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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Unforgiven Review

The opening was great. The commentators put the show over well, and I enjoyed the opening video bit.

JBL v Benoit: Awesome start the show. I thought this match told a great story, and it was very easy to read. Good to see Benoit get the victory in the end. I liked the finish, as it pretty much guarantees that the feud will continue for a little while longer.

Great promo with Orton. Very much in character, put over his match with Flair well.

Mickie v Trish: I’m not a big fan of women’s matches, but I have to admit I enjoyed this one. I dare say the feud will continue out of this one as well,

The No Mercy promo was great, but I thought you might have saved it till a bit later in the show, but none the less, it was awesome.

Big Show v Undertaker: Good match, another one that told a great story, but I was expecting it to be longer than what it was. I enjoyed the ending with the last ride and it was good that you made Taker to look so strong. Good match in the end, looking forward to Taker v Benoit.

I’m not sure about the backstage segment with the Rated R Army. Just furthered the Nitro/Doane situation.

I absolutely loved the promo with RVD and Fonzie. Best part of the show thus far. They were both in character; it was so simple that it was great!

The 6 pack challenge was absolutely brilliant. I was shocked to see RVD get eliminated so early, but he didn’t come out of it looking weak which is good. The Doane/Nitro situation obviously escalated which is cool, I loved that, and I was surprised to see Carlito win, as I was expecting Doance to pick up the win. Great match. MOTN so far!

Stone Cold/JBL, definitely the biggest shock thus far. Didn’t expect that. The JBL promo was great, but Austin, woah, was not expecting him there, I was waiting for him at some stage, but this was great. Please tell me you’re building towards an Austin/Bradshaw feud. The commentary here was tops too, with JR very much in chaacter.

The Edge/McMahon promo gets you wondering what Vince will do in the Main Event, looks like Michaels will pull out an underdog type victory here.

Orton v Flair was yet another great match. I loved how it took heaps for Randy to beat Naitch. Flair’s fighting nature is put over to great effect here. Great match, with Orton further establishing the Legend Killer gimmick.

Quick plug for Raw tomorrow night, fair enough.

Umaga beats the crap out of the hardcore legend, with some brutal power moves and some hardcore moves too. The definitely strengthens Umaga’s character, having him beat the crap out of a bloke that’s taken some severe beatings in the past and walked out of them, but then have Umaga beat the fuck out of him, with Foley getting taken out on a stretcher, was great!

Benoit v Undertaker, perhaps tarnished by what happened with Umaga and Foley. Great match. Benoit showing his true fighting spirit. Taker goes over, but Benoit goes close plenty of times with a few near falls. Great match again, good chemistry between the two. Would like to see them shape off again.

Edge v Michaels. Well I expected Michaels to win, and I expected Hunter to interfere, but not in that sort of fashion. I was expecting it to be more predictable than that. I was guessing that a 2nd referee would come in, but no. Big finish to the match, probably continues the feud and McMahon will definitely have plenty to say about it on Raw. I surprised that Vince didn’t make many fast counts during the match either.

Over all, great show man, the 6 pack challenge definitely my favourite. Very well done, very well structured and very easy to read. Well-done mate.
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