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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

SummerSlam Review by Kennedy2.......2!!!

Great opening video package to start the show off. The pictures were a nice touch.

Match #1: Rob Van Dam, Carlito, Joey Mercury vs. The Rated R Army: 6 man tag team match to kick off the show. Great exchange between RVD and Shelton Benjamin in the beginning. The match somewhat slowed down in the middle with Masters, Nitro and Benjamin taking over. Rob Van Dam picks up the win due to the arrogance of Shelton and hit’s the Five Star Frog Splash. This was the right match to kick off the night with. Fast paced with crisp action. The only problem was the length but that’s understandable because of the stacked card. Carlito was an afterthought in this match.
Match Rating: ***/5

Rey Mysterio-Matt Hardy segment: Hardy wants Rey’s spot and Mysterio refuses to give it up. I could definitely see Hardy costing Mysterio his match with The Big Show later on tonight. A Hardy heel turn would probably be for the best.

Match #2: Chris Benoit vs. Mark Henry: Benoit dominates the opening minutes of the match with his “rabid” intensity. Henry uses his raw power and strength to make a comeback. You booked both men really well here and this feud still has some life in it. Benoit puts Henry in The Cross face and he refuses to submit but finally succumbs to the pain of Benoit’s finishing submission hold. Good match. You book Henry’s losses greatly because he never comes out looking too weak in the end. The aftermath was great. Henry keeps his bad ass character by flipping Benoit off. But Benoit makes him pay for it by trying to break his arm! Nice commentary from Tazz afterwards, explaining the injury.
Match Rating: ***/5

Triple H-Mr. McMahon: Great stuff! This was your greatest promo ever. You had both Triple H characters down. The goofy DX character and “The Game” character and you perfectly mixed them into one. The Hunter-Michaels dynamic in that match should be fascinating to watch. McMahon comes in and tries to stir things up. Great line with the diapers and “I’m not ugly.” McMahon gets the laugh last by bringing up the Montreal Screw job. Interesting stuff.

Match #3: Ric Flair vs. Cactus Jack in a Hardcore Match: Sick match. Really brutal stuff. Jack going through the table earlier was pretty good. You used the chair really well with Jack and Flair both using it in an attempt to put the match away. The Piledriver on the chair was particularly disturbing! Eventually, Flair gives Jack a brain buster through the announce table and picks up the win! That was a good finish but I think the potential finish you told me about before was better. Still a great match.
Match Rating:***¾/5

Paul Heyman promo: Decent promo from Heyman here putting over the dominance of The Big Show. I think Show has the win locked up.

Match #4: The Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio: Basically a complete squash with tiny offensive spurts from Mysterio. This wasn’t a horrible match but it was the worst of the night. Matt Hardy comes to ringside and takes Show out BUT Mysterio still cant pick up the win. Show chokeslams Mysterio off of the top rope for the win! The aftermath was really good with Hardy showing some slight frustration with Mysterio. You are booking your storylines perfectly. I may be a little biased but I think you have the best storylines on the forums (besides Da Wolf Guy). No pressure. Lol.
Match Rating: **¼/5

John Cena-Mr. Kennedy/JBL segment: This was a great promo from all three men. The intensity from Cena in the beginning was off the charts. Even your use of Maria was dead on (the cowering when Cena got upset and the dumb question.) Kennedy and JBL show up and the tag team champions are comedic gold. Kennedy and JBL completely run down Cena until he snaps. Cena takes out Kennedy but its eventually broken up. I guess we’ll see a Cena-JBL/Kennedy feud soon enough. Great segment.

Match #5: John Cena vs. Randy Orton in a First Blood match: This was another brutal match. Not as good as Jack-Flair but this had some good brawling in it. You used the weapons well and the intrigue was off the charts. Cena puts Orton in the STFU and JBL & Kennedy run to the ring. They jump Cena until The Hooligans make the save. Orton busts Cena open with the RKO on the chair and picks up the win! Damn, he beat Cena twice in two tries. You’re putting him over big time. Cena ends up cleaning house in the end, hitting FU’s on JBL and Orton before leaving. This match was a little too short. The interference worked and we now have an interbrand feud.
Match Rating: ***/5

McMahon-Shawn Michaels promo: More good stuff from Vinnie Mac tonight. Vince continues to try to split DX up. This time he uses cold hard facts. Great promo here but DX is not breaking up…not tonight at least…I don’t think.

Match #6: Triple Threat for the Women’s Championship:
Aside from TheAngle33, nobody appreciates Women’s wrestling. I do and this was a great match. Every diva came out of the match looking stronger, especially Melina. Having Melina use the Twist of Fate and the moonsault to illustrate Lita’s training was great. Mickie steals the win and the feud between Mickie and Trish will probably continue. Good match.
Match Rating: ***¾/5

Promo from Teddy Long’s office:
All around great stuff. The tag team ladder match is now a triple threat ladder match! I guess The Pit Bulls are gonna win this thing tonight.

Match #7: Triple Threat Ladder Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship: This was a complete spot fest but it was a very entertaining spot fest! The Hooligans walk away with the tag team titles. Great match and a great line from Mr. Kennedy. “Get The Tables…TABLES!”
Match Rating: ****/5

Triple H-Shawn Michaels segment:
Great promo from the two DX members here. Lots of tension and HBK cuts a heartfelt promo. That’s got to make him the favorite tonight.

Match #8: 6 Man Mystery Tag Team Match: The mystery partner cant make it in time so Lashley and Taker go at it alone. The end of the match was great as Booker just couldn’t put Lashley away. It takes a Scissors Kick, 2 Bookends and The Houston Hangover to put him away! Way to make Lashley look strong.
Match Rating:***½/5

Aftermath: All hell breaks lose! JBL, Kennedy, Big Show, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio and The Hooligans all come down to ringside. Show dominates until THE ROCK shows up and cleans house. Great promo from Rock and Booker and that feud is looking pretty good.

Rated R Army segment: I guess no one else caught the chemistry between Doane and Melina in that segment. Very interesting…

Match #9: Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship: MOTN. In fact, MOTT (Match of the Thread). Great match up. From Hunter and Michaels arguing in the beginning, to them coming to blows. Edge gets a Pedigree but then Triple H gets hit with some Sweet Chin Music! MICHAELS IS THE NEW WWE CHAMPION!
Match Rating: ****½/5

Aftermath: DX looks like their gonna break up but then they embrace. They beat the crap out of Edge and DX gets the last word.

Vince McMahon-Coachman promo: I guess someone’s going to SmackDown!

Match #10: Main Event: Kurt Angle vs. Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship: Let me start off by saying that the opening video package was sick. Absolutely great stuff. Batista and Angle go back and forth, using their different styles to gain the advantage. The ending to the match was great with them both hitting each other with everything they got. Angle wins with a jackknife cover to retain the title.
Match Rating: ****/5

Aftermath: Batista hands Angle his title BUT THEN BATISTA DESTROYS HIM! Great job not hinting at a heel turn at all as it was much more shocking that way. Great ending to a great PPV.

Definitely better than your GAB but still could have been better. Your promos were great and your storylines are FANTASTIC but your matches should be made longer. Great PPV D-Mac.
Overall: 9.1/10
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