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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Edge segment- I know Edge is attempting to “butter up” the others but I found it odd to see Edge proclaiming Shelton as a future world champion, seeing as he currently holds the strap. I did like the introductions on his part and the timely RVD interruption.

RVD v Masters- solid match if a bit too long. The menacing presence of Edge’s army was a nice touch. Big win for Masters.

Edge’s army/ Flair’s troops- it’s nice and concise, short and sweet. Flair seems passionate but reserved. This suggests that he is ready. Having the team of faces with him also suggests that he is prepared for any contingencies.

Vince/Shane segment- a bit of “calm before the storm” until Shane literally stormed out.

Umaga v. Snitsky- you did a good job with AAE. The match was a good vehicle to put Umaga over.

HBK/ HHH segment- I like it. It was humorous (to me) and serious at the same time.

Randy Orton segment- life does imitate art. You give it a “real” feel by touching on some truths. It seems personal between Cena and Orton

Bearer/ Mitchell/ Kane segment and Mitchell with Coach- pretty much as I expected. It was good to see Heidenreich have some involvement. Will be interesting to see Kane’s return of serve.

Kenny v Haas- I was hoping Haas would be put over in this one. Anyway, good match.

Kenny/ HHH/ Michaels segment- more tension between the DX members

Vince/Shane segment- I didn’t expect that. I thought Shane would take the position and take from the rich (Vince) and give to the poor (fans) like a modern day Robin Hood. The next installment of this little feud will be interesting.

DX segment- I thought this was unnecessary as you already have our attention with this one.

Cena segment- I guess we needed a reply from Cena

Cena v. Orton- a very long match and not sure if it could keep the attention of the fans especially with Cena involved. Good finish with Orton winning to continue this feud.

Trish/ Melina segment- a three way is surely in the works.

Edge v. Flair- I like the booking of the 6 men fighting on the entryway. You could have had Cactus Jack physically cost Flair the title but you didn’t rely on that. A simple titantron appearance effectively cost Flair the match. Good.

Overall- you have a tendency of booking long matches and that is the only thing that I can really complain about. All the feuds can be continued and that is due to your thought out booking of the matches. 9 +/ 10
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