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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Don't post much anymore, but I still read the BTB's. I am going to begin reviewing peoples just to lend a hand because I have read enough of them to know what is good and what isn't good. I hope you like the review, and I hope it helps!

Ddmrko’s Smackdown Review

Cena/Kennedy Promo: Wow this was an incredibly well written promo, with the typical attitude of Cena. He acts so nonchalant, until he gives Kennedy a much deserved FU. The dialogue was well written and the promo was well established. I like the idea of having both superstars in between heel and face, makes for an interesting feud.

Hardy vs. Chavo: A good match here to say the least, and it ended with Hardy continuing on with his heel character. You sold the heel a bit too easily I think, perhaps a cheap victory such as a low blow. Then at the end of the match (seeing as Chavo is a face) have Hardy beat the living hell out of him and bring some weapons in. Maybe smash around a ladder a bit, something within his repertoire. Still a well written match right here, and very developing for future events.

King’s Court Promo: Okay so I see where this is going, King Booker will soon become Booker T once again. What has influenced him to start changing though? Perhaps I am wrong but you definitely tried to enhance his using of the word, ‘dig.’ I also sense that this court is going to be no more, perhaps after the Battle Royal tonight?

Hardy/Rey Promo: Again a nice way to work on the heel Hardy. I thought that in this segment the dialogue was mediocre, but steady nonetheless. A very nicely written segment here with a great way to encourage Hardy as a heel.

Shelton Benjamin vs. London: Kind of a useless summary IMO. I spotted a very costly spelling mistake in the last sentence which really through me off, but it was a great back and forth match. Shelton should have won with a T-Bone or a holding-the-tights roll-up.

Rock/Triple H promo: Hmmm…something struck me as odd in this segment. The feuds that are all taking place within the members of the Battle Royal are beginning to intertwine as it seems. I know that seeing as there will be 20 men in the ring they are all kind of against one another, but not deserving of individual feuds. Still a nicely written segment here, The Rock was in great character, as was Triple H.

Daniels vs. Sabin: Well no real hype up to Daniels’ debut match. Perhaps a few lines on the mic before or after the match but okay, we’ll see where you go with this. Great feud, and a great match. I want to see these two fight it out many more times, as I am sure they can put on one hell of a show at a PPV. Another cheap sell at a heel at the end of the match, with the evil glare, but heel antics are hard to write.

Contract Signing: Batista was given good heat, and Angle a good pop. These two men can probably put on one hell of a match, and this segment was written very well. Until the end with an out of place line…it wasn’t all that necessary to have that line, but the impact made by Batista was insane. This is going to be very interesting, I can’t wait to see how this feud plays out.

Battle Royal: I hate reviewing Battle Royals because they are too long, but to sum it up this was well written. Not so sure if I wanted The Rock to win but obviously it is important to the Rock/Booker feud. I liked this match and it was easily MOTN.

Overall: I really like your writing style, you have good mechanics, and the promos are strong. I give you a solid, 92/100. Sorry if my review isn’t helpful and is one of those, ‘omfg you are da best,’ reviews, but I think you are pretty damn good!

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