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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Smackdown! Review.

Sabin vs. Crazy: Good match for the beginning of Smackdown! With two faces respecting each other and going at it. And a good win for Sabin, now the number 1 contender

Angle, Batista segment: Good, short segment which furthers the fact of the hate between Batista and angle.

Pitbulls/Long Segment: There seems to be a lot of tag matches happening tonight, which isn’t much realism, oh well, you’re setting up SummerSlam and that’s what counts.

Rey & Benoit vs. Henry & Big show: The heels have the upper hand in size already, It was a very good match with Benoit and Henry leaving it, then interference by Heyman and bam, The Big Show with the victory.

Mr. Kennedy….Kennedy & JBL Promo: Great promo by two classic and awesome Mic workers, a see a fued with the Pitbulls and Kennedy & JBL, two heels? Interesting.

Number 1 contender Tag Team match: Another tag match, good match which has been done before, smart by JBL and Kennedy to DQ pit bulls, I thought you were going to make Pit bulls win to face their enemy and have em lose or Kennedy and JBL attack the Pitbulls to get a match with them or something, good surprise and booking.

Long/JBL & Kennedy segment: Nice segment there, with JBL’s funny comment at the end

Helms/Sabin segment: Short and quick to the point, Helms will not lose! (That is, in his point of view)

Booker Segment: Short, and quick the point really (You might want to hold back the segments man)

Finlay vs. Lashley: This match has happened heaps of times, good match, with Finlay cheating to win.

Regal vs. Take: Quick match with Taker pulling of the win, an assault being saved by Lashley.

Tornado Tag Match: Interesting match but kind of short for the main event plus no Pin attempts, Angle and Batista with the win via Ankle lock, nice little ending to finish of Smackdown!

Length: 9/10 Good length

Booking/matches: 8/10 Very good booking, but too many tag matches.

Entertainment: 9/10 I loved reading this edition of SD! And all you Raws as well

Realism: 8/10 I saw nothing here that could bring this down besides the 3 tag matches and too many segments in a row.

Spelling/Grammar: 10/10 Nothing noticeable.

Overall: 88/100 Very solid show and I look forward to further reviews, Haidys
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