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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

HBKicon Reviews Smackdown!

Sabin vs. Crazy: Nice opening CW match. I enjoyed the fast paced action and CW's are a great way of opening a show. I'm not a fan of TNA so I hardly know Sabin but nice to see him win I guess. Nice opening match.

Angle/Batista Promo: Nice little promo, Batista is pretty arrogant. Nice job.

Pitbulls/Long Promo: Nice job here. Building up around the tag division. Nice work.

Rey/Benoit vs. Henry/Big show: Decent match. Eeven though Mysterio/benoit are bigger stars, Henry/Show had the monster advatage. Like I predicted, the Monsters get the big win...literaly.

Mr. Kennedy/JBL Promo: Nice promo. The comic relief of the show.

Tag Team match: Nice job here. I liked Kennedy and JBL on the mic but you should have used them, it would have been awesome. Anyway, I loved the shock ending, and the Triple Threat at SS should be sweet.

Helms/Sabin Promo: Maybe a match at SS? Anyway, you did good and IMO, this would be a nice match to see/read.

Booker Segment: Booker leaving? That's not cool. ANyway, nice short promo here.

Finlay vs. Lashley: Nice match here. The problem with this is that we have seen this so many times before on real tv. You did good but it just wasn't entertaining because of seeing it before.

Regal vs. Taker: Decent match here. The ending was good with Lashley saving Taker. I think you shouild have spaced theese two matches out though.

Tornado Tag Match: Nice match here but a little too short for a main event.

Overall: 8/10. IMO, space your matches out a little better ( the ones that have inteferences and such) Other then booking the order better, I like your storylines and the direction your BTB is going.

If possible review my latest RAW or my next one please?
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