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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

RKO777's Smackdown! Review

Thoughts: A good show like always. This was a great show and hope you continue doing one like this. I would say take time on writing shows seeming you did a lot in the past 2 weeks.

Realism: 6/10

Entertainment: 8/10

Length: 7/10

Colour: 8/10

Spelling/Grammar: 9/10

Sabin/Crazy: An ok match. Not the very best but it was great. I liked Sabin winning the no.1 contender but i would prefer super crazy to win it. You really gave as much detail as you can on this match. 8/10

Henry & Show/Mysterio & Benoit: Good match. I knew these two were going to win it when i read the whole match. Benoit was great and you really pushed him into a better wrestler. Big Show finishing off Mysterio was great. I didn't like the fact that Henry kept on interfering when it wasn't his turn. I liked him fighting with Benoit tho. 8.5/10

Pitbulls/London & Kendrick: Another great match. I liked the fact kennedy interfered and the pitbulls got DQ'd. I liked London & Kendrick winning this. This match has been done in almost every btb lol. Not mine thoi i think. Anyways you gave a lot of detail on this too. 8.5/10

Finlay/Lashley: Another great match. I liked the fact you put these two on the battle again. This match is very realistic and it has happened for real before. Keep this up and you will have great shows & matches. 9/10

Regal/Taker: Another good match. Taker winning is great and very obvious he would've won. I liked Regal getting pushed by having matches with main eventers and great legends like taker himself. I would think you should add a bit of entertainment to your matches. 8/10

JBL & Kennedy/Batista & Angle: A very good match indeed. I liked the fact where batista and angle got teamed up and they facing each other at SS. I liked the very end of the show and both these people will have a great fight at SS. I really didn't know who to pick as my favourite on this match because i really liked both teams. 9.5/10

Overall: Improve on making shows more entertaining and have better promos. 8/10
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