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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

WWE SmackDown!
August 4, 2006
East Rutherford, New Jersey
Continental Airlines Arena

“Pity” by Drowning Pool blasts in the arena and the opening SmackDown! video plays. The pyro goes off in the arena as the audience in East Rutherford, New Jersey goes crazy. The camera pans the audience and gets a close up of the fans and the signs that they have brought with them to the Continental Airlines Arena. We cut to the SmackDown! commentators, Joey Styles and Tazz.

Joey Styles: Hello everyone and welcome to Friday Night SmackDown! I’m Joey Styles along with my broadcast colleague, the former ECW Champion Tazz, and boy do we have a hell of a night in store for you. Finlay defends his United States Championship against Bobby Lashley.

Tazz: Also, tonight, we see quite possibly the biggest tandem in the history of the WWE. The 500-pound Big Show and “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry team up to face Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit. We also have The Undertaker in action against William Regal.

Styles: Benoit’s first match back since he was taken out by Mark Henry back in May, about three months ago. Also tonight, the newcomer Chris Sabin take “The Insane Luchador” Super Crazy with the winner becoming the #1 contender for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Tazz: The winner of that match gets a title shot against the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion of all-time. As big as both of those matches are, what about our huge main event.

Styles: In what has to be considered one of the biggest main events in the history of SmackDown!, the WWE Tag Team Champions, John Bradshaw Layfield and Mr. Kennedy, will compete against the #1 contender, Batista, and the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle.

Tazz: That’s sure to be a rocket buster! Cruiserweight action starts us off here tonight.

“Hail Sabin” hits to a decent ovation. Chris Sabin makes his way to the ring, slapping the fans as he walks down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a singles match and the winner becomes the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight Champion of the world. Introducing first, from Hell, Michigan, weighing in at 220 pounds, CHRIS SABIN!

Styles: Last week on SmackDown!, Chris Sabin had his WWE debut in a non-title match against the Cruiserweight Champion. Sabin picked up the victory with a beautiful running sit out power bomb. If he beats the “Insane Luchador” tonight then he gets a shot at the champ, except this time the title will be on the line.

“Mexicools” hits to a good pop. Super Crazy makes his way down the entrance ramp on his “Juan Deere”.

Chimel: And his opponent, from Mexico, weighing in at 231 pounds, “The Insane Luchador” SUPER CRAZY!

Styles: At The Great American Bash, Super Crazy came so close to defeating Gregory Helms for the Cruiserweight Championship but a bad turn of events caused things to turn out differently. Crazy can get another shot at Helms by defeating the youngster, Sabin, here tonight.

Match #1
Chris Sabin vs. Super Crazy
#1 Contender to Cruiserweight Championship

Crazy extends his hand to Sabin in a sign that he respects the new superstar. Sabin excepts the handshake and the two superstars begin circling each other. Crazy and Helms lock up in the middle of the ring. Sabin goes behind and attempts a German suplex early in the match. Sabin gets him over but Crazy lands on his feet. Sabin shoots crazy off of the ropes. Crazy comes back and slides between the legs of Sabin. Crazy quickly gets back to his feet, jumps up, and snaps off a beautiful huracanrana on Sabin. Crazy goes for a quick cover.



Sabin kicks out. Crazy lifts up Chris Sabin and shoots him into the corner. Crazy runs into the corner and attempts a monkey flip. Crazy gets him over but Sabin lands on his feet. Crazy charges at Sabin but Sabin swiftly gives him a thrust kick to the gut. Sabin then jumps up and drills Crazy with a hard enzuigiri to the side of the head. Crazy is out on his feet in the middle of the ring. Sabin shoots off of the ropes and drills The Insane Luchador with a jumping calf kick to the face, which knocks Crazy down. Sabin with the cover.




Crazy kicks out. Sabin lifts Super Crazy up and kicks him in the stomach. Sabin tucks Crazy between his legs and lifts him up in the power bomb position. Sabin then runs forward and attempts a Liger bomb but Crazy counters into another huracanrana. Sabin gets back up to his feet and Crazy takes him down with a clothesline. Sabin gets up again and Crazy puts him down again. This time Sabin gets up more gingerly. Crazy takes Sabin’s hand and shoots him into the ropes. Crazy drills Sabin with a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker. Crazy drags Sabin towards the corner and looks towards the audience. Crazy climbs to the to turnbuckle and attempts his patented Moonsault. Sabin quickly rolls out of the way and avoids the contact. Sabin gets back to his feet and lifts up Crazy. Sabin then lifts Crazy up and drapes him on his shoulders. Sabin then drills Crazy with a Cross-legged Samoan Driver. Sabin with the cover.

Tazz: That is a nasty move. He calls that the Cradle Shock. There’s the cover.




