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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Edge segment: Good way to start off this three hour speical edition of RAW. Edge bragging and talking about his army typical Heel action. Glad Van Dam came out to shut Edge up.

Chris Masters vs. RVD: Good match here, way better then I excepcted. Edge's army costing RVD was good and putting over Masters was real smart. Ric Flair, Carlito, and Mercury coming to make the save was good along with the promo from Flair.

Vince/Shane segment: Good segment here hyping up the GM announcement later on tonight. Shane and Vince gets into a little agrument, for some reason I think Shane isn't going be annouced as General Manger.

Umaga vs. Snitsky: Squash match just to put over Umaga but I think every show needs a squash match.

DX segment: Good segment here, a little fussing here as excepcted when you accidently hit someone with a sledgehammer. I hope you don't split up DX

Orton segment: Good promo here from Orton and he's in charcter the whole time. Can't wait for the Orton/Cena match.

Bearer/Kane segment: Good segment here but I knew it was going be Abyss. Heidenriech getting involved was good. Abyss beats the hell out of Kane and what a debut.

Kenny vs. Haas: Decent match here but I kinda saw it as a squash to put over the Spirit Squad.

Kenny segment: Alright promo here by Kenny which draws out DX. HBK vs. Kenny next week should be good but I don't know about all this DX tension.

GM annoucement: Vince annouces Shane as GM not a big shock but I really wasn't expecting it. Vince still obessed with DX and Shane walks out. I hope a Vince/Shane fued happens cause it would be good.

DX segment: Really didn't like this because as I said before I think Shawn and Triple H as already all they can do and don't you think it's a bit to eariler and if you really want to split them up can't Vince just do it.

Cena promo: Good promo here and I found it funny how you said high pitched cheers showing girls was cheering for him.

Cena vs. Orton: MOTN here and I loved it. What a match and so many false finishes to make even more dramatic. Orton being put over was good espically after all that Cena took.

Melina/Trish sement: Good segment here with a little bit of a cat fight. Mickie attacking Trish from behind was good also can't what for a triple threat between these three.

Flair vs. Edge: Good match and it seemed realistic with Edge being in control for the most part of the match. Carlito, Mercury, and Rob Van Dam coming out to fight Edge's army was good and brought more to the match. Loved the ending with Cactus Jack costing Flair the match. Edge retains how he should have and Flair vs. Jack should be good.

Overall show. Your best show yet and this three hour special was amazing. I can't wait to read more of your shows cause they are really good. 8.3/10
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