Never got too dull, and did a lot in the time slot that you gave them, which was good to see. Benoit has the momentum with him now, going towards his final tonight

Good promo from Orton, which was surprisingly good for him, and gave some good build towards his match with Flair. Canít see him losing it at all, but will be a good match

Probably the filler of the card, but it will still be a good match between them. Good to see the fact they are bitter rivals is shown through them choking each other, and it looks as if you are taking this match seriously, which is good to see. Some good action in the middle of the match, before we get towards the finish, but no-one wants to give the match up easily, with Trish kicking out of Mickie;s moves, and Mickie doing the same to Trish. Some good near falls, which add to the interest in this match, before Mickie steals one after the Mick kick and the feet on the ropes. Good womens match here, but this wont be the end of the feud based on the ending, and I guess you are going to try and do better in that match. Looking forward to the rematch

Guessing that man was supposed to be Austin, and if it was, then interesting to see him backstage, and to find out what the hell he was doing thereÖ donít expect to see him tonight, as it would make sense to hype his appearance a bit more over the next few weeks, with a heel calling out Austin, until he finally shows and beats them downÖ why am I booking your show hereÖ ohÖ see what happens with this I guess

Not expecting too much from the next match to be honest, although Iím hoping that it will at least be passable. Show manages to out power Taker, and dominates the early going of the match, which was done reasonably well, but this match isnít going to be a great one, but it will do. Taker fights back with the ddt, and this is getting towards the end of the match, and we will get an explosive finish. Taker manages to kick out of the cobra clutch, which was a nice surprise, and then they trade the chokeslams, but neither is enough to get the win. Taker nails a last ride, and he gets the win, and now faces Benoit tonight, in what would should be a great match. Solid enough match between these two, but Benoit vs. Taker should be great

Rated R Army are confident it seems, but the problems that exist between Nitro and Kenny may cost them the title. Doane kisses Melina, and that means the rivalry between them has just got a bit more heated

Liked the RVD promo, as it had some good humour in it with him saying that he will smoke everyone, but remained serious enough to make him a threat in the match tonight. Promos have been working well tonight, and seem to have a meaning to them as well

6 way match should be great with the men involved, and this hopefully will go long and have a lot of good, exciting stuff in it. Good to see the MNM members start the match, which gives it a bit of a story, and no-one seems to be able to settle in the match, with all 6 men trying to do what they can. RVD though is on fire it seems, with him basically beating the hell out of Masters, and dominates him to the extent that he is out of the match, and we are down to the 5 of them. Masters looks to be going for a feud with RVD then, which Iím not too keen on myself, but it could be done well. Mercury pins RVD, taking the star of the match so far out of it, and leaving us with 4. Carlito and Mercury then have some good action in the match, and this does seem to a feature of the match, that 2 people will wrestle until 1 is eliminated, and them someone enters the match. Superplex off the top is enough to see off Mercury, which may be a bit weak, but to be honest, I donít mind it, as it is still a high impact move. 2 on 1 on Carlito, and he is going to have to fight the handicap now if he is to win the title. Some great stuff between these 3, before Doane double crosses Nitro and nails him with the leg drop, taking him out of the match. Melina will now be the key figure, as the winner will all depend on whether she sides with Doane. Nitro and Melina get taken down, only for Carlito to hit the backcracker, and he is the new champion, which is good to see. Good match here, and the mid card is a strong point on this show at the moment. Looks as if Melina will be staying with Nitro after slapping Doane across the face, which is good to see, and that should be the next feud

JBL comes out, and it looks like he has a complaint about why he lost his match earlier, and that was something that I didnít spotÖ as you didnít write about that in the match I see. Austin comes out, far too quickly for my liking, as there was no hype at all towards this. Big returns need a lot of hype, or be a total surprise, but this was a hybrid really, and didnít work as well. Canít fault the promo really, as Austinís speech was done well, but maybe JBL should have got a few more words in. Looks like Austin is back full time, which should be entertaining, but not quite sure where he fits on the roster. Anyway, this should be a nice feud to go with the promo, but the idea behind the promo didnít work I felt

Edge has Vince on his side, but somehow HBK is going to overcome the odds, maybe with the help of a certain HHH

Orton vs. Flair was a pretty decent match, and the way it went down was interesting, with Orton able to match the work of Flair, making him look as if he could be the next legend, which does a lot for Orton. Flair though does seem to have enough to make a comeback, only for him to be nailed with a mid air RKO, which has to be enough, but Flair gets the shoulder up. Maybe doesnít help the move really, as a mid air RKO should be enough to finish off Flair, even though there was a gap. Flair though gets in the figure four leg lock, but Orton manages to make it to the ropes and keep the match alive, as Orton nails another RKO< but he lets Flair get up, wanting to finish him off a different way. He goes for the texas cloverleaf, which is nice to see that you have given to him, but he gets the ropes, but another RKO is enough for the match to end, and Orton gets the win. Good match here, which does a lot for Orton with him coming out of this looking very strong, and Flair put in a good performance as well

Nice tag match for tomorrow night I guess, and it will be interesting to see who wins the beltÖ based on who is in the match, you could do with maybe 1 more face tag team

AAE and Umaga call out Foley, in what should be an interesting segment. Some okay stuff from Foley, but he can do better, but the match that comes out of this will be good. AAE was on form here, and then so was Umaga once the unsanctioned brawl began, and some brilliant stuff from Umaga, getting him over as a big monster again after the destruction he put down on Foley. Donít expect to see him for quite a while now, but he will be back to face Umaga

Benoit vs. Taker now, and this will be a good match, and is a feud that at some point I would like to see the WWE do. Benoit goes straight for the crossface, but Taker shows that he can wrestle, and he gets out of it, and this could be a recurring theme of the match by the looks of things. Benoit shows that he can wrestle with Taker, and the germans followed by the northern lights was some good stuff, and this has been a very good match so far. Benoit locks in the sharpshooter, but Taker gets out of it and nails the chokeslam, but Benoit gets out of that. Some good near falls here, and although this match is definitely beig rushed, it does make sense with them having wrestled tonight already. Benoit finally gets in the crossface, but Taker gets to the ropes, and a tombstone is enough to get the win, and Taker is the new number 1 contenderÖ and that is good to see, and his match with HBK should be a good one. This match was possibly MOTN, but the fact it was short doesnít help it. Would love to see a rematch down the line, where they go for 20+ minutes

Main event time, and Iím pretty sure that at some point this is going to turn into a gimmicked match, with run ins to help Edge get the title back, but hopefully it wont be too overbooked. Fast counts from Vince are going to happen then, and this will be good to see, as the odds are heavily stacked. Edge runs into the steel, but it isnít too long before he is back in control, as nothing HBK can do is working tonight, and he seems to be too distracted by Vince as the referee. Moonsault should be enough, but the very slow count means Edge kicks out, and this is starting to piss HBK off. Edgecator is locked in, but even though HBK gets the ropes, he doesnít have to release it. Nice heel tactics here, which is nice to see. Shocked to see the kick out of the spear, even with the fast count, as it kind of buries the move a bit. SCM should be it, but Vince stops the count, and that means there is no way that he can win without Vince being knocked out. Looks as if Edge and Vince are going for the concerto, but out comes HHH, and he nails the pedigree to Vince, removing himÖ SCM to Edge, and it is over, and HBK keeps the title. Good match here, but the ending felt a bit flat and lacklusture, with the HHH arrival having to happen, but somehow just not feeling right. Good to see Taker come out to end the show after the DX stuff, and it looks as if you are going straight into the next feud
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