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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

I like your interpretation of RAW. Your storyline oriented style appeals to me. I don’t think that it is necessary for you to extend the matches. You have a nice little set up here and it’s working for you. Good job.

Allow me to review your RAW 7/10/06

Opening segment- a bit bizarre to see McMahon draw a great deal of heat from the fans and then reward them by putting Edge and Masters in matches against Flair and RVD, respectively. Although, this is nothing new and has been done by WWE on many, many occasions. I’m not big on the idea of Vince announcing the matches for the night, as it takes away from his own agenda. Surely, Vince has more important things to consider (DX) than the announcement of a few matches.

Trish v. Melina- a good start to RAW. I’ve read some good reviews about your booking of Women’s division. To be honest, I’m not getting into it as much as the other feuds. Each to their own, I guess. Having said that, I wouldn’t change anything.

Vince/ Shane segment- I like where this is heading. The tension is implicit and apparent throughout the segment. I wonder if Vince will swerve and announce an unexpected GM. If Shane is announced the GM, a power struggle is forecast.

Flair/ Edge promo- you capture Edge’s cockiness very well. I love the whole: “What was the last part, I didn’t quite catch it” comment. The intertwining interactions between Edge, Masters, Flair, and RVD, are fun

Benjamin/ Nitro v. Mercury/ Carlito- 16 minutes is a bit too long, no? I love the end of the match with Edge interfering. This was unexpected and a great way to build suspense for the rest of the night

Edge- good job in convincing me that Edge can convince the others to join him. I like where this is going. The grouping of these superstars has potential and I’m interested to see where you take it. Looks like Flair is in a spot of bother come the next RAW.

Orton/ Cena segment- this was a good way to build up the next RAW. Should be good. This feud is the anchor for your RAW at the moment.

Kane segment- I think I know who the “mystery man” is. I hope I am wrong. The reason I say this is because this angle was intriguing and I would like it to unravel further. In saying that, I would like to see how you book the “mystery man”

HHH v Heindrich- I wanted to see what you would do with Heindrich post Kane. Looks like he is destined to be a jobber for the big names. The match time seems a bit excessive. You probably could have put together a few more matches and shortened the times, and allocated time to accentuate the quality of your story and segment writing.

HBK v Umaga- you used the clichéd “miscommunication” thing well. It keeps people glued until next week. You didn’t need to do this, seeing as you have so much happening already but I like your zealous approach.

Overall: your show flows fluently. Good use of the announce team to involve the reader in the matches. Your booking of promos/ segments and storylines is top notch. A monster RAW awaits us. Keep up the good work. 9+/ 10
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