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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

GAB review

Opening video: Good video and nice way to start the PPV and video packages should start every PPV.

Super Crazy vs. Gregory Helms: Good match and nice way to kick off the pay-per-view. I think they you had to many false finishes and Helms and Crazy kicked out of each other's finishers too much. Crazy winning was good but then Long came out and reverase's the decision. I hate when GM's do this (unless it's a heel of course ). Gregory Helms ends up winning I was going for Crazy but Helms winning isn't bad.

Kennedy/JBL promo: Good promo here by both men and I can't wait for the Tag Title match next and I'm glad to see they mentioned the pitbulls.

JBL and Mr. Kennedy vs. Paul London and Brian Kendrick: Damn good match here and I was not dissapointed at all. Pitbulls interfering was expected but I liked it because I really thought Kennedy was about to hit the Kenton Bomb and retain. Sit-down powerbomb off the top was a great spot I thought and was really clever. Kennedy and JBL retain how I expected but the Pitbulls clean house after the match and this feud is looking good.

Matt Hardy vs. Big Show: Very good tables match here with alot of back and forth action. I didn't know who was going win in this one with both competiors getting in alot of offense. The ending was fantastic with the chokeslam off the ladder. Rey running out after the match was unexpected but I liked Mysterio saving Hardy.

King Booker promo: Good promo from King Booker and entertaining with being pretty much in character, good hype for the main event.

Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay: Good wrestling match here with the U.S. title up for grabs, the outcome of the match was a toss-up. I loved Lashley kicking out of the low blow and celtic cross. The chair shot to Little Bastard was awesome, the ending was expectable with Finlay screwing Lashley out of the title. Good match but mad Finaly cheated to beat Bobby Lashley.

Rey Mysterio promo: Pretty weak promo from Mysterio has always but extra hypr to the main event.

Great Khali vs. Undertaker: Even though this was Taker vs. Khali I expected more espically since they could use weapons. Real dissapointed that the match was so short and so bad.

Mark Henry promo: Pretty decent promo here from Mark Henry and I can't wait til the next match up, it might not be the best match but it will be intense.

Mark Henry vs. Batista: Decent match and prolly a better match then they would put on in real life. I loved the powerbomb to the ref and the ending was good. Glad to see Batista pick up the win.

Chris Beniot return: Good return for Beniot and I expected him to return and go after Henry, can't wait for this feud.

Kurt Angle promo: Good promo from Angle and he is still showing all of this intensity. I believe Angle will walk away with the title but you never know.

Kurt Angle vs. King Booker vs. Rey Mysterio: MOTN by far, alot of near falls and action. Bookend through the annocer's table was awesome, I thought Rey might do it with the 619 but Sharmell had to eject herself. Scissor kick to Rey was good and I thought Booker might win it there. Finlay and Regal coming back out was good, glad to see Lashley make the save. Big Show interfering was predictable but him taking out Rey was good and I'm liking foward to his fued. EMT's taking away Rey Mysterio was a little extreme from a chokeslam I think. Angle get's in the ankle on Booker and I really thought Rey was going run back out but it didn't happen and Angle retain's in a very good match.

Overall show: Your best show yet but sometimes you drug out matches too long. Every match was pretty good except for the buried alive match. 8.5/10
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