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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Finally, after some days of delays, I"ve come to review GAB, ddmrko. Sorry I was so late, I nearly forgot. Thanks for the PM you sent me, I appreciate it. Hope this makes up for the delay...

WCW Rules' Review of ddmrko's Great American Bash

Opening Package: A pretty decent opening video package narrating the events in almost metaphorical ways, which is how its done! Nice jon on realism, though almost every PPV has had a Video Package like this. Decent way to count down the events, should be a blast!

Gregory Helms Vs Super Crazy: A pretty decent Cruiserweight Opener, though you could've done more with the match. It seemed to me that the match was trying to get itself sorted out before really going anywhere, however up till the ending the match was going at a fast paced, and started moving along really well. The match was given even more time once the decision was made that Helms had his foot on the ropes. I knew right then and there that this match would be given to Helms, and after some well written manuevers and flow, Helms gains the victory and is still Cruiserweight Champion. When will his reign end? Good match to start off the show, started a bit shaky but ended up being pretty good.

JBL Interview: Ha, classy JBL there with the usual smart comments directed towards his opponents. You could've used Kennedy as an enhancer for the promo, but JBL is still the master! Some of his comments made me laugh, so props to you for making it entertaining.

Kennedy/JBL Vs London/Kendrick: With a mixture of styles incorporated into this match, lets see how you did in order to make it work. This match was a physical match which pretty much used their styles and moves well. You got that done. Some of the spots were well written, and very shocking to say the least. However, it was a bit slow at times. I like the way you use the audience to convey a sense of whats going on in the ring. Anyway, the Champions retin their titles after a brutal and physical match, in which the Pitbulls come out and clear house! Should be good!

Matt Hardy Vs The Big Show: First off, the package building into their match was decent. Now, onto the match, which is a Tables Match. A decent balance of power and speed used throughout the match with little to no dragging off. One thing I noticed is that there were many big moves involved, which can be a good and bad thing. Neither man completely held the match on for awhile, with some decent flow in between. Overall, a good competitive match with some powerful spots with the tables. Nice job using Big Show's ECW moveset as well. It really gave this match more of a Tables Match feel to it. Big Show wins to an amazing ending! The aftermatch was great, with Mysterio coming in and busting the chops to Show.

King Booker Promo: A decent promo by King Boookaahh! The King as confident as he always is. His mannerisms weren't there, though. A little out of character at times, but overall, you got the point across in a decent manner. Looking forward to the epic Triple Threat Match!

Lashley Vs Finlay: When I read this match, in the back of my head, I was thinking, "Not another one!" However, you managed to make a very interesting match between these two! Its just that I've read (and seen) so many of these matches, that its hard to be surprised, shocked, nor very intrigued by their matches anymore. It was a hard-hitting and very aggressive match without too much unrealistic violence going through. A great match for what its worth, but the excitement factor just isn't there for me, I guess. Finlay wins to an expected brawl!

Mysterio Promo: An alright promo hyping for his big match tonight. Mysterio was a little too calm, and not determined enough it seems to get us even more pumped and by his side, but I've no doubt that the Triple Threat Match will deliver.

Undertaker Vs Khali: Um... no.. This wasn't that great at all, to be honest. You should've given it a little more time, and I know people just can't find the effort, but try to broaden Khali's moveset just a bit to make it seem enjoyable. I know he could pull off more moves than you or the WWE gives him. Anyway, very short for a Buried Alive Match. Veryyy short! Khali was basically outmanuevered at nearly every turn with Undertaker looking very strong, and thats the end of Khali. He should've gone out with a bigger bang, I'm not like most where I blindly dislike Khali. Basically little effort to get anywhere, you could've done more for this match.

Sabin/Helms Segment: Wasn't expecting Sabin! A little bit unrealistic with helms acknowleding the existence of TNA in a mild manner on a WWE PPV, but overall it was decent. Sabi becoming a Cruiserweight contender? Who would've guessed!?

Henry Promo: Typical Henry, which never creates a dull moment. Further Build up to his big match, which should be nothing more than physical and brutal!

Batista Vs Mark Henry: A very brutal and tough match between two big men competitors who can mix it up in the ring, albeit slowly and less proficient, but nevertheless, since I'm a fan of both men in this match, it seemed good to actually read what could've happened had it not been for the injury. Good job making this DQ, it suits the story and the competitors very well. Batista went all out and ballistic on Mark henry, which was a good call! Batista gets the deserving and deciding win, as he should! Looks like Benoit will have his own revenge on Henry as well.

Kurt Angle Promo: Well, as of now, all three men have decidedly built up the Main Match of the night, and what a match it should be! Kurt Angle was in character, and counting down the events to his eventual dominance was spot on.

Mysterio Vs Booker Vs Angle: What a match! This match flowed nicely, and although a bit sloppy, written wise, at times, it still managed to become an enjoyable match. However, there were too many interferences, and that seemed to be the central focus of the show at large. Try to refrain from that at PPVs. The interferences ruined the match a little bit, but the ending was pretty good, with Angle coming out on top, and now it seems that Angle and Batista will be against eachother at Summerslam!

Realism: Some spots were overbooked, and some matches just didn't feel right, while others were spot on. 8/10

Length: The length was good for a PPV, though some matches were shorter than realized. Overall though, a decent job! 8/10

Entertainment: Some bits were repetitive while others were highly enjoyable. This whole PPV flowed nicely, and it was a very entertaining read. Hopefully you'll improve though. 9/10

Grammar: Saw no major mistakes with very few errors detracting from the read. 9/10

Matches/Booking: As I stated before, some matches were overbooked while others were simply phenomonal. One match in particular was booked horribly, and you know which one that was. Other than that, no major faults. It is YOUR thread. 8/10

Overall Score: This GAB was pretty good, and the matches were built to near perfection. The chemistry between the Matches and the Booking decisions were spot on, though some things didn't work out as they should've. One thing I noticed was how utterly repetitive Styles' commentary got. It was so annoying with the "Oh My GAWD!" I tried to refrain from reading them. Don't do it so much. 8/10

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