(WINNER and #1 contender: Sabin at 9:57)

Styles: Sabin wins. Chris Sabin is now the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight Championship. This kid is on a roll Tazz.

Tazz: I ain’t no damn psychic but I see big things in Chris Sabin’s future.

***We cut to a backstage hallway. The audience pops as Batista walks down the corridor. Batista stops at a door which reads “Kurt Angle”. Batista walks in.***

Batista: Kurt.

Angle: What the hell do you want?

Batista: Listen. I don’t like you. You don’t like me.

Angle: You damn right!

Batista: But tonight we step into the ring, not as Champion and Challenger, but as tag team partners. We step into the ring against one of the best tag teams I have ever seen, JBL and Mr. Kennedy.

Angle: Listen, I’m gonna go out there and I’m gonna do what I always do. I’m gonna kick somebody’s ass (audience pops). As long as you stay out of my way, we’ll win the match.

Batista: Yeah, whatever. See you out there.

Angle: There’s nothing to worry about. I’ll make one of them tap out tonight and I’ll make YOU tap out at SummerSlam.

Batista: Just keep my belt warm.

Batista walks out of Angle’s locker room as Kurt looks on with a slight grin on his face, as he seems to find humor in Batista‘s confidence.

Styles: WOW! That was intense. But up next something even more intense. Chris Benoit’s first match back. “The Rabid Wolverine” teams up with Rey Mysterio to take on “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry and The Big Show. Huge tag main event, NEXT!

---Commercial Break---

***We return from the break in Teddy Long’s office. The Pit Bulls enter Long‘s office***

Noble: Teddy!

Long: Yeah. What do the two of you want?

Noble: You said that eventually, me and Kash would get a title shot against JBL and Kennedy.

Kash: We’ve been waiting patiently BUT we’re about done waiting.

Long: Yeah I promised you a tag title shot. But that was BEFORE the two of you decided that you were going to interfere in the WWE Tag Title match at The Great American Bash.

Noble: We were trying to prove a point. We…

Long: Not only that but the two of you decided that you were going to use steel chairs to assault Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Mr. Kennedy AND JBL. And now the two of you expect me to reward you?

Kash: We earned our shot Long and we want it now!

Long: Well you’re gonna have to earn it again tonight. It will be The Pit Bulls vs. Paul London and Brian Kendrick right here tonight (audience pops). The winners of that match will get a WWE Tag Team Title shot at SummerSlam. Holla!

***We cut back to ringside***

Styles: Another huge match for right here tonight, Tazz.

Tazz: Noble and Kash want a tag title shot? You gotta earn it here on SmackDown!.

“Some Bodies Gonna Get It” hits to a lot of heat. “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry makes his way to the ring.

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a tag team contest and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Silsbee, Texas, weighing in at 400 pounds, “The World’s Strongest Man” MARK HENRY!

Styles: Mark Henry assaulted and took out Chris Benoit in May. Benoit returned at The Great American Bash and vowed to make Mark Henry’s life a living hell.

Tazz: The scary part in all of this is the fact that Henry isn’t afraid of Benoit. Henry saw the viciousness and the intensity of Benoit last week. Henry laughed at him. That is a scary man.

“Crank It Up” hits to a lot of heat. The Big Show makes his way down the ramp with his agent, Paul Heyman, by his side.

Chimel: And his tag team partner, accompanied to the ring by Paul Heyman, standing at 7’2’’ and weighing in at 500 pounds, THE BIG SHOW!

Styles: The Big Show has been on a monstrous tear ever since he lost a World Title match to Kurt Angle. Show choke slammed Matt Hardy through an announce table. He took out former play by play announcer Michael Cole by putting him through a table. He took out Matt Hardy at The Great American Bash by chokeslamming him off of a ladder and through a table. He cost Rey Mysterio the World Championship on that very same Pay Per View. The Big Show just may be unstoppable.

“Booyaka 619” hits to a great ovation. Rey Mysterio pops out from under the stage and then begins to make his way down the ramp.

Chimel: And their opponents, introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 165 pounds, REY MYSTERIO!

Tazz: Thanks to The Big Show, Rey Mysterio came up short at The Great American Bash in his quest to become World Heavyweight Champion. He’s got a chance to gain a little measure of revenge here tonight.

“Whatever” blasts over the loudspeaker and receives a tremendously loud ovation from the audience. Chris Benoit sprints to the ring and immediately goes after Mark Henry.

