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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko


Edge promo: Good promo by Edge to put over the members of his newly formed stable. Nice interruption of Van Dam. 8/10

RVD vs. Masters: Nice match showing off the strength of Edge’s group. Shelton jumping to the top rope and costing Van Dam the match was well done. Flair’s short promo was effective in hyping the ME. 8/10

Vince/Shane segment: A lot of tension between Shane and Vince as Vince is obsessed with DX. 8/10

Umaga vs. Snitsky: Squash match but it put over Umaga. 6/10

DX Segment: Great segment between HHH and Michaels. I hope you don’t break them up. I think its too soon. 9/10

Orton promo: Nice promo setting up the premise of the Orton-Cena feud. Orton mentioning guys like Wade Keller in his promo was a nice touch. 9/10

Bearer/Kane/Mitchell/Abyss segment: Nice segment to debut Abyss even though it was obvious who it was going to be. 7.5/10

Kenny vs. Haas: Good match to put Kenny over. Kenny wins clean that means Kenny may be in line for a push. 7/10

DX/Kenny: Michaels stealing HHH’s match just adds more tension to a possible DX break up. 8/10

Vince/Shane segment 2: Shane walks out on Vince. I guess the DX thing is really making Vince crazy. I hope Shane comes back eventually. 8/10

DX segment 2: Nice segment. 7/10

Cena promo: Nice intense promo from Cena hyping up his match with Randy Orton later. 7.5/10

Orton vs. Cena: Absolutely great match. MOTN! Glad to see Orton pick up the win and having Cena kick out of almost anything was a good way to keep Cena strong. I hope you continue this feud as it has been the best thing on the show IMO. 9.5/10

Melina/Trish/Mickie segment: Great segment and great promo by Melina. All three of the divas were in character perfectly. 9.5/10

Edge vs. Flair for the WWE Championship: Another great match. Flair looked like he was gonna when the title until the Cactus Jack vignette aired. Cactus vs. Flair should be great. It’ll probably be at SummerSlam. 9/10

Overall: Another great show. You’ve been doing a great job with your last three shows. Keep up the good work. 9.5/10
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