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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

WCW Rules' Review of ddmrko's RAW

Trish Stratus Vs Melina: Ah, you have my favorite WWE Diva (Melina) facing Trish Stratus. Though I'm not much of a fan of women's matches, lets see how you wrote it. This was a pretty fast match, both paced and written-wise. Anyway, a good contest for both women who are obviously good competitors in the ring. The match ends in No Contest after Mickie interferes. It doesn't make both women look weak, which I commend. This rivarly is just heating up, and I expect a Triple Threat somewhere down the road.

HHH/HBK Segment: Some hostilities are brewing between both men. Though we've all seen a couple of HHH/HBK rivalries over the years, I want to see what you bring to the table.

McMahon/Maria Segment: Short, but brilliant. McMahon was in character, and sweet Maria hit a stroke of genius as McMahon looks to come up with a plan involving ego.

Abyss Vs Eugene: Your usual squash match, however this involves Abyss as a menacing monster who took Kane out the week before. I hope to see a feud between these two, as it would truly be a Clash of The Monsters! Abyss decimated Eugene, and is looking strong.

Coach/Flair Segment: An interesting segment to say the least. A little revival for Flair as Cactus Jack will probably return. Flair sounded just like himself in this promo, so kudos to you for the effort. Looks like their rivalry is continuing.

Edge Promo: A Rated R Army? Quite a unique affiliation for Edge and the coherts. Edge comes out with the usual, bitching about how he and his army aren't the focus. I'm not much into Edge's Promos, so bare with me if I sound a little unenthusiastic about his Promos. He is just a little annoying to me.

Shelton Benjamin Vs RVD: A fast paced match to keep the momentum of the show going. Nice reversals and manuevers abound, this match was pretty back and forth. Van Dam wins to a pretty deserving victory. The aftermath was simply great, with both teams brawling. Flair coming out was ingenius, and it looks like Flair's past is haunting him yet again. Edge spears him to end a great aftermath. Good job.

Maria/Spirit Squad Promo: Decent. Kenny is gaining an individual identity, which is something we all need! Lol.. anyway, Ken Doane doesn't get much support from his comrades. I predict a schism within the group later on.

Orton Vs Haas: Both men put up a great match, and in the end, expectedly, Orton gains the victory with a beautiful RKO. I would like to see this match in real life sometime. I guess you're giving Orton an amount of spotlight as Cena isn't here tonight. Wait a minute, Cena is here! Orton cowardly escapes as Cena goes wild! Good announcement from Cena, a First Blood Match is just what we need to accomodate their skills!

HBK Vs Ken Doane: For a Main Event, it was a so-so match for me. It could've been much better, but for the time alotted, it was solid enough. The Spirit Squad cost Michaels the clean victory, and HHH comes out! HHH and HBK clean house, but McMahon comes out to a ravishing announcement for SS! Man, a Triple Threat involving both members of DX against the Leader of the Rated R Army! McMahon is trying to split them up, and it seems to be working!

Realism: A realistic enough show, with the match endings accomodating the realism. Good job here, no major mistakes. 9/10

Length: A very good length for a show like this. Didn't stray, didn't linger, and it was at a moderate pace. 8/10

Grammar: Few mistakes, and some sentences weren't structured right, but overall, no major detractions from the product. 8/10

Entertainment: The promos were very good, and the matches were well written. The show paced itself rather well, and the whole read came off as enjoyable to me. The Main Event was a little off a bit, however, it managed to tell a good story in the end. 8/10

Matches/Booking: You write the matches rather well, and the Booking was moderate. Some decisions were off, and some matches weren't used to their potential, but the show was still good. 8/10

Overall Score: There is a reason I voted you Most Improved Writer, as your shows are getting better and better as time goes on. Work on it, and they have the potential to become huge! This show was well written, and was entertaining. Looking forward to Smackdown. 8.5/10
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