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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Match 1: Nice match to start the show off as it has some rivalry building up and I hope it carries on tonight. Good see Mickie James come out and make this match worth reading. I think a 3 way feud for the Women’s title is very original and this could be a good match at the end.

I hate this segment and it makes me cringe, either Triple H will turn on HBK or HBK will turn on HHH. It is hurting me to read this as I do not want another HBK v HHH feud.

I like the obsession with DX here and maybe Shane will join them? I don’t know how this will pan out but maybe HBK will join Vince and Shane joins Triple H?

Abyss’ music is “Down in the Catacombs”, after reading what happened last week I see Kane coming back with his mask in a few weeks. Squash match as predicted and I hope that Kane will be out for a month, so we will see some Abyss squash matches for a few weeks.

RVD V Shelton could be great but w/ Edge a ringside I see interference. A lot of variations of moves in this match and a good length for a TV match too. I did not see RVD winning so that was good. But the R Rated Army attack after. You are really hyping up the Flair/Foley feud too.

Good see Haas was not completely squashed and he had some offence but it was obvious who was going to win this from the start. Good see Cena come out as Orton could have had a interview that would have been more entreating then a 6 min match.

The main event was great and I wonder if Ken is going to go to SD! As he is breaking apart from the SS. You gave him a good push and he did well as you had a very good main event.

The announcement shocked me. Just as I thought DX were back together Vince does. This pure brilliance. Great ending here.

Realism: Easily could have been a edition of RAW 10/10
Length: I have seen longer, but this was just a bit too short as I thought I would have been longer. 7/10
Grammar: Only a few errors. 8/10
Entertainment: Very entreating, the announcements were really good here. 9/10
Matches/Booking: The right people won and the variety of endings was cool too. 9/10

A return of the next RAW of mine would be apreciated (sp?)
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