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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Unforgiven Review

The opening was great. The commentators added to the show really well, and the opening video was excellent.

JBL v Benoit: Wonderful way to start the show. I thought this match told a great story, and it was exciting to read. Disappointed to see Benoit get the victory in the end, as I love the way you do JBL. I liked the finish though, as it ensures that the feud will continue past this match. Hope there's more matches to come between these two, possibly with a title involved.

Good promo with Orton. In character from the start, which put over his match with Flair nicely. Good stuff.

Mickie v Trish: Women’s matches always duds in my opinion, but this one was fairly enjoyable. Trish and Mickie make great rivals.

The No Mercy promo was amazing. Perfectly timed. How do you do those wonderful posters?

Big Show v Undertaker: Nice match; one that told a story. Realistically short because these two guys can't go that long anymore. I liked the ending with the 500 pound Last Ride, as 'Taker never really comes across as that strong. Good match overall, but both face victories for Taker and Benoit?

Nice stuff with the backstage segment with the Rated R Army. I can see potential troubles for Nitro and Doane.

The 6 pack challenge was amazing; this kind of matches are my personal favourite and you stacked it with killer performers. RVD getting eliminated so early was a surprise, but he had already eliminated Masters which makes him look good and was pinned after a chair shot. RVD/Masters rivalry brewing? The Doane and Nitro conflict was fairly obvious but a good way to break them down. I was surprised to see Doane eliminate Nitro but I was kind of expecting Carlito to win following RVD's exit. Great match. MOTN so far!

Stone Cold/JBL, without a doubt the biggest excitement thus far. The JBL promo was cool, but Austin was a total shock. Please tell me you’re not building towards an Austin/Bradshaw feud, because I was hoping for JBL to get into the title scene with Benoit. The commentary was good, you handled JR really well.

The Edge/McMahon promo plants the seeds of doubt for the Main Event. What will Vince do? Though I'm still expecting and 'heroic' HBK victory.

Orton v Flair was a wonderful match and the right man won. Flair refusing to go down had me worried for a moment, which is a great skill of yours. Flair was like a real brawler. Excellent match. Your Randy Orton is really becoming the Legend Killer he promises to be.

Quick segment for Raw. Decent.

Umaga destroys a hardcore legend! Loved it! Excellent use of power moves here! This not only furthers the image of the Samoan Bulldozer but also would bring him and AAE some serious heel heat for destroying Foley. Great stuff.

Benoit v Undertaker, hindered slightly by them both being faces, but 'Taker's status is always a little dubious anyway. Exciting match. Benoit comes across as the underdog which really gets me rooting for him. Taker wins, but Benoit does not seem weak at all. Great match again. Would like to see a rivalry between these two involving JBL and the title.

Edge v Michaels. Obviously Michaels was going to win, and I thought that HHH might pop up at some point,BUT NOT LIKE THAT!. I was expecting a more predictable outcome, but you really kept me going. Where was the 2nd referee, I kept asking myself, but no. Excellent finish to the match, which probably continues the feud with DX vs. the Rated-R Army a possibility. McMahon will still have a part to play no doubt.

In conclusion, an excellent show. Good grammar, good punctuation and good structure. You made it nice and easy to read and really showed your skill as a storyteller. Very well done mate. Great stuff.

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