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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Cena kicks off the show, and looks to still be getting the 50/50 treatment from the fans. Abruptly interrupted by Kennedy, and these two going at it has the makings of an excellent feud. Kennedy was really on form here, getting into the head of Cena, telling him heíd been surpassed. Kennedy to potentially face Kane Iíd say is doubtful, as the makings are definitely there for Cena to face Kennedy. Really exciting feud in the making here.

Victory for Hardy Ö a clean one at that too, keeps Hardy looking good, as he slowly continues his heel turn, refusing a hand shake. Looking forward to seeing when Hardy finally officially turns heel.

Liking the idea of Finlay vs. Triple H. Could be a potentially great match up if done the right way. Dissention between Bookah and Finlay too is likely to set up a break away for Finlay.

Hardy continues to get the push towards heeldom. Dropping in an expletive didnít seem necessary, as there are better ways of venting anger than just swearing.

London vs. Benjamin has to be awesome. Benjamin & Helms does seem like quite a random pairing, but a good one none the less. Chances are I just missed how they joined up together, but does seem like just a random tandem. Expected Shelton to win, and the match is now set for No Mercy. Big tag title match, thatíll no doubt deliver.

Terrific jibes back and forth from The Rock and Triple H. With the way these two are being booked at the moment, I think an eventual showdown will have to happen at some point down the road. At the moment they are on the same side, but itís a very uneasy alliance, if it even is that. Excellent all round promo.

Nice switch up for a debuting superstar to lose his first match. Normally it would be seen as a bad thing, but with Daniels, you know heíll still be booked strongly. This loss was definitely for a reason, and I expect these two to feud for quite some time.

Contract signing now. Batista - who has been booked tremendously recently - wants to get right to action here, undressing for the contract signing, lol. Another f-word?? How often have you seen it happen once on television?? Let alone twice on one show. Really, ruined a great promo from Batista. Great back and forth exchange from Angle and Batista, setting the stage for what should be a terrific re-match. I have a feeling this will get a gimmick strapped onto it, but really, I donít think it needs it. Maybe just giving No DQ on the night of the show, but a rematch built as well as this wouldnít need a big gimmick. Nice ending too, with Batista sending a message to Kurt, bombing Long through the table!! Awesome segment, marred by the f word.

Surprised to see some of the jobber guys last as long as they did. Funaki getting eight minutes to survive?? Interesting. Then, Chavo gets sent out by Hardy, giving Matt a double win over Chavo tonight. Lashley looks strong, overcoming Kane, then getting rid of Regal. Hardy gets Mysterio out too, as his imminent heel turn is pretty much complete. Kane then is put out by a teaming of HHH and The Rock, who also rid the ring of Hardy!!!

Surprised it was Finlay eliminating Kennedy and not Cena, although KK continues that particular feud, and screws Cena out of the match. Long period before Lashley is eliminated, with Bobby getting a great run. The Court then toss out The Game, but Bookah double crosses Finlay, leaving it to two, and itís The Rock who wins.

Short and sweet announcement from The Rock, and itĎs on for No Mercy, with King Bookah to face The Rock.

Enjoyable show, certainly had a big show feel to it, and I'd say right now Smackdown has slightly more going for it, at least in terms of big name storylines, than Raw, although the mid card on Raw is slightly more interesting than SD. Both shows are looking incredibly strong though as of late, and hopefully this keeps up.
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