Match #2
Mark Henry & The Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio & Chris Benoit

Benoit chops away on Henry as this match gets underway. Benoit knees Henry in the gut and then shoots him off the ropes. The Big Show makes the blind tag as Henry comes back and is hit with a clothesline by Benoit. Show enters the ring and grabs Benoit. Benoit turns around and begins to light up Show with chops. Benoit shoots off the ropes and attempts to clothesline The Big Show. Benoit connects but Show doesn’t go down. Benoit attempts it again but show still doesn’t go down. Benoit calls Mysterio in the ring. Both Rey and Chris shoot off the ropes and they both get DRILLED with clotheslines from The Big Show. Show lifts Mysterio up and throws him over the top rope. He then goes over to his corner and tags Mark Henry back into the ring.

Henry enters the ring and lifts up Benoit. Henry shoots The Rabid Wolverine into the corner. Henry charges into the corner and squashes Benoit with an “avalanche” splash causing Benoit to collapse in the corner. Henry then lifts Benoit back up as Mysterio returns to the apron. Henry yells at Benoit, “I’m gonna put yo ass out again!” Henry lifts Benoit up and sets him atop the turnbuckle. Henry then climbs up and applies a front face lock to Benoit. The fans begin to stand as Henry attempts to superplex Benoit. Benoit blocks it and begins to lay into Henry with punches to the gut. Benoit breaks the face lock and punches Henry in the face several times. Henry begins to lose his balance on the turnbuckle. Benoit hits Henry with a head butt but Henry doesn’t go down. Benoit hits The World’s Strongest Man with a couple of more head butts and sends the 400 pounder crashing down to the mat below. Benoit climbs to the top rope. The audience pops as Benoit flies off the top rope with a flying head butt. Benoit connects with the high risk move and both Henry and Benoit are down in the ring.

The referee begins his double knockout ten count as both Henry and Benoit are motionless in the ring. 1.…….2.………….3.……………4.…..Benoit and Henry begin to crawl towards their respective corners. Benoit tags in Mysterio just as Henry tags in The Big Show. Mysterio enters the ring and hits Show with quick kicks to the shin which brings the 7 footer down to his knees. Mysterio shoots off the ropes and drills Show with a front dropkick to the face. Henry gets back to his feet. Mysterio charges at Henry. Henry attempts a clothesline, Mysterio ducks, springboards off the ropes and hits Henry with a splash. Show gets back to his feet and grabs Mysterio. Henry and Benoit both get back up and begin brawling with each other once more. Show takes Mysterio and shoots him off the ropes. Show attempts a wheelbarrow suplex but Mysterio counters it into a bulldog. The cover.




Show kicks out. Benoit and Henry continue brawling. Benoit chops Henry several times until The World’s Strongest Man is against the ropes. Benoit backs up and clotheslines Henry over the top rope. Benoit follows Henry to the outside. Show slowly gets back to his feet. On the outside of the ring, Benoit clotheslines Henry over the barricade. Benoit climbs over the barricade and continues to brawl with Henry. Back in the ring, Mysterio gets behind Show and dropkicks him causing Show to stumble and land on the second rope. Mysterio calls for it AND hits the 619. Mysterio prepares to springboard but Heyman grabs his leg. Mysterio gives Heyman a quick kick to the face which sends Heyman down to the floor. Show gets to his feet. Mysterio springboards off the ropes and launches at Show. The Big Show reaches up and grabs Mysterio by the throat. Show lifts Mysterio up and plants him with a hard Chokeslam! Show with the cover.




(WINNER: The Big Show via pinfall at 11:08)

Styles: The Big Show due to that slight distraction by Heyman picks up the victory.

Tazz: I don’t know where in the hell Mark Henry and Chris Benoit went off to.

***We cut to a backstage area***

Chris Benoit and Mark Henry are brawling. Several referees and security guards break up the fight. Henry takes a swing at a couple of officials but they eventually are able to separate the two pissed off athletes. We go to commercial with a shot of Benoit being held back, almost foaming at the mouth.

---Commercial Break---

We return from break with the WWE Tag Team Champions, JBL and Mr. Kennedy standing in the ring. Both superstars have microphones in hand.

JBL: Let me see if I can get this straight. Tonight, Mr. Kennedy and myself have to wrestle Batista (Loud pop)….and Kurt Angle (Another loud pop). That’s the problem with our General Manager. He has no clue how to book a show. If you have a match up between two top superstars, why in the hell would you want them to get their asses kicked on national television.

The audience gives JBL heat.

JBL: Oh make no mistake about it that is exactly what’s going to happen. At SummerSlam, we wont see a dream match between Batista and Kurt Angle because we take out those two fruit booties tonight.

The audience continues to boo as Mr. Kennedy prepares to speak.

