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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Opening promo was good and a lot of thought went into this. It was very realistic and a great way to make the whole night unpredictable.

The opening match was a good choice to open up the show and get the fans ready for the big match. The moonsault spot was well written and the match has a nice flow so far. I really thought the moonsault had it won. Damn Helms will win now after the match continues. OMG. I cannot believe Crazy kicked out! He kicked out again but this time it was to many times. Glad see the Vertebraker back but the end was to over booked which slightly spoilt a great match.

A great second match here but maybe overbooked again. There are too many near falls in a short space of time. The powerbomb spot was great but should have been nearer the end. A good win for the champs and I hope we see Kennedy get a good run after the team ends.

1 match that I really wanted to see is next and I loves this story line. Having them crash through the tables by missing moves was a good way to bring in some good spots. The ref getting knocked down was good also as we could see some great table spots. I knew there was no way that Hardy could Superplex Show. A predictable ending and hopefully this feuds ends and both stars have gained from it. I see Show interfering in the Main Event now.

Maybe another over booked match, I liked the kick out of the spear and then the exposed buckle was good. The Celtic cross should have finished Lashley though. Little bastard was a good edition to the match and to see him get hit with a chair was funny. The ending was very old school heelish. So good way to have Finlay win.

Hopefully the end of Khali and I like how you did not waste time on such a crappy match. You made Taker look strong and Khali look strong too. It was obvious Taker would win and I am glad he won. A good ending with Khali not falling down after the shovel hit so he chokeslamed instead.

Sabin, gets a title shot so quickly? Not sure I would have had him in a few matches before. Hopefully Sabin can be a good edition to the SD! roster.

Batista kicked out of Henrys finisher, (a lot of finishers have not got the job done tonight) an Ok match but I was not expecting anything special. The powerbomb on the ref was awesome and maybe a heel turn coming up. Well the Animal is back. A good realistic finish with the spinebuster on the steps.

Benoit is back and he will be feuding with Henry now.

I great triple threat so far and some good spots, Bookend through the table was good. I like how no one has the advantage for too long, keeps the match more interesting. I was wondering when Show would “show” up. I see the match is between Kurt and Booker and I see Batista coming out and attacking Kurt. No, Booker taping was great and a good way to keep Angle at his podium at the top of SD!

This was a great ppv as Show V Rey, Kurt V Batista are all going to happen hopefully at Summerslam

Realism: A very realistic ppv, The promos were in character and so were the commentators 10/10

Length: Good length here, 9/10

Quality / Entertainment: Very entertaining but you could have had a few promos to split up the matches. 8/10

Spelling/Grammar: Only noticed one mistake when Batista “Sticked” I think you meant Kicked Henry in the groin. 9/10

Matches/Booking: The right people won to build up feuds. But I thought Crazy should have won the CW title and Benoit did not really do much. 7/10

Overall: 82/100
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