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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Ddmrko’s Unforgiven review:

The opening video served it’s purpose hyping the show and it was actually a very entertaining video imo, good job already.

Then the opening contest, Chris Benoit vs. JBL a sure to be great match, and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. And it sure didn’t disappoint, no sir . A very technically based match, and I can’t say I’m not a fan of those kinds of matches. The match had it fair share of spots too though, still making it a very interesting read for a varied public. JBL taps out after a minute or two struggling to get out of the Crippler’s crossface, very good job on this match!

*Solid Randy promo right here that captured his heel persona well, good job.*

Wow, very solid Women’s Title match! I always enjoy a well written women’s match and yours was indeed a very well written match. You managed to keep the suspense up with a lot of near falls and both women kicking out of their respective signature moves. But Mickie gets the win after all, good job yet again.

Nice hype-up video of Angle-Tista II, this should be a classic, cause truth be told, in BTB, Batista can be made good!

That wasn’t…that couldn’t be? Oh it’s Stone Cold alright!

Now the next contest is going to be hard. You’ve got Taker, one of the biggest legends, you’ve got Show the biggest athlete, but not that good in the ring. To top that, Heyman is in Show’s corner! I have no idea who’ll pick up the win, but I hope this’ll be an action packed match! Wow, amazing how good of a contest you managed to pull out of these two! Show dominated most of the match even hitting two signature moves! But Taker overcomes the odds and nails him with the Last Ride to advance to the finals. Taker/Benoit should be a classic!

Rated R Army? Sounds catchy but Rated R-my would’ve worked better imo . Good promo though and I have to believe one of them will win the title tonight.

I can honestly say I have no clue who bill alfonso is . And it looks like RVD has developed some sort of new character? Well, it suits him well tbh, so I don’t mind. Good promo

A six-pack elimination match, involving THOSE superstars, that can only mean one hell of a match! Well the first part of it was already full of action, with Masters being the first one to get eliminated! And then Masters goes wild with the steel chair and RVD is eliminated! Great spot! The match goes on for a good while between Carlito and Mercury who seem to have some sort of chemistry. But then Doane takes advantage of the Superplex, wonderful! Great way for Mercury to get eliminated as we’re down to the last three! The match starts to get really interesting as all three men kick out of near pin falls. And then we get down for some dirty work. Melina wants to hit Carlito with the title, but hits Nitro instead! Doane, being the opportunist that he is, takes advantage and nails both men with his signature leg drop, eliminating Nitro! There WILL be a new champion, but who’ll it be? Doane takes out Nitro and Melina but is met with the Backcracker! And Carlito wins as it’s all over! Carlito’s the champ and I can honestly say I never saw it coming!
Oh and it looks like there’ll be a face turn for Melina and Nitro. A nice Doane-Nitro feud seems to be in the making and I can’t say I’m not excited about that .

BY GAWD, KING, STONE COLD, STONE COLD, STONE COLD! He’s back, and I love it. Best promo of the night so far, without a doubt. The searching for his middle finger was hilarious! Now I only wonder what’s in store next, for the rattle snake?

Good promo by Vinnie Mac(no pun intended ) as well. He seems to call it down the middle, but he’ll always be a Mcmahon and everything points into the direction of Edge winning the match!

And now the legend vs. legend killer and you’ll have to believe Flair won’t be taking this one.
Wow Orton amazes me with keeping up with Flair on the technical part, but surpassing him on the cheating part! . This match was better than I expected and I salute you for it. Orton hits the RKO but he lets go of the lateral press?! And then the Texas Cloverleaf, surely Naitj will submit! BUT HE REACHES THE ROPES! Flair is still in this one, but is met with the RKO. Orton gets the expected victory. Good match.

A match for Raw being made on a PPV? Rare, but it’s going to be a good match, so I’ll let it be this one time .

Oh My God! Breath-taking, simply breath-taking promo right here. Umaga PWNS Foley, those two retards and mister no-pop! Umaga stabs Duggan in the throat with a broken piece of wood? THAT’S VIOLENT! And three Samoan Spikes and a Powerbomb through the announce table later, Foley is left a broken man and Umaga stands tall. Oh my god, simply…wow!

Taker-Benoit, like I said before this should be a classic! And it was a classic, a pure beauty…for what it lasted . I expected a 15-20 minute match out of these two to be honest and I’m a tad bit disappointed these two only went for 12 minutes. Apart from that I enjoyed every read of this, a technically sound match-up between two of the best ever! And Taker gets the win, becoming the new number one contender. And now I can only wonder if he’ll indeed make his way to the top once again…

MOTN MOTN, without a doubt! Terrific contest from a wrestling point of view and an entertainment point of view! This match got me hooked from minute one to minute eighteen and I have to take my hat off for you, WELL DONE! Mcmahon is consistently on Edge’s side, but suddenly there’s Triple H to even the odds! But Michaels gets the victory with Mcmahon down and out this has to continue tomorrow night on Raw!

And there’s Taker! Ooh babeh, I can’t wait for their encounter whenever it is (I presume Survivor Series)!

Overall : GREAT SHOW! I can hardly name bad things about this Pay per view but a sort of major flaw was the length of the number one contender’s match. You had one terrific match, the main event, and two awesome promos, filled up with good to great matches and promos.
Really, man, kudos to you for producing a top-class show, keep up the good work!
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