Kennedy: Speaking of SummerSlam, at that Pay Per View we will be forced to defend our titles against either Paul London and Brian Kendrick (decent pop) or The Pit Bulls (heat). I gotta be completely honest with you. I didn’t forget about the Great American Bash. Oh No! I didn’t forget that The Pit Bulls had the guts. They had the audacity. They had the unadulterated GALL to take a chair to JBL and Mr. Kennedy…..Kennedy! Who in their right mind disrespects Mr. Kennedy? Somebody with a freakin’ death wish that’s who. So all I have to say is whether The Pit Bulls win this match and face us at SummerSlam OR NOT, they aren’t done with JBL and MIIIIISSSSTTTTEEERRRR KKKEEEENNNNEEEDDYYY…….…KKKEEENNNEEEDDDYYYY!!!

Kennedy and JBL exit the ring and head towards the announce table. JBL and Mr. Kennedy get set up on headsets as the next match up is set to begin.

Chimel: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall and the winners of the match will receive a WWE Tag Team Title shot at SummerSlam.

“Quitter” by Edgewater hits to a decent amount of heat. The Pit Bulls, Jamie Noble and Kid Kash, make their way down to the ring.

Chimel: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 404 pounds, Jamie Noble and Kid Kash, THE PIT BULLS!

JBL: Look at these two guys. Coming out here with chains around there necks. There’s no telling what these two freaks were doing to each other in the back.

Kennedy: I’ve got an idea what they were doing. Sick freaks!

“London Calling” hits to a good pop. Paul London and Brian Kendrick sprint at full speed down to the ring.

Chimel: And their opponents, weighing in at 380 pounds, PAUL LONDON and BRIAN KENDRICK!

The Pit Bulls immediately go at London and Kendrick.

Match #3
The Pit Bulls vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Winning team receives WWE Tag Team Title match at SummerSlam

All four men brawl in the ring to start the match off. London clotheslines Kash over the top rope. London then leaps over the top rope and hits Kash with a cross body. Inside the ring, Kendrick and Noble exchange hard forearms. Noble catches Kendrick with a hard kick to the gut and then shoots him off of the ropes. Kendrick ducks a Noble clothesline, turns around and nails Noble with a stiff spinning wheel kick. Kendrick with the cover.



Noble kicks out. Kendrick lifts Noble up but Noble reaches for his face and rakes the eyes. Noble then kicks Kendrick in the gut, applies a front face lock and delivers a quick snap suplex. On the outside, Kash and London both recover and return to the apron. In the ring, Noble lifts Kendrick off the ground and shoots him into the corner. Noble tags in Kash and the two teammates wear out Kendrick in the corner. Kash and Noble stomp and kick and punch Kendrick until he finally drops in the corner. Noble exit’s the ring and Kash decides to go to work by himself. Kash pulls Kendrick out of the corner and shoots him into the ropes. “Spanky” comes back and gets drilled in the face by a well-executed Kash dropkick. Kash covers.




Kendrick gets a shoulder up. Kash lifts up Kendrick and Irish whips him into the corner. Kash tags in Noble and here we go again! Noble and Kash go to town on Kendrick in the corner. Noble and Kash pull him out of the corner and shoot him into the ropes. The Pit Bulls go for a double clothesline but Kendrick ducks and drills Kash with a stiff super kick right on the chin! With Kash out cold, Noble and Kendrick are left in the ring. Noble hits Kendrick with some hard forearms before shooting him into the ropes once again. Noble goes for a scoop slam but Kendrick wiggles free. Kendrick goes for a super kick on Noble but he ducks it and goes behind. Noble attempts a back suplex but Kendrick flips out and lands on his feet. Kendrick jumps up and snaps off a beautiful huracanrana. Kendrick, Noble and Kash are all laid out in the middle of the ring. After several seconds, Kendrick manages to crawl over to his corner as Noble and Kash make it to there feet. Kendrick lunges and is able to make the tag to his partner, Paul London.

London comes in and immediately clotheslines Kash. London then takes Noble down with a dropkick. Both members of The Pit Bulls get back to their feet. London takes them both down with a dropsault. Kash rolls out of the ring as London waits for Noble to get back to his feet. Noble gets up and London attempts a clothesline. Noble ducks the clothesline and kicks London in the gut. Noble tucks London between his legs, hooks the arms, lifts him up and plants him with a hard tiger bomb. Mr. Kennedy quickly gets up, take off his headset and grabs the steel chair he was sitting on. Kennedy enters the ring and drills London with a steel chair shot right to the stomach. The ref calls for the DQ.

(WINNERS and #1 contenders: Paul London and Brian Kendrick at 10:54)

Kennedy rolls out of the ring as Noble looks shocked. JBL begins laughing at ringside.

JBL: Nothing like a little bit of payback to get you all giddy.

Tazz: London and Kendrick are the new #1 contenders for the tag team titles. The Pit Bulls had the match won.

Styles: That is a genious plan by JBL and Kennedy. They intentionally got The Pit Bulls disqualified.

