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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Hey man. Sorry it took so long to review. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy.

HBKicon Reviews Summerslam:

Six Man Tag: Great match to start things off on SS. I enjoyed this match with the mid carders mostly in this match. I lvoed how all the fueds were drawn together and the match itself was really good. Shelton and RVD had great interaction and it was a great win for RVD. Also, MNM facing eachother was a good thing. Nice work.

Rey/Hardy Promo: Decent promo. A little too short and maybe out of charecter. Anyway, the match should be great and a heel turn from Matt maybe?

Benoit vs. Henry: Nice match from SD! here. I love how you showed Benoit's rage and aggressiveness. Henry leaving soon? A great thing here. . Anyway, Benoit picks up the deserved win and you did a great job expressing Benoit's charecter.

Flair vs. Foley: Amazing match and MOTN so far. I loved it. It was everything it was expected to be and then some. Fliar picks up a great win for him in a great match. Personally, Foley should have gone over but I'm taking nothing away from Flair. It was a great match none-the-less.

Big Show Promo: To me, it was nothing special. It just got SHow ready for his match with Rey. But the promo should have been replaced with something else.

Big SHow vs. Rey Mysertio: Decent match at best. Sorry bro, but this seemed like a match that should have stayed on SD! I like how Hardy got involved and like I said maybe a heel turn from Hardy. Overall this match seemed like a squash match. I don’t think it did much expect maybe start a Hardy/Rey fued.

Cena vs.Orton: The match was very good, considering the men involved. Just kidding. I am not a Cena or Orton hater, in fact I like both men. This match was brutal. I liked the spots it had as well as the ending, it was unexpected. My only problem is that it was to closely like the Hardcore Match earlier.

Women’s Title: I liked this match. I like diva matches and I wish Trish would have won but Mickie picking up the win is alright. Nice job.

GM's Office Promo: Sorry, but way to much of DX and Kennedy/JBL. I wasn't into this promo at all, prob because of the overuse of both teams. Anyway, can't wait until their respective matches.

JBL/Kennedy vs. Hooligans vs. Pitbulls: Nice match here. Except it reminded me a little to much of Cena/Orton and Flair/Foley. Too many spot fests. The best part of this is the new tag champs. I can't wait to see where all 3 teams go from here.

DX Promo: ANother DX promo!? I am not into this at all. Edge has gotten very very little air time with DX owning this show. Sorry but it's not for my liking.

6 Man Tag: It was an ok match. I like how you made Lashley look strong at the end. I enjoyed what you did in this match but the mystery parnter not showing up until the end was confusing. The Rock is back though and a fued with the King looks promising. Great job hyping the fued.

Rated R Army Promo: Nice promo, giving the champ some air time. it was placed too late in the show but it hyped the triple threat match. Nice work.

EDge vs. HHH vs. HBK: Great match here. I loved it. The best part is that HBK is champion! Nice work. DX splitting up is good and I see Michaels/HHH at Unforgiven? Personally, I love HBK and I am glad he is champion, but I would still have liked to see Edge retain. MOTN so far.

Kurt Angle vs. Batista: Decent match but it wasnt hyped at all. Everything seemed to focus on RAW's main event. The match itself was decent at best. Im sorry but I wasn't into this match. Tista turning heel is good and hopefully this fued continues and produces top notch matches.

Overall: 8/10. Sorry man but I wasn't all that into this show. SOme things were on, while others were off. There was some poor placement of matches and promos and you used superstars way to much. I wasn't into all the gimmick matches and lack of wrestling matches. Finally, the promos were overdone. Overall, it was a good PPV but I was expecting better. No big deal though, you are a great booker and this PPV should not bring you down at all. I am looking forward to RAW as well as Unforgiven!
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