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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

WWE Unforgiven - September 24, 2006 – Review
~ A really good video package to start the show off, highlighting some main feuds for the show tonight.
Rating: 9/10

Match #1
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Chris Benoit
Winner of Match Faces Victor of Taker/Show for #1 Contendership

~ A very exciting match to kick off the show. It was a great and intense wrestling contest between Benoit and JBL. However, the pace of the match really bored me at some times and the match itself was shaky at some times. Length was too short in my opinion. But seeing that you gotta keep everything in your given timeslot, so that’s really not a problem. Benoit, in the end takes the victory and advances in the tourney, so that he has to face the winner of ‘Taker and Show later on tonight.
Rating: 8/10

~ Orton’s promo was a decent one. You captured his character well, got him right on the spot, and it also hyped his match with Flair later on. So, full marks here.
Rating: 10/10

Match #2
Mickie James© vs. Trish Stratus
Women’s Championship

~ Didn’t really like the start up of the match with the collar and elbow tie up because you already did that in the first match. Felt really ‘meh’ about this match because I couldn’t really find the excitement factor in this match-up. However, wrestling wise, it was decent. Flow of the match was also decent. You really showed Mickie like a true psychotic girl by dominating Trish at almost every part of the match. Mickie retaining the title doesn’t surprise me.
Rating: 6/10

~ Hmm, glad to see you hyping the No Mercy pay-per-view, in a decent way.
Rating: 7/10

~ What? Steve? ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin? Oh hell yeah!

Match #3
The Big Show (w/Paul Heyman) vs. The Undertaker
Winner faces Chris Benoit for #1 Contendership

~ Match started off nicely with Big Show really dominating The Undertaker. Match’s pace picked-up and really became entertaining in the mid and the last part of the match. ‘Taker eventually coming back and winning the match was a nice touch. However, I just can’t see ‘Taker connecting the Last Ride to Big Show. That’s a bit unrealistic to me OR you can say that it’s hard for me to imagine. A highly entertaining match, but wrestling wise, it was once again just decent, not best.
Rating: 7/10

~ The Rated R Army doesn’t really entertain me to be honest. Why not just re-unite MNM and make Ken Doane as Kenny Dykstra. And throw Masters in the Intercontinental Division? Ken kissing Melina on the cheek was a nice touch though. Nitro must be pissed off, lol.
Rating: 7/10

~ Hmm, a really good segment here with Alfonso and Rob Van Dam. RVD was great with the microphone and he made the promo really entertaining.
Rating: 9/10

Match #4
Johnny Nitro© vs. Joey Mercury vs. Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam vs.
“The Phenomenal” Ken Doane vs. “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters
Intercontinental Championship
Six Pack Elimination Challenge

~ Great action to start off until we see the last of Chris Masters, who gets eliminated by the fan favorite, Rob Van Dam. Rob Van Dam is eliminated next, thanks to Chris Masters. And I must add that Masters eliminated Rob Van Dam illegally. Carlito finally enters the ring. And that’s not cool. You just made him stay at the corner and let everyone wrestle, and just after two elimination, he’s in. Not cool. Just to let you know, it is called an Enzuiguiri, not Enzugiri. Thought I’d tell you. Anyway, I didn’t like how Mercury got eliminated from the match. Carlito Superplexes Mercury and Ken tags in Carlito from behind and comes in and pins Mercury? Not working. I think I’ve never seen someone getting pinned from the Superplex. Ken and Nitro fighting each other is really a nice touch and the look on Melina’s face is priceless. Wow, Melina hits the title belt to Nitro and there we gotta have ourselves a new IC Champion! Who’s gonna be? Carlito? Ken? Let’s find out. Wow, the entertainment even rises more as Carlito wins the title! Solid match.
Rating: 9/10

~ Just to tell you, I am loving the Kenny/Nitro/Melina situation. You got a good storyline there. Oh no! I thought Melina would turn on Nitro, but instead, she slaps Ken and there we got ourselves a new feud.

~ A really great and exciting promo you got here. But JBL coming out again, hmm, didn’t really like it. Maybe you should have wait to do this at RAW. But anyway, Stone Cold making his return was great. And there we got our new feud, JBL vs. Stone Cold, which will have amazing moments.
Rating: 9/10

~ Vince McMahon cuts a very good speech against HBK. Vince McMahon and HBK are not definitely on a same page, so HBK has to work it really hard. I’d love to see Austin coming in the end to save HBK, but I doubt it’ll happen. Maybe another referee would come up to make a clear call. Good promo.
Rating: 9/10.

Match #5
Ric Flair vs. Randy Orton
Legend vs. Legend Killer

~ Flair starts the match nicely doing his taunts, slicking his hairs when Orton was gonna come in for the lock-up. However, I really hated when they both did a collar and elbow tie up because overall in this show, I have only seen you doing this type of submission maneuver, which is really bad. Orton finally places Flair in a side headlock, and that’s fine. And for the third time in this match, collar and elbow tie up submission happens, which, once again I hated. And then the fourth time… oh gawd! However, I loved the disrespect to each other in the earlier part of the match-up. I know that Flair is a wild chopper but the chops were used too much in my opinion. You definitely made over usage of moves here, specially the RKO (three times) and the chops (way too many times). The match’s pace was really slow, which really bored me, and I didn’t like it that much. But anyway, hopefully this feud ends and Orton can get back to the main feuds.
Rating: 6/10

~ I am glad that you have teamed up Reigns and Jindrak. I also liked them when they were working with Angle few years ago. Reigns was really nice in this promo. Jindrak, well, he tried to be a nice guy. And a nice match for RAW, I’ll be looking forward to it.
Rating: 8/10

~ Well, you captured Armando well. I loved him in this promo. Foley was however a bit off to be honest. And that damn brutal mess after the promo was just superb. You really made Umaga look like a true monster here on RAW. I guess Foley will have to come back to further this feud, or maybe this was just to get Umaga over as a monster. I guess I’ll find out.
Rating: 8/10

Match #6
Chris Benoit vs. The Undertaker
#1 Contender’s Match for shot at the WWE Championship

~ Hmm, the match really starts in a fast-paced way, which I am really loving. Just to let you know, ‘Taker’s leg drop at the apron is called a Guillotine Leg Drop. I just can’t imagine Benoit switching positions from ‘Taker’s Tombstone. Benoit kicking out from the Chokeslam was a nice touch. A really exciting match overall. However, I just didn’t like the finish. Excitement factor was killed in the finish. Yah, I love exciting finishes. But anyway, the match itself, excluding the finishing part, was really great, exciting. And wrestling wise, it was worth reading too.
Rating: 8/10

Match #7
“Rated R Superstar” Edge (w/Lita) vs. “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels©
WWE Championship
Main Event

~ Lol, once again you used the collar and elbow tie up. And I will definitely take off a mark for this one. Over usage of moves at every match isn’t really well. This match was just decide. Match’s pace was slow some times, but then after it got slow, it picked-up well. In the end, there was a really great surprising package for us. Triple H, I mean, who saves Shawn Michaels.
Rating: 8/10

Overall Scores
  • ~ In promos, you got yourself 76/90 = 84% = B.
  • ~ In matches, you got 52/70 = 74% = C.
  • ~ In total, you got 128/160 = 80% = B.

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