JBL: I bet they won’t screw with us again.

---Commercial Break---

***We cut to the Tag Team Champions locker room***

JBL: Those stupid sons of bitches didn’t even see it coming.

Kennedy: “We didn’t do nothing ref! We didn’t do nothing!” Ahhhhhh SHUT UP! Ha! Ha!

JBL: That’s phase one. Phase two takes place tonight when we destroy Batista and Kurt Angle.

Kennedy: Phase three. We beat London and Kendrick at SummerSlam. That’s what I’m talking about.

JBL: We beat them at The Bash and we’ll beat them again on the 20th.

(Knock on their door)

Kennedy: Come in.

JBL: Hey Teddy Long, how you doing?

Teddy: What the hell was that out there?

JBL: They attacked us at The Bash. We got them back here tonight. Its really that simple.

Kennedy: SIMPLE!

Teddy: Well, I’ve got a couple of things to tell you.

JBL: Lay it on us Teddy. We’re on cloud nine.

Teddy: Number one, your tag team match against Kurt Angle and Batista is now a tornado tag team match.

The audience cheers as JBL and Kennedy start laughing loudly.

Kennedy: Is that supposed to be punishment? All that means is that we have to kick their asses together instead of one at a time.

Teddy: Number two, you have to face Paul London and Brian Kendrick at SummerSlam…

JBL: We knew that already! How is that….


The audience cheers wildly as JBL and Kennedy looked on shocked.

Teddy: Good luck. Holla!

Long exit’s the locker room.

JBL: I need a drink.

***We cut to a different part of the backstage area with Josh Matthews standing by with Chris Sabin***

Matthews: Chris, you are now the #1 contender to the Cruiserweight Championship of the world. Do you think you are ready to be in this high of a position after only two weeks of being in the WWE?

Sabin: I’m not asking to have anything handed to me. I’m willing and am ready to earn everything that I get. I know that I will need to prove myself in this company and when I wrestle Gregory Helms…..

???: You’ll lose.

The WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms comes into screenshot, receiving heat from the fans.

Sabin: Is that right?

Helms: Yeah that’s right.

Sabin: I beat you last week and I’ll beat you again. Except this time, it will be for the Cruiserweight Title.

Helms: You see, you’re no different than Super Crazy. Crazy got a fluke win over me, just like you did. He beat me in a NON-TITLE match, just like you did. But the fact of the matter is Gregory Helms is a big game player. When my Cruiserweight Championship is on the line, I don’t lose. I am the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in history for a reason. In regular matches, I’m great. In Title matches, I’m unbeatable. Crazy found out at The Great American Bash. You’ll find out soon enough.

Helms walks off as Sabin looks on focused.

Styles: Whenever that match takes place it should be a great one. Ladies and gentlemen, we just found out when two huge matches will take place. SummerSlam just got a whole lot better. Just announced by Teddy Long, “The Rabid Wolverine” Chris Benoit vs. “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry.

Tazz: That should be a rocket buster.

Styles: Also announced, at SummerSlam, the 500 pound Big Show will go one on one with Rey Mysterio. I can not wait until SummerSlam.

Tazz: As big as those matches are, it gets no bigger than the SummerSlam main event. Kurt Angle vs. Dave Batista. Who is the true World Heavyweight Champion? We’ll find out at SummerSlam.

Styles: But lets find out how some of the SmackDown superstars feel about the huge match up.

***We cut to a pre tape***

Bobby Lashley: As much as I respect Kurt, I’m gong to have to say Batista is going to win this thing. If we can remember back to Batista’s title reign, no one could beat this guy. Batista beat Triple H three straight times. That belt belongs to Batista and I think he’ll take it back at SummerSlam.

Chris Benoit: I’m going to have to go with Kurt Angle. I have wrestled Kurt many times and I can honestly say that he is one of the best of all time. As much as people say that Batista never lost the title, the fact of the matter is Kurt Angle is the champion. He’s been champion for 7 months now. That belt belongs to him and at SummerSlam, I think its going to stay his.

Mark Henry: As much as I don’t like him, I’m going to have to say that Dave Batista is going to win this match. I wrestled Batista at The Bash and he is definitely going to be a handful. Any man who can take the beating that I give him and still come back for more, is either crazy or tough as hell. Either way, Batista will win this match at SummerSlam.

***Back to ringside***

Styles: I cant wait to see that match. Later on tonight, the World Heavyweight Champion, “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle teams up with the #1 contender, “The Animal” Batista to face the WWE Tag Team Champions, JBL and Mr. Kennedy. Tornado tag team match, TONIGHT!

Tazz: But up next, “The Fighting Irish Bastard” Finlay defends his United States Championship against the former champion, “The Real Deal” Bobby Lashley. U.S. Title match, NEXT!

