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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

TheAngle33's Summerslam Review

Grading for Matches:

Perfect = *****
Amazing = ****
Excellent = ***
Good = **
Needs Work = *

Opening Video

Pretty solid with some nice images to start off the show.

6 Man Tag

For starters, the match flowed extremely well until the end. The brawl caused me confusion in the reading and made me stop and go over once again. Also, there wasn't much variety of moves. Lots of striking and some signature moves like the Samoan Drop for Benjamin but not enough for the match. Also, it didn't feel like 9:45. I know you went by 150 a minute but it just didn't feel that long. It could have gone even longer though, even by the 200 WPM standards. This match had potential and could have been alot better:

Rating: **

Rey/Hardy Meeting

Everyone was spot on in character and it hyped the Rey vs Big Show match. Can't wait for that to start.

Chris Beniot vs Mark Henry

A spelling error in the opening paragraph hurts the opening flow. Commentary also hurts the flow for me. Can't stand it. More spelling errors cause triple readbacks and hurt the flow. Beniot is strong as oak and all but there is no way in hell he could hit Mark Henry with a Superplex. I'm barely believing the German Suplexes on the guy. He's huge and a good match with him is almost impossible. I didn't come into this match expecting a gem but there where a bunch of errors that could have easily been fixed and made this a three star with Beniot's guidance. Luckily, this match felt more like 10 minutes. Overall, this was a pretty dissapointing bout.

Rating: *

Triple H Promo

Pretty comidic way to fill the gap between matches. This also teases the fact that D-X could break up tonight!

Ric Flair vs Cactus Jack

Jesus Christ. There was a spot in every paragraph. The match was way too short for all of these spots. It should have been around 25 with a slower pace if you wanted to keep it going. It's like they would get hit with a sick move and rise to their feet instantly to get another sick move. Brainbuster threw a table? From Flair? I don't see it happening anytime soon. I know it was a Hardcore Match but why didn't you use the Figure Four at all? You could have done something innovative for it like apply it while Cactus lies on thumbtacks. This match had the potential to be great but you rushed right on threw it and hit a spot in every paragraph.

Rating: **

Big Show Interview

You got right into Heyman's sadistic asshole character and it came out perfectly. Can't wait for Big Show vs Rey. It looks to be good.

Big Show vs Rey Mysterio

Much better! Flowed very well and hit a pretty good variety of moves. Good time for the big man/small man match and I liked the Powerbomb on the outside. Much better than what you where putting on display before.

Rating: ***

John Cena Promo

The promo was going great for you until you brought in Kennedy and JBL. Simply Cena talking would have been good enough but the Kennedy and JBL thing complicated it and made this worse.

First Blood Match

The match had a lot of potential to be great. The first part of the match was extremely well written, had excellent flow but just moved way too fast. Cena and Orton could have brawled for a lot longer. This match should have been around 20 minutes at 200 WPM. Not only was it short but I don't understand why you have JBL & Kennedy. They are a tag team with a huge match later. The ending was well done though. Could have possibly gone to four stars with a little more length.

Rating: ***

McMahon Promo

Extremely well written piece of material. It well hyped the WWE Title match tonight and added conflict between Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Will Triple H turn heel tonight? We hope...

Woman's Title Match

Great match. Perfect length for the Diva, great flow and there was a large variety of moves. One problem though, where did Victoria come in? And how didn't Nitro get Melina DQed? Excellent match otherwise.

Rating: ****

Teddy's Office

Interesting, a new star comes to Smackdown soon? Nice! King Booker was very much in character, which is good, he's funny. JBL and Kennedy are being used again?

Ladder Match

Great match. Great flow, good length, loads of spots! The spots with the tables where insane. It might not have been extremely realistic but it was still fun.

Rating: ****

DX Duo

Interesting. You're clearly trying to make us think D-X will break up... which means they won't.

Six Man Tag

Second six man tag of the night? And why didn't the partner show? The match itself was pretty good. Making it the second six man tag wasn't bright but this was better than the first. The match itself was pretty good but you oversold the strength of Lashley. It took a Scissors Kick, two Book Ends, and a Huston Hangover to beat him. Not cool, dude. Booker looked week. The aftermath was pretty cool but you used JBL and Kennedy again... The Rock's return was awesome though. His promo was also extremely well done.

Rating: ***

Rated R Army Promo

Pretty good to just fill some time.

WWE Championship

MOTN. Length was great, flow was great and realism was great. The Rated R Army looks to be a huge fraction, having them all come out during the match is foolish. It was pretty cool to see Michaels win and D-X stay together. I see Edge vs Shawn Michaels next with Triple H turning heel sometime during the feud.

Rating: ****

Batista vs Kurt Angle

My dream match is here. The main event is here! Great match. You hit most of the catagories except length. Pretty lame ending though. Jack knife pin? Shades of NWO 06. I guess it helped Batista go over the end and turn though.

Rating: ***

Overall Rating: ***

Great show!
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