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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

ddmrko's Unforgiven Review

Opening video - absolutely stunning, captured the magnitude of the event greatly, and the use of the hourglass and time was very nicely done. The blending of several feuds into this opening package really set the scene to what promises to be a great show

JBL vs Benoit - Great opening matchup, both men using their abilities and a very well written match that kept drawing in suspense. The finish of the end with a typical JBL fight out of submission but Benoit finally getting the tapout was a highlight

The Randy Orton promo was beautifully done, typical Randy promo, set up the Flair/Orton match later on perfectly

Mickie vs Trish was a matchup I'd been looking forward to after reading your BTB since Summerslam, and I must say this match was great, with both women kicking out of each other's finishing moves, the action going back and forth, well balanced commentary, and of course, Mickie winning was a great touch. Hope this feud continues in some form

The No Mercy preview was done almost as good as the opening video package, and this refreshes and enforces the focal point of Angle/Batista II wish should be a great contest. You are truely gifted when it comes to promos

Benoit walking through backstage and sees 'Steve.' Could this be....

Big Show vs Undertaker was the typical contest here, big athletic man vs big slow man. To me the match lagged on a bit, but the finish was very memorable and I remember seeing that happen on TV. Very smart way to have the contest finish

The Rated R Army promo further elevated the tension between Doane and Nitro, something that tells me Melina is doing the dirty behind Nitro's back. Great work. But this promo was overshadowed by the marvellous promo for RVD, and including Fonzy gave me a nostalgic feeling back to the glory days of ECW where RVD was the man. I'll reiterate that your promos are phenomenal

The IC 6-pack challenge was a very long, interesting event filled match, and was enjoyable. The way you had RVD eliminated was great, sets up for a feud between he and Masters. Also, I would of thought the champ should of been one of the last two guys, but his elimination made the match even more intriguing, and to my surprise Carlito got the win, I thought for sure Kenny would of won. The post match deal with Melina still makes me think that something is going on between them two, look forward to Raw for further development on this story

OMG! Not only is Rock back on SD, but Austin is now back on Raw. Again this promo with JBL was fantastic and took me back to the old days Austin with the WHATS and so on. Great to see he is back for Raw on BTB. The addition of humour (with the phonecall) and also acknowledging a hatred of Vince fuels the Austin character

Typical Vince promo with Edge, sets the later match up to basically be a screw job. To me Edge is gonna get the gold back

Orton vs Flair was alot better than expected, and seeing Orton outcheat and out-technique Naitch was well written, and Orton gained the expected victory. But I have to wonder what is next for Orton.

Announcement of the tag team title match was done well, with Jindrak playing the cooler head, but these guys need a manager of some sort to talk for them. I can't picture Jindrak taking on such a vital speaking role

Umaga calling out Foley, and then leaving a path of destruction was very well written, and gave me great pleasure to read (being an Umaga fan). With Foley having destroyed Umaga, and now Umaga returning the favour, something tells me a match between these two won't be far off, and when they do lockup, I hope it's a Hardcore match of some kind, and will look forward to it. Having Foley carried out on a stretcher added to the effect of the beatdown.

Benoit/Taker was a little shorter than their first matches, but still provided great back and forth action, with Benoit going so close, yet so far before Taker got the win. Benoit showed his fighting spirit, but Taker showed his own, and prevails. Nice work again.

OMG what a match. Vince's one-sided refereeing was written superbly, but I would of expected a few more fast counts and some no counting of HBK's attempts at all. I knew HHH would have some involvement, but the way he became involved was truely a highlight and a surprise, not the typical finish you would expect. But one question lingers here, where was the Rated R Army to help Edge out? Would of added something if they tried to keep Edge in the match as well

And then the gong, and the story is set, HBK vs Taker. With both being huge faces, I wonder how this can be booked successfully, and look forward to seeing it transpire, and I can see Taker winning the title somehow

Phenomenal. Summed up in one word really, well worth the 45 minutes it took me to read, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, and with the efforts of Unforgiven, I'm looking forward to No Mercy even more now. ddm, or 'Mac' (if I'm able to call you that) you truely deserve all the accilades you receive for this, it is truely a privilege to read, and you are doing a wonderful job. Hopefully your excellence rubs off onto me and if I can get my BTB to be a quarter of your standard, I'll be a very happy man

Repped for a great event
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