---Commercial Break---

***We return from break in the backstage area with Josh Matthews***

Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, King Booker!

King Booker and Queen Sharmell come into screenshot receiving tremendous heat.

Matthews: King Booker, last week you were in a match with Bobby Lashley. After you and your court ganged up on Lashley, The Undertaker made an appearance and ran off you and your court. Booker, I have to ask you…

Booker: Shut up peasant! I’ll tell you all that you need to know. The fact is that The Undertaker needs to mind his own damn business. Why is The Undertaker in my business? My kingdom has no beef against The Phenom. Last week, The Undertaker decided that he was going to chokeslam one of my knights, Sir William Regal. The Deadman has made himself an enemy of The Court. (Booker begins to talk more in his “Booker T” persona.) Tonight, William Regal is gonna take out the Undertaker. Regal is gonna wear his punk ass out. And as for Bobby Lashley, Finlay is gonna beat his black ass into a bloody pulp. These two suckas don’t know who they messing with. You dig what I’m saying. After tonight Taker and Lashley will hail KING BOOKAH!

Booker walks off to tremendous heat.

***We cut back to the ring***

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the United States Championship.

“I Love To Fight” hits to a lot of heat. The United States Champion Finlay makes his way to the ring with his shillelagh in hand.

Chimel: Introducing first, from Belfast, Ireland, weighing in at 233 pounds, he is the United States Champion, FINLAY!

Styles: At The Great American Bash, Finlay stole the U.S. Championship away from Bobby Lashley. Tonight Lashley gets a chance to right the wrong.

“Soldier” hits to a great ovation. Bobby Lashley makes his way down the entrance ramp with a determined look on his face.

Chimel: And the challenger, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, weighing in at 273 pounds, BOBBY LASHLEY!

Match #4
Finlay© vs. Bobby Lashley
United States Championship

Lashley and Finlay lock up in the middle of the ring. Lashley uses his power to back Finlay into the corner. Lashley doesn’t waste anytime and immediately goes low and starts hitting Finlay with shoulder thrusts. Lashley shoots Finlay into the opposite corner. Lashley charges into the corner and goes for a shoulder thrust but Finlay avoids the contact and Lashley goes flying into the turnbuckle post, shoulder first. Finlay lifts Lashley up, hooks the arm and drops down, hitting Lashley with an arm DDT. Finlay with the cover.



Lashley kicks out but Finlay stays on the attack. Finlay stomps on the right bicep of Lashley and then turns him over. Finlay gets on the ground and applies a Fujiware arm bar. Lashley starts to inch towards the ropes but the pressure from Finlay is too much. The fans begin to make noise as they attempt to will Lashley on. Lashley muscles his way to his feet as Finlay and the audience is in awe. Lashley lifts Finlay onto his shoulders in a F5 position. The audience pops huge before Finlay gets down off of Lashley’s back. Finlay kicks Lashley in the gut and then shoots off the ropes. When Finlay comes back Lashley drills him with a SPEAR. Lashley clutches his arm in pain. Lashley manages to crawl over and drape a hand over Finlay.




Finlay manages to get a shoulder up. Lashley reaches for his arm as it is still in pain. Finlay crawls over into the corner and uses the ropes to pull himself up. Lashley comes charging in at Finlay but he gets his legs up and into the face of Lashley. Finlay then charges out of the corner and at Lashley. Lashley struggles but gets Finlay up and over with an impact power slam. Lashley with the cover.




Finlay manages to shoot his shoulder off the canvas. Lashley struggles to get up and Finlay begins to crawl towards his shillelagh which is in the corner. Finlay grabs the shillelagh at the same time that Lashley grabs a hold of his leg. Finlay turns over onto his back and ATTEMPTS to drill Lashley right in the arm with the shillelagh. Lashley avoids it and snatches the shillelagh out of Finlay’s hand. Lashley rears back and prepares to hit Finlay with the weapon but the referee grabs it from Lashley’s grasp. The referee goes to throw the shillelagh away as Lashley argues. Finlay comes up from behind Lashley and drills him with a low blow. Finlay then rolls him up in a school boy with a handful of tights.




Lashley kicks out but its after the three count.

(WINNER and still U.S. Champion: Finlay via pinfall at 11:48)

Styles: This damn Finlay has screwed Lashley out of the title again.

Tazz: His name is Finlay and not only does he love to fight but he’s smart as hell.

Styles: We’ve seen one of the King’s court in action but we see the other up next. Sir William Regal goes one on one with The Undertaker. The Phenom in action. NEXT!

---Commercial Break---

“Royalty” hits to tremendous heat. William Regal, King Booker and Queen Sharmell make their way to the ring.

