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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

ddmrko's Raw Review:

So Edge has formed a faction, intresting choice of superstars and he got interrupted, should have went longer. Anyways, Masters defeats RVD and even though he does, here comes Flair, Carlito, and Mercury. Of course we know Flair won't win but his promo could have went longer too.

Intresting promo, certainly makes me start to wonder right now if Vince will name Shane GM. Little bit short for my liking but anyways, got the whole point across. Hopefully you end this DX thing soon because it's taking off like the real life one.

Expected Umaga to take the win of course as his push continues with a win tonight over Snitsky. Anyways, Umaga is going to need something to do other than squash people. Otherwise his character is just going to start get old and stale.

Intresting promo, maybe a little short for my liking but looks like there is some dissension now between D-X. Or maybe they could just be doing this to trick the McMahon's. Who knows! It's D-X and that tells you right there that they could be pulling our legs.

Orton's promo was meh, couldn't really get into it all and the mentioning of wrestling internet columnists hurt it. Never would Vince let him mention them on TV at all. Otherwise, Orton was just in there to fill time and add simply another promo.

Guessing the monster is Abyss with James Mitchell and the sidewalk slam plus the steel chain. Heidenreich, guess Bearer is managing him now and you might need to clear me up on this storyline. Because right now I'm pretty confused on this.

Two athletic competitors face off and Kenny got the win, nice to see that but guess this was just a filler. Anyways, D-X continues to break apart continously and now Kenny vs HBK, guess we were going to see Kenny vs HHH of course but we're not now.

Too short of a promo, liked though Shane being named the General Manager and then quitting on his dad. Guess Vince will be naming himself GM. Anyways, D-X seems to continue to seperate themselves, maybe we've seen too much of them tonight though.

The promos are too little and too rushed. Cena isn't the greatest person to do a promo with but you could have made it longer. Otherwise nothing came out of it at all. We've got Cena vs Orton next and a longer promo would have hyped it more.

Cena surely took a hell of a beating and the RKO onto the chair certainly didn't help that matter at all. Rematch is certainly coming here most likely coming for SummerSlam. I'd like to see these two even though it's been way overbooked on btb here at WEF.

Well, unreal divas promo and can't really see the divas cussing at each other like that. Trish and Melina both want Mickie but the question is who is going to end up getting her? Me guesses we have another number one contender's match next week.

Well um, Cactus Jack is back. You are continuing too many feuds like in the WWE and don't think that's good. You need to establish your own feuds differently from the WWE. Otherwise, Flair lost the match thanks to Foley and another match is set for SummerSlam.
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