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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Deadman_014's Raw Review

Orton vs Snitsky: Good match to open the show i like how the ref has to take Orton off Snitsky and Snitsky makes him pay for putting him in the corner basically. I liked Snitsky in this match and it was odvious it was a squash match for Orton and the ending was predictable as well. 7/10 good for a start match thast why its here but not a great or really good match.

Edge/Vince Promo: Good segment i liked how its not a lumberjack match its a lot though for just a main event as the tag team match could just be enough since its Abyss and Umaga you know but it sets up a good main event. 8/10

Charlie Haas vs Matt Striker: Not much i can say about this match i don't like Striker running around the ring but thats something he would do good to see Haas using his finishing submission to win though although I think Striker should of won. 7/10 Maybe this should of opened it has lower level superstars and Orton still deserves a higher slot in the card even against Snitsky.

Vince/Trish Promo: This was another good promo but at the end you got one thing off as u said get out of my office he would say get the hell out of my office not big it was a good short segment its 2 short to give it an amazing rating but its the best so far. 8.5/10

Flair promo: I loved this its pure gold man nothing is off in that the woo's are on time the feud is set up like the WWE could be different but that doesn't take away from this segment. I loved it completely Flair was awesome in this 9.5/10

Cena vs Ken: I didn't like that Doane was facing Cena so I don't have many comments on this match. I didn't like the booking even though the length was decent, The ending was decent it could of been better like Orton drilling Cena with an RKO to have a DQ win for Cena. 6.5/10

Women's Tag: I don't like Women's Division for reviewing so some short comments. I liked how Mickie left Trish high and dry and it was a decent match yet though very predictable like all the others. 7.5/10

R Rated Army/Faces segment: Good segment here I think that its good how the faces overcame the R Rated Army i am really in love with the storylines man besides some of the booking. 9/10 really good segment loved Vince in the end hehe.

Main Event: Good match i thought booking wise, I liked Umaga starting off strong with a pinfall attempt. I am very much liking this so far as the knee smash on Umaga by the Game then Abyss sending HHH to the outside to get his ass stomped all over. I think this could of been longer but i liked how DX lost and Abyss looked very good in the end. Not predictable ending but very predictable aftermath very good the best match of the night like it should be. 8.5/10

Length: 7/10 could of been longer but I just like longer shows it was ok tho in length.

Booking/Matchs: 6.5/10 I didn't like much of the booking half of it i didn't like but i thought the main event made up for that but still didn't get a stella rating.

Grammer: 10/10 Everyone almost gets this unless there are huge flaws from me as i am not good at spotting grammer unless i go look up every word to the exact hehe.

Entertainment: 8.5/10 None the less with all else the entertainment was good
i think it was very entertaining and really makes me want to read SummerSlam.

Overall: 8/10 Good show man not your best but its good i expected better matchs booked and more longer stuff but it didn't disappoint me still didn't disappoint me great show.
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