Chimel: The following contest is a singles match and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by King Booker and Queen Sharmell, from Blackpool, England, weighing in at 240, WILLIAM REGAL!

Tazz: Last week, Regal was on the receiving end of a chokeslam from The Undertaker. Is there another in his future?

A loud GONG hits and the fans go wild. “Deadman” blasts over the P.A. system as the arena goes dark. The Undertaker comes from behind the curtain and slowly walks towards the ring, receiving a tremendous ovation.

Chimel: And his opponent, from Death Valley, weighing in at 305 pounds, THE UNDERTAKER!

Match #5
William Regal vs. The Undertaker

Taker and Regal quickly start the match off by locking up. Taker muscles Regal into the corner and takes a big swing. Regal ducks Taker’s shot and begins wailing away on The Deadman in the corner. After Regal’s offensive flurry, he turns around and waves to King Booker, who is standing at ringside. Regal turns back around to face Taker. The Deadman grabs him around the throat and flings him into the corner. Taker then throws a barrage of hard punches to the body and the head of the Englishman. Taker shoots Regal into the opposite corner. Taker then charges in and drills him with a clothesline. Taker then backs up and raises his right hand high in the air, signaling for the Chokeslam. Regal comes out of the corner and Taker grabs a hold of his neck. King Booker jumps on the apron. Taker lets go of Regal’s neck and takes a swing at Booker. Booker avoids contact by jumping down off the apron. Taker glares a hole through Booker and then turns back around to Regal .The veteran kicks Taker in the gut and drills him with a DDT. Regal quickly covers Taker.




Taker kicks out and then sits up, which receives a huge ovation. Taker gets back up to his feet and stares at Regal. Taker hits him with a couple of right hands which staggers the Englishman. Taker shoots him off of the ropes and drills him with a huge boot. Booker hops up onto the apron again. Taker quickly catches Regal with a boot. Taker turns back around to Regal and waits for him to get back to his feet. Regal gets up, turns around and is lifted up by The Phenom. Taker sets him up and drills him with the Tombstone. Taker folds Regal’s arms over his chest.




(WINNER: Undertaker via pinfall at 7:20)

Booker quickly enters the ring and attacks Taker. The Deadman gets back to his feet and starts drilling King Booker with right hands. Regal gets back to his feet and attacks Taker from behind. Booker and Regal double team Taker but The Phenom manages to hold them off. Finlay runs down to the ring with shillelagh in hand. Finlay slides into the ring and immediately hits Taker in the left knee with the weapon. Taker is dropped like a bad habit and King Booker and his Court begin stomping away on Taker. The audience’s heat immediately turns into a huge pop as Lashley runs to the ring. Booker and company bail out of the ring. Finlay wants to get back in the ring but Booker holds him back. Booker says “I think they got the message.”

Styles: This was not about taking The Undertaker out. This was about sending a message to Lashley and the Deadman. You mess with the court you’ll have hell to pay.

Tazz: Nasty attack by The King and his Court. Coming up next, OUR HUGE MAIN EVENT. The World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle teams up with “The Animal” Batista to face Mr. Kennedy and JBL in a Tornado match. NEXT!

---Commercial Break---

“Mr. Kennedy” hits to a ridiculously loud mixed reaction. 60/40 negative. One-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Mr. Kennedy makes his way to the ring.

Chimel: The following is a tag…

Kennedy kicks Chimel out of the ring and waits for his microphone to be lowered from the ceiling.

Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, the following Tornado tag team contest is scheduled for one fall and it features one of the most powerful men in the WWE AND it features one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time.

The fans cheer as they feel Kennedy is talking about Batista and Kurt Angle.

Kennedy: But…That’s enough about JBL (heat). Lets talk about me (mixed reaction). I weigh in tonight at an absolutely astonishing 242 pounds. I am….in perfect cardiovascular condition but that’s beside the point. I am currently one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. Lets not even mention the fact that I am changing Friday Nights. I hail from GREEN BAY, WISCONSSSIIIIINNNN!!! MMMIIISSSSTTTEEERRRR…… KKKEEENNNNEEEEEDDYYY!!!

Kennedy walks towards the corner and climbs the turnbuckle.


“Longhorn” hits to momentous heat. JBL makes his way to the ring with his WWE Tag Team Title around his waist.

Kennedy: And my tag team partner, weighing in tonight at a stupendous 285 pounds, he hail from New York FREAKIN’ city. He is the Wall Street Warrior. He is the media maven. He is a Wrestling GOD! He is John Bradshaw Layfield!….LAYFIELD!

Chimel re-enters the ring.

“I Walk Alone” blasts over the loudspeaker and it receives a thunderous ovation. The #1 Contender to the World Title, “The Animal” Batista, makes his way onto the stage and the ovation gets louder. Batista sets off his massive pyro and then makes his way down to the ring. Batista goes to all four turnbuckles and poses for the fans which gets a loud pop each and every time.

