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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Deadman_014's Raw Review

Mr. McMahon Promo: Ah very good start to the show, the promo was ok but you got a big match planned for tonight, and a big match planned for Unforgiven in the process. Though I don't enjoy all the referee stipulations with special referee's, still a very interesting 2 matchs were going to see with Tonight and Unforgiven, hopefully you don't cut HBK a short title reign like a month, because that would damage the title a bit good start to the show bud.

Rated R Army Promo: Good promo here, though I would of rather seen Edge the leader making a few statements at least, but meh its alright Lita sucks though in this lol. Doane & Melina are probably going to cause the end of the Rated R Army eventually if they "hook up" lmao......

Nitro vs RVD: Good start to the show match wise, Nitro doesn't win RVD does, but you keep the title on Nitro for now which is good, it will be interesting where you take this feud that you've set up right now, I can really see the lower ranks of the Rated R Army breaking apart in the next few months with this current storyline, good aftermath as well.

McMahon & JBL Promo: Decent promo, JBL wouldn't hang his head and leave though after being rejected he would complain and moan, besides that solid promo here in the end, JBL was good for the most part besides almost leaving with his head between his tail, going to be huge draft picks from Smackdown I am sure to come, or we might have a joker come in for JBL, and someone big for Big Show or vice versa looks like a good situation though very interesting indeed.....

Mickie James vs Maria: Since its the Women's Title, and your a Mickie mark, she'll never lose the title lol. Squash here for Mickie, I don't really enjoy the women's division, especially copy catting in a way the women's division with Trish & Mickie went while they were feuding, anyways ok contest I don't find most if any women's matchs anything special though.

Striker vs Haas: Didn't feel the point to talk about that promo with Reigns & Jindrak way to short, ok match here, Striker steals a nice win here in the end, I was hoping to see Haas win but Striker does, I like both men it will be interesting where you take this.

Shawn Michaels vs Shelton Benjamin: Ah this was a good match, Benjamin gets a big win and a nice push win with this win here. Vince comes out in the DX stuff, with the fake beard and all, I can easily see HHH helping or screwing HBK at Unforgiven, leading to a cross brand feud of sorts, good match here Edge screws HBK figures, very predictable wonder when you plan to announce the draft picks......

Estrada Interview: I really don't like this idea, Umaga vs Foley would just suck lmao, Umaga isn't amazing and Foley needs a good opponent and he should be heel not a face with this and even if he is a heel, thats even worse in this feud. Umaga vs Foley in a No Hold Barred match for sure at Unforgiven not going to be happy though with it....

Main Event: Very good main event, your making up I see for the SummerSlam you thought wasn't anywhere near as good as you thought, with Unforgiven and some solid Raws. Solid end to the show, Benoit and JBL is a solid match with Benoit a solid pick, and damn The Undertaker on Raw thats cool though both Benoit vs JBL, and Show vs Undertaker are way to overdone, as well as HBK vs Edge, and James vs Trish still good stuff, though its a very none unigue or original PPV because of it, but a good one probably in the end with JBL vs The Undertaker probably the final.

The show was good in the end bud, I hope to see you reviewing Smackdown its up you know that though lol, Raw was solid this week 81/100 a good show nothing great though good though later bud....
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