Chimel: And their opponents, introducing first, from Washington D.C., weighing in at 300 pounds, he is the #1 contender, “The Animal” BATISTA!

“Medal” hits to just as loud an ovation as Batista received, possibly louder. The World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle comes out from behind the curtain. Angle raises his arms in the air and sets off his pyro. Angle enters, the ring, takes his belt off and poses with it on all four turnbuckles.

Chimel: And his tag team partner, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 233 pounds, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, “The Wrestling Machine”, KURT ANGLE!

Batista and Angle have a quick stare down before they begin brawling with the tag team champions.

Match #6
WWE Tag Team Champions JBL & Mr. Kennedy vs. Batista & World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle
Tornado Tag Team Match

Batista and JBL brawl with each other as Kennedy and Angle do the same. Batista clotheslines JBL over the top rope and follows him to the outside, which leaves Kennedy and Angle in the ring. Angle kicks Kennedy in the gut and shoots him into the corner. Angle charges but Kennedy gets his feet up and into the face of Angle. Kennedy, sensing he has the advantage, charges at Angle. Angle wraps his arms around the waist of Kennedy, pops his hips and takes him up & over, drilling him with a belly to belly suplex.

On the outside of the ring, Batista is dominating JBL. Batista grabs JBL and attempts to slam his head into the announce table. JBL blocks it and hits Batista with an elbow to the gut, stunning “The Animal”. JBL then scurries back in the ring. Angle grabs Bradshaw and gives him a belly to belly suplex. Batista re-enters the ring. Angle lifts up JBL and throws him out of the ring. Angle follows to the outside. Batista lifts up Mr. Kennedy and shoots him into the corner. Batista charges but Kennedy hits him with a stiff elbow. Kennedy charges out of the corner and runs over Batista with a clothesline.

On the outside of the ring, JBL rakes the eyes of the Olympic Gold Medallist. JBL then performs an Irish whip and Angle goes flying shoulder first into the steel steps. JBL re-enters the ring. Kennedy and JBL begin to double team Batista. Bradshaw and Kennedy lift him up and shoot him into the corner. JBL charges ahead and drills him with a clothesline, causing Batista to collapse in the corner. Kennedy walks over and begins to give Batista the “face wash”. Kennedy then shoots off the ropes and drills Batista with a kick to the face. JBL lifts him up once again and shoots him into the opposite corner. Angle re-enters the ring. JBL charges at Batista but gets run over with an Angle clothesline. Kennedy charges at Angle and attempts a clothesline but Angle ducks. Batista charges out of the corner and drills Kennedy with a hard spear. Kennedy rolls out of the ring.

Batista goes to the ropes and shakes them violently as Angle pulls the straps down. JBL makes it up to his feet and JBL kicks him in the gut. Batista tucks Bradshaw in between his legs. Batista lifts JBL up and drills him with a Batista Bomb. Batista prepares to go for the cover but Angle immediately grabs the leg of JBL and applies The Ankle Lock. JBL struggles for a couple of seconds but eventually taps out!

(WINNERS: Kurt Angle & Batista via submission at 10:32)

The referee takes the World Title from the timekeeper and prepares to hand it to Angle. Batista snatches the title from the ref. Angle gets face to face with Batista. Angle says, “Give me my belt!” A grin comes over Batista’s face. Batista turns around and climbs the turnbuckle and poses with the Championship. The fans give Batista a loud pop as some fans boo. A loud “Lets Go Batista! Lets Go Angle!” chant starts. Batista climbs down from the turnbuckle and Angle has a pissed look on his face. Batista takes the championship and holds it out in Angle’s direction. Angle reaches for the title and Batista lets it drop to the floor. Batista then gets in Angle’s face and says “Two weeks Kurt. Two weeks!”. Batista leaves the ring as Angle stares down at his title. Batista walks up the ramp. Angle lifts his head up and a smile comes over his face. Angle screams at the top of his lungs. Batista turns around with a shocked look on his face as the fans go crazy.

SmackDown! goes off the air with the two ultra popular opponents looking at each other from a distance.


Matches Announced For SummerSlam, August 20

World Heavyweight Championship

Kurt Angle(C) vs. Batista

WWE Championship
Edge(C) vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

First Blood match
John Cena vs. Randy Orton

WWE Tag Team Championship
Ladder Match

JBL(C) & Mr. Kennedy(C) vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Women's Championship
Mickie James(C) vs. Trish Stratus vs. Melina

Grudge Match
Chris Benoit vs. Mark Henry

Singles Match
Rey Mysterio vs. The Big Show

for the week of September 28th


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